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Pioneers in the industry, we offer Total Station such as Total Station ( GTS-235N ), Total Station BP-KS202 and Topcon Total Station ( GTS 751 ) from India.

Total Station ( GTS-235N )

Total Station ( GTS-235N )
Total Station ( GTS-235N )
Topcon Total Station GTS-235N

  • The Topcon GTS-230N Series are the innovative successors to the best selling GTS-210/ 220 Series Total stations.
  • The GTS-210 Series with " Waterproof " design brought revolution to the surveying industry with features and durability.
  • Now the GTS-230N Series have up-graded their basic functions for distance and angle measurement in addition to maintaining superb durability against the environment.
  • The GTS-230N Series are also provided with a longer life battery for 10 hours operation, and various application programs making surveying work quick and simple in the field.
  • The features included with the " All Weather " highly productive GTS-230N Series Total Stations are setting a new standard for surveying


  • Length : 150mm
  • Objective lens diameter : 45mm ( EDM: 50mm) 
  • Magnification : 30X
  • Image : Erect
  • Field of view : 1 degree 30
  • Resolving Power : 2.5 " 
  • Minimum focusing distance : 1.3m ( 4.9 ft) 

Distance Measurement

  • 1 Prism : 3, 000m
  • 3 Prisms : 4, 000m
  • Accuracy : ± ( 2mm + 2ppmxD) , m.s.e.

Angle Measurement

  • Detecting system : H: 2 sides V: 1 side
  • Accuracy : 5 " 
  • Minimum Reading : 1” / 5” 


  • Display Unit : 2 Sides
  • Type : Dot Matrix Graphic LCD ( 160x64 Dot ) Backlight
  • Keyboard : 24 keys
  • Memory Internal : 24.000 Point

Operating Time

Price Negosiasi
Payment Method Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Origin Japan

Total Station BP-KS202

Total Station BP-KS202
Total Station BP-KS202

The Topcon Gowin Total Station BP-KS202

2″ angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.

Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for faster data input.

Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.

Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.

Single axis compensator with ±3′ compensating range.

IP54 environmental protection rating.

With a full alpha-numeric keypad and onboard memory that will hold

up to 24,000 points, a 14-hour Li-on battery life, and an IP54 environmental

 rating, the Topcon Gowin Total Station BP-KS202 is a full-featured instrument

designed to meet the most rugged demands.

Onboard software includes functions such as road, missing line measurement and

 resection. For added efficiency, it is compatible with all current Topcon® and

Sokkia® field controllers with a GTS series conventional total station driver installed.

Why work with out-dated instruments? The new Topcon Gowin Total Station

BP-KS202 lets you economically add the versatility and efficiency of a high-quality total station for all your layout, measuring, and surveying jobs.

Topcon Gowin Total Station BP-KS202 Technical Specifications:


Model Name

Gowin TKS-202


Objective Lens Diameter

45mm (EDM: 50mm)





Field of View


Resolving Power


Min. Focus Distance


Angle Measurement





Minimum Reading


Distance Measurement

Distance Range

1 Prism


3 Prisms



±(+2mm + 2ppm x D**)m.s.e.

Measuring Time

Fine Measurement Mode

1.2 sec.(Intial 4 sec.)

Coarse Measurement Mode

0.7 sec.

Tracking Measurement Mode

0.4 sec.

Total Station BP-KS202

Total Station BP-KS202
Total Station BP-KS202
Specification PART - 2

On-Board Software Functions

Data Collection, Resection, Road, Stakeout, Area Calculation, Height Measurement, etc.

Internal Memory

24,000 points


RS-232C (Standard)


Display Unit

Graphics LCD, 2 Sides


24-Alpha-Numeric Key

Tilt Correction (Automatic Index)

Tilt Sensor


Correction Method

Liquid Type

Compensating Range

± 3′

Level Senstivity

Plate Level


Circular Level


Optical Plummet Telescope





Focusing Range

0.5 to infinity

Field of View

3° and above


Protection against water and dust***

IP 54 (with BT-L1 Battery)

Operating Temperature

-20°C~+50°C (-4°F~+122°F)


336 (H) x 184 (W) x 172 (L)mm

Weight (with Battery)


On Board Battery

BT-L1 (Lithium-ion)

Battery Charger


Maximum Operating Time

Including Distance Measurement

14 Hours

Total Station

Item Code: BEP-TS352

Total Station South BEP-ST352The BEP-TS-352 2 " total station offers state-of-the-art technology

The BEP-TS-352 2 " total station offers state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. This fully electronic unit will turn angles and shoot distances to a prism reflector with the push of a button.


BEP-TS-352 comes with two 8 hour NiMH battery packs. An optical plummet site for quick easy set-up. A 4 line adjustable LCD display for easy data manipulation. Four yellow function buttons to guide you through the angle, distance and coordinate operations. The on-board applications will save you time and money in the field.

Specification : 

Perform remote elevations, resections, missing lines and stakeout quickly and accurately. The on-board storage ( 10, 000 point storage) lets you collect and stakeout points right inside the unit. You can also use the standard  port to hook up external data collector. The interface is the same as the Topcon and Sokkia total stations


- Unit South BEP-TS 352
- 2x Alumunium Tripod
- 1x Prisma Polygon
- 1x Prisma detail
- 1x Range Pole
- 1x Software
- 1x Kabel Data
- Tools

Topcon Total Station ( GTS 751 )

Topcon Total Station ( GTS 751 )
Topcon Total Station ( GTS 751 )

Specification :

Angle meansurement Accuracy : 1" Methood Min.
Reading : 0.5/ 1" Compersation Range Telescope Magnification( x) Min. Focus Distance PRISM MODE DISTANCE MEANSUREMENT 1 prism : 3, 000m 3 prism : 4, 000m 9 prism : 5, 000m Mini prism: 1, 000m Accuracy : ± ( 2mm + 2ppmxD* ) m.s.e COMPUTER UNIT On-Board : Microsoft Window® CE.NET4.2 Procesor : PXA255 4000MHZ Memory RAM : 64M byte ROM : 2Mb( flashROM) + 128Mb( SD Card) ( Aposition is usedfor pre-installedprograms and data management Fungtions) Displays : Dual Screen : 320 x 240( QVGA) Color LCD TFT INTERFACE Card System : Compact Flash Card ( Type I/ II) Serial I/ F Port : RS-232C ( 6 pin) ( 2) USB Mini-B and Type A
PHISICAL SPECIFICATION Weight Instriment ( With Battery) : 5.9Kg Carryng Case : 4.5Kg Environmental : IP54( Based on the stabdard IEC60529) Operating temp. : -20° Cto 50° C ( -4° F to 122° F) Battery Power Include distance meansurement : 10h Angle meansurement Only : 12h Recharging : 5h GTS-750 series total stations are the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available for the professional surveyor. Powerful? How about its 400MHz Intel processor running Windows CE, or the unprecedented 3000 meter prism range of the GPT-751 and 753. And the on-board TopSURV software quickly and easily guides you through the most demanding field applications. GTS-750


  • Advanced 400MHz Intel Windows CE operating system with TopSURV on-board software
  • Larger, backlit keypad with bright, color LCD touch-screen display
  • CF card, USB Type A and USB mini slots delivers new storage and transfer capabilities
  • Increased battery capacity ( 5000mAh) and operating time
  • Slimmed down size… 8% smaller than the GPT-7000 or GTS-720
  • Increased performance with no increase in price Available in 1" accuracy models, the GTS-750 can fit any job requirement without breaking your budget. The 1” and 3” versions have dual displays, while the 5” versions sport a single display. Range to a single prism is 3, 000 meters for all models except the GTS-755, which is 2000 meters. Include : 2x Allumunium Tripod for main unit 1x Data Transfer Cable 1x Software Transit 1x Manual Book 1 x Single Prism Target w/ case 1 x Alluminium tripod 1x Pole prism set 1 x Ranging pole 2 meter 1 x Single prism holder


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