Bharat Corporation, Mumbai
Bharat Corporation, Mumbai

Welding Electrodes

we have evolved a system of multiple checks to rule our entry of any inferior quality products in our inventory. All these measures make it possible for us to extend guarantee to our customers about the quality of goods supplied by us. As a result of all these efforts we have been able to achieve an ideal level of customer satisfaction and enjoy a reputation which is unmatched by our rivals.


SS Welding Rod 316l 3.15mm & 4.00mm

SS Welding Rod 316l 3.15mm & 4.00mm
We have SS 316L 3.15mm & 4.00mm in stock, ready to sell

Manglam Welding Rods

Manglam Welding Rods
Mangalam Welding Electrodes


We stock Mangalam Welding Electrodes. Range includes  e6013, Hightide e6013, Mangalam e7016, Mangalam e7018, Mangalam  e7018-1, Mangalam Cutrodes, Manglam 308L, Manglam 316L and many more.

Ador Fontech Welding LTD

Ador Fontech Welding LTD
ADOR FONTECH LIMITED is a front-runner organisation that operates on the philosophy of 'partnering' with its clients in recommending and implementing value-added reclamation, fusion and surfacing solutions. 

The Company is dedicated to supply of products, services and solutions that help in conservation of mineral reserves as well as in reducing down-time and inventory costs.

The world has a limited supply or mineral resources. However, the depletion rate - resulting from continuously improving economic growth - is very high. Reclamation and recycling of vital machinery components, therefore, assumes high priority.

The Company came into being in 1980. Right from its inception, it has had a focus of supplying products, services and solutions that meet and exceed the needs of its end-users.

The customer-base includes:


Steel and other metallurgical complexes


Mining industries


Power plants




Road transport workshops


Sugar mills


Cement plants


Fertilizer and chemical plants


Defence workshops


Shipping industries 


Oil drilling, refining and transportation sector


A whole range of other engineering industries

ESAB Welding Electrodes

ESAB Welding Electrodes
ESAB Welding Electrodes
ESAB is a world leader in many areas of the Welding Electrodes and cutting industry and is often bench marked by its competitors for innovation, product quality and service. We stock E 6013, E 7018, S.S 308 And many more. Some like:
ESAB Ferrospeed A5.1 : E 6012
Chimney, machine building, repair-jobs, shaft reclamation, ship building, steel furniture and frameworks, storage tanks, bus and truck bodies, cement mills, rolling mills, barge - building etc. 490 23% 27/70
ESAB Ferroarc A5.1 : E 6013 Ideally suited for structural welding, welding of pipe sockets, general welding fabrication, etc. 490 26% 70J
ESAB Ferrospeed plus A5.1 : E 6013 ESAB FERROSPEED PLUS is recommended in
applications such as bogies and under-frame of railway carriages and wagons, chimney, construction engineering job, pipe welding, sheet metal fabrication, ship building, steel structures and frame works, truck and bus bodies, tanks, boiler components etc.
500 26% 70J
ESAB 28 A5.1 : E 6013 It is recommended for welding structures of varying thickness of MS plates in different type of joints and welding ordinary grade ship steel as well as structural steel of similar strength and composition. Suitable for welding of pipes, bridges, boilers and pressure vessels storage tanks, etc. 500 26% 90J
ESAB Vordian A5.1 : E 6013 ESAB VORDIAN is recommended for applications such as boiler and pressure vessels, bogies and under frame of railway carriages and wagons, bridges and dam construction, cranes, machine building, plate and sheet metal fabrication, ship construction, framework, tankages, pipes, etc. 490 26% 90J
ESAB 36 H A5.1: E 7018 ESAB 36H is ideally suited for welding boiler quality and pressure vessel steels and heavy structures as well as pipes, tankages, etc.

Ador Welding Ltd

Ador Welding Ltd
As a pioneer of welding products, AWL has strived since 1951 to service Indian Industry and the global market with the finest range of Welding Consumables and Equipment . We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction via our "state of the art" manufacturing plants, knowledge based centers of excellence and a comprehensive sales & distribution network. AWL has also made large investments in Project Engineering Business

Orange Electrodes

Orange Electrodes
Gala Gold (AWS Spec. E - 6013)


C %

Mn %

Si %

S %

P %

Cr %

Ni %

Mo %

Cu %

Fe %

N./ mm2


Elongation %
L = 4D

Impact / Joules

Testing Temp

















Approved by:

Lloyds  - Grade 2, IRS - Grade 2, Bureau Veritas (B.V.) - Grade 2, CIDCO, BIS



Ship building, Wagon building, Mild steel vessels & tanks, Grills, Furnitures, Bridge, Coaches etc

Commander Welding Rods

Commander Welding Rods
Commander Welding Electrodes


We stock Commander Welding Electrodes. range includes  e6013 2.5mm, 3.15mm, 4.00mm

SMP Welding Electrodes

SMP Welding Electrodes
SMP Welding Electrodes


SMP Welding Division of SeAH group provides customer with various kinds of Stainless Steel welding Electrodes and Consumables that shows excellent performance in petrochemical, desalination, and LNG application.

  • SMP E308 SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E308L SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E309 SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E309L SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E309Mo SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E309Mol SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E310 SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E312 SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E316 SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E316L SS Welding Electrode
  • SMP E317L SS Welding Electrode

L&T Ewac Alloys

L&T Ewac Alloys
EWAC Alloy Products Share:

We are engaged in offering L&T Products like EWAC Alloy Products that are offered to Bharat Corporation. These are manufactured using premium quality materials and are highly demanded for their sturdy construction, optimum performance and excellent service. These are made in accordance with the international quality standards.

L&T EWAC Alloys Products are offered to our clients at reasonable prices in the market. These are available in various specifications and are highly demanded in domestic and international markets for their robust construction, high performance and excellent service. These Alloys Products are manufactured by EWAC which is a joint venture of L&T Company.

Royal Arc Elecrodes

Royal Arc Elecrodes
ROYAL ARC ELECTRODES, an ISO: 9001-2008 certified company; welds the world with new technologies. Royal Arc was established in 1986. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes, Copper Coated Solid Wire for Co2 Gas Welding, Steel Welding Wires, Stainless Steel Welding Wires, Stainless Steel Filler Wire, Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheels and Flux Cored Wires (Mild Steel Flux Cored Wires, Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires & Hard facing Flux Cored Wires).

Modi ARC Electrodes

Modi ARC Electrodes
Modi Arc Electrodes


A wide range of Modi Arc Electrodes ranging from general purpose mild steel to stainless steel ,cast iron to nonferrous , hard surfacing to low hydrogen are manufactured on most modern equipment.

We also Stock wire for CO2/MIG, GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) Processes & Flux Cored Wires for carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steel. All our products are manufactured to conform to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Code, Section-II Part

Honavar Electrodes

Honavar Electrodes
Honavar Electrodes


We Stock in Honvavar Electodes E 6013, E 7018, E 7018G, 8018 and many more.

Mild Steel Electrodes:

E 6013 REGULAR - S
E 6012 REGULAR - E

Low Hydrogen Electrodes For Carbon Steels & High Strength Steels:

E 7016 ULTIMATE - 16
E 7016 ULTIMATE - 16 (EXTRA)
E 7018 ULTIMATE - 18
E 7018 - 1 ULTIMATE - 18 (SPL)
E 7018Ni ULTIMATE - 18 Ni
E 7018 ULTIMATE - 18NC (Meeting HIC & SSCC Tests
E 7018G ULTIMATE - 18MET (For LD Converter)
E 8018 D3 HE-8018D3
E 8018G ULTIMATE - 80
E 9018G ULTIMATE - 90
E 9018M ULTIMATE - 92
E 10018M ULTIMATE - 100H
E 10016G ULTIMATE - 105H
E 11018M ULTIMATE - 110H

Diffusion Welding rods

Diffusion Welding rods
Diffusion takes pride in its proven capability to innovate and develop materials and hardfacing solutions that can satisfy the high performance needs of the industry. We provide total maintenance solutions that help increase equipment availability.

Superon - Oerlikon Electrodes

Superon - Oerlikon Electrodes
Superon - oerlikon electrodes

We provide with range like:-
    • Oerlikon
    • Overcord
    • Overcord e
    • Overcord s
    • Fincord
    • Supercito e
    • Supercito
    • Supercito 7018 s
    • Supranox rs 308
    • Supranox rs 308 l
    • Supranox rs 316
    • Supranox rs 316l
    • Supranox rs 309
    • Supranox rs 309 l
    • Citorail ii
    • Citorail iii

      Anand Arc Welding Electrodes

      Anand Arc Welding Electrodes
      Anand Arc Welding Electrodes


      We make available in Anand Arc Welding Electrodes are:-

      • Tig Wire Standard Sizes
      • Redrawing Quality Wire
      • Stainless Steel Mig
      • Wires For General Purpose
      • Copper Coated Wires
      • Submerged Arc Welding Flux
      • Submerged Arc Welding Wire
      • Wire For Ropes
      • Wire For Braiding And Knitting-Screens-Filters
      • Mig And Tig Wire
      • Wires For Spring
      • Anand Tig 1100 And Anand Mig 1100
      • Anand Tig 4043 And Anand Mig 4043
      • Anand Tig 5356 And Anand Mig 5356
      • Cast Iron And Non Ferrous Type
      • Hardfacing Type
      • Low Hydrogen High Tensile Type
      • Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type
      • Low Hydrogen Type
      • Mild Steel Iron Powder Type
      • Mild Steel Type
      • Packaging
      • Stainless Steel Tig Wire
      • Stainless Steel Type
      • Welding Electrode Wire
      • Wire For Cold Heading

      C I Welding Electrodes

      C I Welding Electrodes
      Cast iron is an alloy of iron with a carbon content of 2-5%, silicon content of 1-3% and upto 1 % manganese. The major types of cast iron are
      • Grey cast iron
      • Nodular cast iron
      • Malleable cast iron
      • White cast iron
      Cast iron has very low ductility, low strength and is very brittle. It is generally alloyed or heat-treated for improving these properties.
      The high carbon content adversely affects the weldability of cast iron. Out of the grades mentioned above, white cast iron is considered unweldable for all practical purposes. The other types can be welded successfully with the consumables available.

      Superon Welding Rods

      Superon Welding Rods
      Stockist of Superon Welding Rod.

      Underwater Welding Rod

      Underwater Welding Rod

      Since 1996 we are dealers indigenous BROKO® Under Water Cutting and Wet Welding Rods.

      BROKO® Under Water Cutting Rods Size: (3/8”) 9.5mm x 18inches long – 66pcs per box.

      BROKO® Under Water Wet Welding Rods Size: 3mm x 375mm – 95pcs per box

      4mm x 375mm – 69pcs per box

      5mm x 375mm – 48pcs per box

      Used in

      • Cutting ferrous and non ferrous metal, Stainless Steel, Rock, Marine Growth, Concrete Pile, Cast Iron, Coral, Mastic, and Rope.

      • Welding – Mild steel, Stainless Steel and non ferrous metal.

      We are supplying continuously to INDIAN NAVY, ONGC’S contractors and sub contractors and export through exporters. Our products are very much equal in quality of any other International product. Our products are being appreciated by the INDIAN NAVY.

      ER 4043 Aluminum Filler Wire

      ER 4043 Aluminum Filler Wire

      Premium grade ER4043 & ER5356 all position aluminum alloy MIG welding wire available in 4", 8" and 12" spools

      ER 70S2 Filler Wire

      ER 70S2 Filler Wire
    • Industry Specification: ER70S2
    • Manufacturer Part Number: ER70S2-063-01T
    • Length (Inch): 36
    • Industry Standard Number: ER70S2
    • Finish/Coating: Bare
    • Diameter (Inch): 1/16
    • Material: Carbon steel
    • Package Weight (Pounds): 1.000
    • Brand: Welder's Choice
    • Enco Part Number: 337-8670

    • Er 4043 Alluminium Tig Rods

      Er 4043 Alluminium Tig Rods
      We stock Alluminum Filler Wire ER 4043. If require kindly contact us. We have it in all sizes like 1.6mm,2.00mm,2.5mm,3.00mm

      SS Welding Rod 316l 3.15mm & 4.00mm

      SS Welding Rod 316l 3.15mm & 4.00mm
      SS Welding rod 316L 3.15MM & 4.00mm at a very cheap price.

      Gricon Ltd

      Gricon Ltd

      GEE ltd


      Bharat Corporation, Mumbai
      Ankur Desai (Partner)
      No. 107, Narayan Dhuru Street
      Mumbai - 400003, Maharashtra, India

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