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    Established in the year 2006, Belgaum Ferrocast, a private limited company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying gray cast iron components like Inertia Ring,  Rubber Damper, Viscus Damper, Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Hub, Damper Inertia Ring,  C.I Pulleys, Drive Pulleys and Damper Housing. Our company is a result of merger between two companies M/s S. N. Engineering, established in 1997 and M/s. Sai Metals, established in 2000. Both the ISO certified companies are engaged in manufacturing and supplying gray cast iron components in machined & semi-machined conditions.

    We are situated in Belgaum, Karnataka the manufacturing hub of auto components. Backed by latest machines and professionals we offer wide range of supreme quality gray iron, ductile iron casting & components. Our gray cast iron components are available in finish and semi finished forms which are used in several industries. Our finished inertia rings, hubs and housings are used as torsional vibration dampers while pump body, covers, and manifolds are used in diesel engines.

    Further, we tailor made the products with the use of cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art machines installed in our foundry division. To increase our production competence and meet the ever increasing demands of clients, we are in the process of establishing another fully mechanized foundry with ARPA moulding line, sand plant and electric furnace with capacity around 400 Mt /month to meet the growing demands of our global clients.

    Business Specification

    Since our inception, our company has grown in size and operation and carved a niche in the competitive industry for providing high quality products. We adhere to various regulations which have made our name synonymous to reliable organization. Our business specification includes:


    VAT Act 2003 (SEC – 22)
    PAN No.
    TAN No.
    Central Excise No.
    AACCB 9465 DXM 001
    Company Reg. No.

    Statutory and Regulatory Requirements-

    • Income Tax Act 1961
    • Factories Act 1948
    • Local Sales Tax Act 1957
    • Central Sales Tax Act 1956
    • Rule 11 of Central Excise (No. 2) Rules 2002 & rule of cenvat credit
    • Applicable Labour  Laws


    We have been in the industry for almost a decade and doing excellent in the competitive industry. Our organization is growing with the clear vision to bring improvements in various segments of manufacturing and continuously achieving economic value by optimizing resources through constant innovation, technological advancements. Our objectives include:

    Machine Utilization
    Prod. I/c
    90 %
    Continual Improvement In Production Process
    Works manager
    At least 1 project in quarter
    Increase In Supplier Quality Rating (Machining Suppliers)
    QA I/c
    Increase In Supplier Quality Rating (Casting Suppliers)
    QA I/c
    Improve In Quality Rating At Customer End
    QA I/c
    Reduce In-House Rejection
    QC I/c
    1000 PPM
    Reduce In-House Rework
    QC I/c
    500 PPM
    Schedule Adherence
    Works Manager
    Improvement In Customer Satisfaction Index
    To Maintain QMS Effectively
    Zero NC in Audit
    Business Growth
    20 Crores


    Owing to our premium quality iron casting, customized product and timely delivery we are able to increase our client base. Some of our esteemed clients include the following:

    • Hodek Vibration Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune
    • Craft & Technik Industries Pvt Ltd., Pune
    • Arni Mech Products, Kolhapur
    • Manish Engineering Works, Pune
    • Coupling Engineering services, Pune
    • Prasad Industries, Pune
    • Qualitech (exporters of valve bodies)
    • Geared Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (manufacturers of gear pumps)
    • Ace Manufacturing Systems (manufacturers of CNC and VMC machines)
    • Premium Energy Transmission ltd.(gearbox manufacturers)
    • Indo Woosung Pumps Pvt. Ltd (vacuum pumps exporters)
    • CMC Commutators Pvt. Ltd. (commutators manufacturers)
    • Bell Tools (hydraulic manifolds manufacturers)
    • Flow Mech Precision (hydraulic manifold manufacturers)
    • Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. (manufacturer of hydraulic valves and manifolds)


    We have a professional team segregated in to engineers, technicians, quality control analysts, marketing & sales staffs, and administrative staffs. They have profound knowledge in their respective fields. They work diligently and collectively towards achieving growth oriented results for the company. 

    The engineers and technicians have in-depth knowledge about the machinery and testing equipment used in the manufacturing unit. Their expertise in the operations of
    moulding, forging, casting and other processes enables us to manufacture iron casting & components that are at par with ISO standard.

    Our group of sales & marketing personnel has broad market knowledge which supplements us in finding prospective clients for our range of iron castings & components.

    Industries We Cater To

    Available in different finish and semi finished forms, our wide gamut of casting iron and cast iron components like Automobile Castings, Integrated Rubber Damper Hub, Poly V Groove Inertia Ring, Poly V Groove Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Inertia Ring, Viscus Damper Housing and Viscus Damper Inertia Rings finds applications in various industries such as:

    • Engineering
    • Petrochemicals
    • Mechanical
    • Automobiles
    • Chemicals   

    Castings Portfolio

    We offer cast iron in three different types such as gray iron, ductile iron and Ni-hard iron. Our range of iron casting and components comprises of Automobile Castings, Integrated Rubber Damper Hub, Poly V Groove Inertia Ring, Poly V Groove Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Inertia Ring, Viscus Damper Housing and Viscus Damper Inertia Rings. Some of the inherent features of our cast iron include the following:

    • It requires low temperature to be poured than those of steel
    • Liquid iron casting contains more fluid than steel allowing it to acquire  complex & varied shapes
    • Less prone to casting defects than steel
    The types of cast iron we manufacture are as following: 

    Foreign Standards
    IS Grades
    Japan JIS G 5501
    Germany DIN 1691
    U.S.A ASTM A-48
    France NF-A32-101
    U.K BS-1452
    Grade 10
    Grade 14
    Grade 17
    Grade 20
    Grade 23
    Grade 26
    U.S.S.R GOST-1412-54
    ISO R-185
    GRADE 15
    GRADE 20
    GRADE 30
    GRADE 35
    GRADE 40

    Our Mentor

    Under the able guidance and leadership of our mentor, Mr. Sachin Sabnis, we are growing in a steady pace and meeting the varied requirements of esteemed clients. He is a technocrat with expertise in foundry technology. His knowledge & innovative approach towards technological changes in the manufacturing processes has enabled BFPL to achieve remarkable position in foundry technology.

    The executive chairman of the company Mr. Niranjan Sant is also a technocrat with experience in engineering & manufacturing field. He has been influential in maintaining cordial relationship with customers while inspiring the manufacturing team to manufacture premium quality castings.

    Owing to meticulous efforts of our mentor, we are able to increase the annual turnover of our company manifold from 3.50 Cr in 2002-03 to 16.50 Cr in the 2006-07 within a gap of mere five years. 

    Process We Use For Casting

    We employ several processes for manufacturing supreme quality Cast Iron and Cast Iron Components like Inertia Ring,  Rubber Damper, Viscus Damper, Damper Hub, Rubber Damper Hub, Damper Inertia Ring,  C.I Pulleys, Drive Pulleys and Damper Housing. With the help of cutting edge technology, we are able to effectively undertake the casting procedures and meet the requirements of clients. Some of the processes we utilize are as following:

    • Pattern making: We have in-house pattern shop where minor repairs & modifications of molds are done. The patterns we use are made of wood or composite material or aluminum and are used for preparation of sand mold.
    • Pouring: At this stage the mold is filled using network of runner troughs. The runner troughs are designed to achieve the requirements of each casting. We maintain the temperature to ensure proper pouring process.
    • Moulding: We use jolt squeeze machines to carry out floor moulding, and loose moulding processes. Moulds are generally made of green sand, or of self-hardening, air-setting moulding sand, silicate, no bake and also shell. The moulding is done in fix boxes as well as in loose flask type.
    • Melting: For melting we use cupola machines with varying capacities which are fitted with scrubbers for environment friendly operations.
    • Shakeout/cleaning:  The casting is lifted out of its molds after the solidification & cooling process is over. This is followed by another molding cycle where the casting is freed from its risers, shot blasted and cleaned for shipping.
    • After the cleaning the casting is ready to undergo other operations such as thermal treatment, machining or painting whenever necessary. Thermal treatment is essential for stress relieving and changing the mechanical properties of the casting. Painting of the castings is essential for the surface protection of the castings.

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