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CNG Fuel Saver

Our organization plays an important role in offering CNG Fuel Saver to our clients. This CNG Fuel Saver has premium quality and works using inbuilt tools and technology. This CNG Fuel Saver is easily installed and is designed to give optimum performance for years. This CNG Fuel Saver is offered in technically advanced range and is offered to our clients at feasible price. To conclude, this CNG Fuel Saver would be as per your aspirations.


  • No flaws
  • Advanced specifications
  • Inbuilt mechanism
Magnetic Fuel Saver

Our organization is offering Magnetic Fuel Saver to our clients. This is equipped with excellent quality magnets. It works using latest principles and is able to give best performance for years. This has easy engine startup. This fuel saver has smooth engine operation and prevents jerking and others. This saver is able to operate without much vibration and noise. This is offered at reasonable price to our clients.


  • Guaranteed mileage improvement
  • Travel 10% - 20% more for the same amount of petrol
  • Time to save some serious money, and even more when fuel price increases
  • Increased horsepower (power booster)
  • Expect extra punches of a-few-more horsepower for that easy overtaking and hill climbing experience
  • Reduced visible black smog and toxic gas emission (save our world)
  • About 50% reduction in toxic gas (carbon monoxide - CO), smog (nitrogen oxide - NOx) and hydrocarbons (HC) emission from vehicles
  • Smoother engine operation (less vibration & noise)
  • Get back the power especially in cold morning drive Feel a remarkable reduction in jerking as smoother power is delivered
  • Easy engine startup
  • The most immediate sensation to be experienced
Water Level Controller

Automatic Water level controller plays vital role in switching on/off the motor and serves 24 hours. Supply water to you without letting the overhead tanks to become dry. Automatic Water level controller is a top class product that meets every performance criteria.


Automatic Water level controller shows clear indication of water levels in the overhead tank and sump tank. Automatic Water level controller shows voltage variation if any, Automatic Water level controller shows green indicator for normal voltage, red indicator for high or low voltage, Has soft touch buttons to select auto / manual operations, Shows Motor ON indication with different colours at different modes of the unit. Automatic Water level controller shows Green indication in case of Auto mode, Red indication while Motor is under dry run Condition. No Manual Supervision, Feather Touch Keys, Avoids Motor Burn Outs, Increases storing capacity. Long life sensors, No mechanical parts, Low sensors replacement cost.



·                                 Increases Your Motor Life.

  • Works On Low & High Voltages.
  • Easy Installation & Cost Effective.
  • Avoid Seepage Of Water On Roofs.
  • Walls Don’t Become Damp & Dirty.
  • No Fear Even If You Are Not At Home.
  • Works On All Types Of Motors & Pumps.
  • No More Running To Switch ON / OFF Motor.
  • Automatically It Starts & Stops The Motor.
  • Fits For All Types Of Water Storage Tanks.
  • Save Your Electricity Bill, Water, time & Energy.
  • Water Always On Top Of Over Head Water Tank.
  • Over Head Water Storage Tank Will Never Over Flow. 
  • No Need to See Water Level In Over Head Water Tank.
  • Detects Water Levels In Over Head Water Tank & Sump.
  • Glows Light When Motor Starts and Water Flows In Pipe.
  • Controls Automatically Desired Water Level In Water Tanks. 
  • Automatically Switches OFF Motor When Water is Full In Over Head Tank or Sump Is Empty
  • Automatically Switches OFF The Motor When OverHead Tank Is Empty & Sump Is Empty.
  • Automatically Switches ON Motor When Water Is Low In Over Head Tank & Sufficient Water in Sump.
Gas Saver

Our organization plays an important role in offering Gas Saver to our clients. It is used in industries and household applications. It is reliable, efficient and durable. It works on principle of baron gas and magnetic field. This saver uses polarized molecules which combine with oxygen for effective burning. This saver is used for enhancing burning efficiency and controls pollution. It is based on magnetization.

Working Principle:

  • Baron gas savers work in the presence of a very strong magnetic field, in which the molecules of LPG get oriented in a particular direction known as polarization. Polarized molecules perfectly combine with oxygen and lead to more effective burning of gas. It results in higher energy output for the same quantum of gas burnt. The increase in burning efficiency, in turn, reduces the fuel consumption and pollution. The magnetization effect also cleans carbon build up in the burners.


Benefits of Baron Gas Savers:

  • Suitable for cooking gas as well as gas driven vehicle
  • Maintenance free device
  • Gives long life to burner
  • Environment friendly and good for health
  • Extends engine life in gas driven vehicles
  • No cutting on gas line
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Proper burning
  • Cleaner environment in the kitchen
  • Cleanup of carbon buildup in the burners
  • Reduced maintenance of burners
  • 2 years warranty


Installation Procedure:

  • Make sure that all the burner taps are closed
  • Switch off the gas supply to the stove or burner
  • Now fix the Baron Gas Saver into the pipe
  • Make sure that all the connections are tight
  • Switch on the gas supply
  • Check all the connections for leakage with soap water solution



  • Baron Gas Savers should be kept away from heat/fire. Baron gas saver will save up to 30% of your cooking gas month after month, year after year.
Power Saver

Our organization has earned immense accolades in offering Power Saver to our clients. This power saver is highly effective and durable. It reduces electricity bills drastically and is widely used in different commercial applications. This power saver is offered to our clients in technically advanced grade and operates in reliable manner for years. Furthermore, this saver is delivered in timely manner.


  • Quality range
  • Tested range
  • Long service life
AC Power Saver

Our organization is highly rated provider of AC Power Saver to our clients. This is based on microprocessor. It is used for saving energy and works using latest principles. This is able to offer complete protection to air conditioners. This power saver works without disturbing copper tubes and these tubes remain cool for long time period. This power saver is developed to be used with air conditioner up to 2 ton capacity. This power saver has microprocessor based design. This power saver provides good amount of energy. Thermal saturation point is basically temperature which does not rise even in case heat is supplied. The compressor of engine is not able to cool engine below certain temperature. Thus energy is wasted. It saves power by prevention of occurrence of thermal saturation point. This power saver protects air conditioner. This compressor is legal device. It is perfectly compatible with both window and split units. It comes with 2 years of warranty and can be installed easily. It saves lot of energy. It can be easily used at offices and at residential areas.


  • Micro controller and software based online electrical safety unit
  • Protection (270 V) with automatic restart
  • Overload and short circuit protection as per is 8828-78
  • 100% safety from fire
  • Protection from "power on" spikes and surges
  • Saving mode 10% to 40% selecting mode
  • High/low voltage with auto start
  • Improve power factor in –house
  • Easy wiring and installation
  • Save electrical bill up to 40%
  • Digital ammeter and voltmeter
School Bell Timer

Our organization is recognized in offering School Bell Timer to our clients. This timer is a perfect substitute to manual time keeping and has automated ringing bell. It is fully hi-tech and is used in educational institutes. It is able to ring up to 90 bells per day and has variable ring duration for each bell. This timer displays real time clock during normal operation along with manual facility.


  • Latest hi –tech micro controller based technology
  • 2 x 16 characters 2 lines LCD digital display
  • Built in real clock time, weekday selection
  • 100% time accuracy Easy wiring to existing bell or siren
  • Can be programmed regular mode, exam mode, special mode
  • Option for long bell, medium bell and short bell
  • Large memory to store up to 90 bells per day for the entire week
  • Needs to be programmed only once
  • Highly visible clock display with week day selection and indication
  • Simple programming interface allows any authorized user to program bell timing
  • Easy programming of bell timings, multiple bell periods along with regular, exam special mode
  • User programmable Emergency belling mode
  • Total 90 bells
  • Easy to use, easy to program, easy to operate
  • No manpower needed to ring a bell frequently
  • Also can be definable long bell, short bell and medium bell
  • Facility of multiple ring as per your bell no
  • Programme facility from min 1 sec to 60 sec
  • 12 months warranty
Street Light Controller

The expertise of our organization lies in offering Street Light Controller to our clients. This controller is based on microcontroller design. It has inbuilt switches and is compatible with water cooler, water pump. It causes drastic reduction in electricity bills and enhances life span of applications. This controller is smart controller and has real time program. It has non volatile memory and shows real time. Programming is extremely easy. A four key tactile feedback keypad has been provided for program purpose. NO/NC contacts of the relay has been provided for direct connection to the switch panel. The relay is related for 30 Amps, @230 VAC resistive load. It can connect direct 4 KW load. User can set the desired ON/OFF time as per their requirement.

Technical Specifications:


16 x 2 Backlit LCD Display


4 x 1 Tactile Keyboard

Relay out

30 amps @240 VAC, Resistive Load

Time base

Quartz Crystal Oscillator

Time display

Hrs, Min, Sec With Week Day


70 nos. with weekly Program

Manual operation

Manual Override Optional


Wall Mounting


230 VAC SMPS Based Power Supply


Welcome to Baron Techno Products

Baron Techno Products is the most eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Fuel Saver, Gas Saver, Power Saver, School Bell Timer and Street Light Controller. We have emerged in the year 2002 as a sole proprietorship based company at Hyderabad in Telangana, India. The innovativeness, uniqueness and effectiveness in our products are the main reason behind their increasing demand and appreciation in the market. These products are produced by us as per the demands of the customers and international quality norms and standards. Also, we use high grade components, ultra modern technology and innovative ideas of our engineers in the manufacturing of these products. Apart from this, the ethical business practices and client centric approach of our company are the two main reasons behind our prestigious image and huge client base. We are manufacturing our products under our brand name BARON. We follow ethics and principles of business on regular basis that assists us to maintain transparency in our products. We export our products in South Africa and Malaysia.


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