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Advanced Rotary Microtome In South India

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We are engaged in providing our clients Advanced Rotary Microtome that is designed to section soft material embedded in paraffin as well as harder specimen. These are used to produce thin sections of specimens of different hardness for routine and research applications in different biology, medicine and industry. The features of these microtomes are as follows:


  • Robust ergonomic design & compact dimensions
  • Reduces hand stress through smooth-running hand wheel
  • Precise guide way and clamping device for knife holder along with optimum sliding capability
  • Elevating, leveling movements for knife and lateral movements for the sturdy knife holder for use with complete knife edge
  • Angle of cut and angle of attack easily adjusted
  • Convenient and accurate specimen advance
  • Automatic disengagement of feed mechanism, which is the limit of feed
  • All mechanism protected totally in the housing
  • A heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof operation
  • Remarkable stability and even weight distribution
  • Convenient specimen holder

Cryostat Microtome In South India

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High quality Cryostat Microtomes are suitable for clinical & research operation. The design of these guarantees relaxed and efficient working conditions. These are highly appreciated for optimum performance, easy usage and versatility that make them ideal for laboratory work. Moreover, these are used for cutting thin sections of fresh, frozen material. Following are the features of these products:


  • Spacious cryo chamber
  • Microtome housed at the back outside cryo chamber
  • Quick freeze cryo bar
  • Powerful quick response refrigeration system
  • Smooth running hand wheel along with motion lock
  • Interior lighting
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature control & display
  • Heavy duty casters for easy movement of the unit
  • Motorized specimen Forward & reverse
  • Robust Ergonomically Designed Microtome

Micro Controlled Cryostat Microtomes

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Our organization is engaged in offering a wide array of Micro Controlled Cryostat Microtomes that are specially designed for clinical & research operation. These are ergonomically designed and guarantee efficient working conditions. These provide efficient performance, ease usage and versatility that make them an ideal instrument in all types of laboratory work. Besides, these are widely used for cutting thin sections of fresh, frozen material. The temperature of these ranges from -45 ° C to -60 ° C.


Product Features:


  • Microtones are used for hard and soft tissues, plastics, rubber, bone, man made fibers, wood and many other material
  • The cryostat is built specifically for low temperature operation
  • The microtome mechanism is places outside the cryochamber for easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Designed with maintenance for free roller bearing slide ways
  • Precise mechanism, which assures optimum sectioning results
  • All locks & adjustments are readily available for fast & safe operation
  • A heavy and rigid base for rendering a shake proof operation
  • High precision for fast, secure and comfortable operation
  • Convenient and accurate specimen advance
  • Reduces hand stress through smooth-running hand wheel


Following are the specifications of the products:


  • Section thickness indication: visual LCD display
  • Range of section thickness : 1 - 99μm( in 1 μm steps )
  • Coarse specimen advance : 99μm
  • Horizontal specimen feed : 25 mm
  • Vertical specimen stroke : 60 mm(+/-1mm)
  • Specimen orientation : Orientation in three axes (360 degrees)
  • Knife holder adjustments: North-south adjustment along with clockwise clamping mechanism
  • Type of knife used: Microtome knives of size 100-180 MM

Rotary Microtome In South India

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We put forth Rotary Microtome that can be manually operated and used to produce thin sections of specimens of different hardness. These are used in both routine and research applications in laboratory, pathology and histopathology, biology, medicine and institutes. Furthermore, these are designed to section soft material embedded in paraffin and also harder specimen and are suitable for manual sectioning as well. These instruments assure life-long smooth operation and are fabricated & assembled from selected material with the use of latest technology. Following are some of the features of these products:


  • Range of section thickness from 1 μm to 50 μm in steps of 1 μm
  • Front located feed indicator and micron setting knob
  • Robust and advanced ratchet gear cam drive system for accurate feed
  • All locks & adjustments are readily accessible for fast well as safe operation
  • Independent feed mechanism along with safety locking device to lock the hand wheel
  • Universal vice type object holder used for accurate centering of the specimen
  • Universal knife holder with lateral movements to make use of complete knife-edge
  • Knife holder conveniently suits microtome knives & disposable blade holder
  • Protective cover for convenient cleaning and lubrication
  • Heavy and rigid base for rendering a shake proof operation

Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome In South India

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We specialize in offering our clients a wide assortment of Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome that is used to produce thin sections of specimens of different hardness. These are used in both routine and research applications in biology, medicine and industry. These are designed to section soft material and are embedded in paraffin as well as harder specimen. Detailed below are some of the features:


  • Section settings (section cutting/trimming) in LCD display
  • Touch key operated micron settings with LCD display
  • LED visual limit indicators
  • Touch key operated trimming, forward & rewind
  • Reduces hand stress via smooth-running hand wheel
  • Precise guide way and clamping device that is used for knife holder with optimum sliding capability
  • Elevating, leveling movements of knife and lateral movements, which are used for the sturdy knife holder to use complete knife edge
  • Convenient and accurate specimen advance having equal pressure lead screws for reliability
  • Balanced flywheel for smooth rotation with locks
  • A heavy and rigid base to render a shake proof operation
  • Convenient specimen holder
  • Easy use universal microtome knife & disposable blade

For more details refer to the attached pdf file

Sledge Microtomes In South India

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We are engaged in providing Sledge Microtomes that are used for cutting sections of plastic molds, brass, copper, wood and other hard specimens. The knife holding clamps permit the knife to be offset to the direction where the cut is required, which is a major advantage for sectioning large and hard blocks. The microtome is usually very heavy for stability and is not generally subjected to vibration. Therefore, these can also be used to cut material for various industrial applications like wood, plastics, textile fibers.


  • These cuts sections in the thickness that ranges from 3 to 30 microns
  • These are not suitable for cutting very hard resins like araldite due to their risk of vibration
  • The sledge microtome is ideal for cutting different material like bone, plastics, resins, wood and large area soft tissues
  • Hard material such as wood, bone and leather require a sledge microtome
  • These microtomes have heavy blades and cannot cut as thin as a regular microtome
  • Special knife for cutting extra hard sections
  • Heavy construction for stability and not usually subjected to vibration
  • Glide way for convenient movements
  • Calibrated veneer type scale for section setting adjustments
  • Heavy duty construction base used for knife holder and secure clamp mechanism


Freezing Microtomes In South India

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Our organization is engaged in providing Freezing Microtomes that are generally used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh, frozen tissue and semi-thin sections. These are equipped with a stage upon which the tissues can quickly become frozen by the usage of liquid carbon dioxide from a cylinder or a low temperature that is a re-circulating coolant. The cooling systems permit the block by making use of CO2.


Mentioned below are the features of these microtones:


  • The cutting action of the freezing microtome provides the knife and thereby the tissue block remains static

  • The block moves with the help of pre-set amount, in microns and at the end of each cut
  • Table clamping device is used for secure clamping & vibration free cutting
  • Large Specimen stage of 32 mm
  • Feed range of 5 to 40 microns in steps of 5 microns
  • CO2 attachment along with gas pipe
  • Robust block holder design for better performance
  • Freezing attachment for cooling
  • Knife holder for secure clamping of knife
  • Object holder for specimen and secure clamping mechanism along with attachment

Wood Microtomes In South India

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We are engaged in providing our clients Wood Microtomes that are used for cutting sectioning of brass, copper, plastic molds, wood and other hard specimens. These cut sections in a thickness that ranges between 3 to 30 microns. Besides, these are also suitable for cutting various material such as bone, plastics, resins and wood and large area soft tissue. Following are few other details of these microtones:


  • The knife holding clamps permits the knife to be offset to the direction of cut, which is great advantage when sectioning large, hard blocks
  • The microtome is heavy for stability is not usually subjected to vibration and can also be effective in cutting materials from diverse industrial applications (wood, plastics, textile fibers)
  • They are not suitable for cutting hard resins like araldite as these have the risk of vibration
  • Hard material such as wood, bone and leather require a wood microtome
  • These microtomes have heavier blades and cannot cut as thin as most of the regular microtome


Following are the features of these Wood Microtomes:


  • Special knife for cutting extra hard sections
  • Heavy construction for stability and usually does not vibrate
  • Large hand wheel for easy movements
  • Calibrated vernier type scale that is used for section setting adjustments
  • Heavy duty construction base for holding knife and securing effective clamp mechanism

Hande & Table Microtomes In South India

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Our organization offers high quality Hand & Table Microtomes that are easy to operate and cuts sections in steps of 10 micron each. These are simple and portable combination of hand and table microtomes and are recommended for different field work and also in laboratories for cutting various fresh tissues. Moreover, these microtones are incorporated with an attachable table clamping device for fixing the microtome to side of any standard table, complete special plano concave razor and operating manual.

Disposable Blade & Holders In South India

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We are engaged in providing Disposable Blade & Holders that are accessible in high profile and low profile disposable blades. These blades can be fixed on different types of microtomes in place of conventional microtome razors. The blades can be fed in a holder from the dispenser cassette and clamped in a position with a single twist. Besides, these are made by manufacturers of USA and have Teflon finished edges. Following are the features of these products:


  • High quality hardened stainless steel that is finely honed and polished for a flaw free edge
  • Uniform Teflon coating, which reduces friction and eliminates striations & compression and requires no break
  • Special proprietary process assures edge quality and promotes durability
  • Competitively priced

Microtome Knives In South India

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Clients can avail from us Microtome Knives that are provided with stainless steel back and handle in box. The manufacturers from whom we procure these products fabricate these using fine grain tool steel and heat treatment for micro-structure. We offer these knives in various sizes and specifications in accordance with the requirements of clients. Following are the different models of microtome knife or microtome razor offered by us:


  • 1011-SMT-024: Size 120 mm
  • 1011-SMT-025: Size 140 mm
  • 1011-SMT-026: Size 150 mm
  • 1011-SMT-027: Size 160 mm
  • 1011-SMT-028: Size 180 mm
  • 1011-SMT-029: Size 200 mm
  • 1011-SMT-030: Size 240 mm
  • 1011-SMT-031: microtome knife for sledge microtome Size 300mm
  • 1011-SMT-032: microtome knife for freezing microtome Size 100mm
  • 1011-SMT-033: microtome knife for erma microtome built in handle Size 150mm
  • 1011-SMT-034: rocking microtome knife without back
  • 1011-SMT-035: wood microtome razor (hammer toned painted)
  • 1011-SMT-036: wood microtome razor for cutting extra hard sections of aluminum, Copper and so on
  • 1011-SMT-037: hand and table microtome knife special purpose knives

Microtome Accessories In South India

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We are engaged in providing Microtome Accessories like honing stone, leather strop, embedding rings, embedding molds and embedding molds (disposable). These are procured from reliable and trusted vendors who have high market credibility. Moreover, our quality controllers stringently check these products to ensure their flawlessness. Following are the details of these accessories:


  • Honing stone

    1011-SMT-011: Special hone stone for microtome knife sharpening (green) of size 10”

    1011-SMT-012: Special Hone stone for microtome knife sharpening (yellow) of size 10”

  • Leather strop

    1011-SMT-013: Made of best quality leather mounted on wooden frame, for final honing of microtome knives (flock type)


  • Embedding rings

    1011-SMT-017: Spencer tissue embedded rings that have sturdy plastic moldings, which forms the permanent base of a wax block. It is appropriately reinforced with dual bar center support in order to prevent warping these rings and have a cross-hatch surface design that provide excellent paraffin bonding for clamping used base molds consisting of our plastic, metal & aluminum disposable base molds


  • Embedding molds

    1011-SMT-018: Spencer’s permanent reusable metal base molds for embedding cassettes that are manufactured using stainless steel and designed to assure easy handling. There are two different shapes accessible for various specimen sizes.


  • Embedding molds (disposable)


  1. 1011-SMT-018a: Spencers disposable molds is ergonomically designed to fit all existing cassettes. Our base molds are disposable and saves time while cleaning, storing. These offer you less exposure to hazardous chemicals

  2. 1011-SMT-008: Set of three object holders for rotary microtomes


  3. 1011-SMT-010 Razor attachment: A very simple attachment that permits a safety blade in place of microtome knife and is ideal for cutting accurate sections


  4. 1011-SMT-009: Set of three different object holders for rocking microtomes


  5. 1011-SMT-007: Micro abrasive suspension for fine honing of microtome knives (500 gms.)


  6. 1011-SMT-006: Micro abrasive suspension for coarse honing of microtome knives (500 gms.)


  7. 1011-SMT-038: Handle with axle for rotary microtome knife


  8. 1011-SMT-039: Stainless steel Sharpening back for rotary microtome knife


  9. 1011-SMT-040: Back for wood microtome knife (hammer toned painted)


Knife Sharpeners In South India

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We provide our clients Knife Sharpeners that are safe, reliable efficient & convenient on-site resharpening of microtome knives. These sharpeners automate the process of manual knife sharpening in order to eliminate unevenness of the surface. Moreover, these also assure equal bevel angle by providing a used knife-edge that has the sharpness of a new or factory-reconditioned knife. Some of the features and operational function of these sharpeners are as follows:

  • Automatic Knife Sharpener is fully furnished in a compact cabinet with smooth finish
  • The instrument can be effectively mounted on rubber feet in order to absorb vibration for quite and superior operation
  • Its imposing finish makes it easy to clean, resist chipping abrasions and chemical attacks
  • It is clamping in the knife holder at a fixed angle position that reshapes the knife
  • The top cover of the instrument is closed at the time of honing procedure to assure safe operation and to eliminate dust and grinding particles from being scattered over the work place
  • The knife efficiently strokes against a high frequency glass plate and after an exact equivalent number of strokes on one side of knife edge, it automatically flips the knife and hones the knife edge on other side for the same interval
  • The stroking cycle is repeated constantly for duration set in an automatic electric timer
  • The automatic electric timer offers the option of automatic changeover for reversal of one side of knife-edge to other at frequent intervals
  • Automatic Knife Sharpeners are known for delivering convenient use, reliable performance and trouble free & dependable service

Following are the technical specifications:

  • Effective sharpening of C-profile knives up to 200mm in length
  • Easy single-button operation
  • Knife holder available to accommodate different knife lengths
  • LED delay timer of 7 days
  • Option of disabling automatic change over/ reversal
  • Selection of sharpening program as per the wear condition
  • Smooth & calm knife drop at the time of operation
  • Interior light
  • Operated with lid closed
  • Proven robust technology

Microscopes In South India

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Our range of Microscopes is used for analytical and research work in colleges, laboratories, hospitals and research institutes. These have a flat structure body and base for proper placing and stability. Besides, these are sturdy, fitted appropriately with quadruple revolving nose piece and have threads of international standards. Following are the features as well as specifications of these microscopes:


  • Electronic built in base illumination system and fitted with halogen lamp of 6 volts, 20 watts
  • Built in transformer that is controlled by variable solid state electronic knob
  • Stage size 140 x 120mm
  • Low co-axial controls for convenient slide manipulation on both the axis with graduation and veneers
  • Range of movement is 80 x 50mm
  • Condenser having rack and pinion movement along with Abbe condenser N.A 1.25, Iris diaphragm and filter holder
  • Plano concave reflector attachment that can be easily replaced with sub-stage illuminator assembly
  • Head inclined at 45 degrees and can be rotatable through 360 degrees
  • Power supply: 220 volts, 50 Hz
  • Eye pieces: Huygenian 5x or 6x and WF 10x
  • Achromatic objectives : 4x, 10x, 40xSL and 100xSL oil immersion

Slide Warming Table

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We provide our clients Slide Warming Table that is used in cytology, histology, pathology, biology and clinical laboratories. This helps in mounting section and paraffin tissue embedding. The work area surface is made up of stainless steel and is ideal for specimen contrast. This also helps in providing heat transfer all over the surface. Moreover, these are fitted with Sunvic energy regulators and have an adjustable thermostat, which is controlled up to 70 degree C. The plate size of this table is 600 x 150 mm.

Tissue Processor

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We make available to our clients Tissue Processors that are used in various laboratory works. These processors are compact and sturdy in construction and manufactured by our vendors using latest technology. Furthermore, these products are designed for automatic dehydration and filtration of human, animal as well as plant's tissues, up to final fixing in wax. Besides, these have pre-programmable provision for dehydration cycle, which is a standard feature.

Tissue Floatation

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We supply Tissue Flotation Bath that has low profile rectangular design for facilitating easy work flow. The bath area in these instruments provides prominent visualization of tissue sections. Besides, the black anodized interior helps in proper visibility of the tissues. These are integrated with heating element light thermostat and an on/off switch. The maximum operating range of the bath is +70 degrees C.

Slide Staining

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We are engaged in providing Slide Staining Machines that are available in two different models of 12 and 23 stations. These machines have automatic functions and carry out all slide staining techniques. Besides, these are used for simple routine of hematology to the more sophisticated techniques in cytology and histology. Following are the two models and their details: Model No. 1030-SSM-00112 stations : • Simple and heavy duty model of Slide Staining Machine with 12 stations for hematology• This model is also used for staining of Blood films• Staining Trough inlet/outlet: 12 nos.• Slide Carrier: 01 no.• Timing disc calibrated for 1 hr• Plier and Dust Cover Model No. 1030-SSM-002 : Most advanced Automatic Slide Staining machine that has 23 stations and is designed to meet all types of staining techniques along with a provision of two tier system for total staining in cytology and histology. It is divided in 11 stations and 12 stations in upper and lower tier.

Paraffin Wax Dispenser

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We are engaged in offering Paraffin Wax Dispenser that is used in histopathology lab, forensic medicine lab and anatomy lab wherein wax embedded module and blocks are prepared. The paraffin wax bath is especially designed for different applications wherein great volume of paraffin is required to provide collecting wax as well as in embedding purposes. Moreover, these Paraffin Wax Dispensers have a tap along with temperature control so that wax does not stick to tap. Besides, these flow freely when melted with paraffin wax dispenser. Following are technical specifications of these dispensers: • Temperature is usually controlled by thermostat or micro processor based digital controller and is used to keep at +70 degrees C• Inner and outer wall of the paraffin wax dispenser are made of SS with insulation between the walls• The Paraffin wax dispenser is provided with microprocessor based digital temperature controller as well as indicator in accordance with the customer requirements• Paraffin wax dispenser is provided with customized tailor made capacity that is also available on request

Tissue Embedding Center

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We bring forth for our clients Tissue Embedding Center that is clear and easy to operate. These have the high capacity module that is designed with temperature controllers, which can be adjusted, monitored and switched on & off independently. Besides, these have extra large work area and help reduce constant shuffling of blocks between work areas in the lab. These have modular design and identical working surface and permit to combine units in any configuration required for laboratory needs. Following are the features of these products: • Embedding center with hot & cold plates that run and provide alarm or error messages• Reduced cross contamination• Sealed work surfaces• Brightly lit orientation space for use in block preparation• Wax flow control system• Superior design & construction• 3.0 liter paraffin tank• One collection tank for easy cleaning• Four-position, integral forceps warming block• Flexible goose-neck magnifying glass• Ready to use with electrically heated forceps Following are some of the specifications of these products: • Cold plate : -5º C (optional -10 Deg. C)• Hot plate : 55º C to 70º C• Tissue storage : 40º C to 80º C• Paraffin tank : 40º C to 70º C +/-1 º C• Power Supply : 220-230 V, 50 Hz. Ac

Linear Slide Stainer

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Linear Slide Stainner

Histology Cassettes

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Basic Microtome

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