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Plaster Bandage

Pop Bandages, Fiber Glass Bandages,Pop Splintes,Fiber Glass Splintes,Cast Padding,Cotton Stockinet,Waterproof Cast Liner, Bandages Protector.

Pop Bandages, Fiber Glass Bandages, Pop Splints, Fiber Glass Splints, Cast Padding, Cotton Stockinette, Waterproof Cast Liner, Bandages Protector.
Patient Comfort
Foam padding and wing provide protection 
against sharp edge.
Time Saving
Simple and clean application and no mess of hand made slab.

PrimePOPSplint™ - Plaster of Paris Splint (Pre-cut Type)
    Ref. No. Size Pieces /Inner Box


10cm x 38cm ( 15Layers )



10cm x 75cm ( 15Layers )



12.7cm x 75cm ( 15Layers )



12.7cm x 115cm ( 15Layers )


Prime POP Splint™-Plaster of Paris Splint (Roll Type)
    Ref. No. Size Roll/Inner Box

    PSR4 10cm x 720cm( 15Layers ) 1

    PSR5 12.7cm x 720cm( 15Layers ) 1


15.0cm x 720cm ( 15Layers )


Prime Splint™ is composed of 8 layers of polyester casting strips impregnated with polyurethane resin. The strips are encased in a protective barrier of non-woven on both sides to provide cushioning for patient comfort. Its extreme strength and convenience of application is suitable for temporary(initial) immobilization of fractures, sprains and strains.

  • High elasticity non-woven bandage with latex coating.
  • Cohesive on both sides, adheres only to itself, not to dressings, skin or clothes.
  • Strong compression and easy to remove
  • Permeable to air and water vapour
  • For non-slip dressing for pre and postoperative 
    thromboprophylaxis, also used for securing splints.
  • Available in different colors 
Prime COB™
Ref.  No. Description Size Rolls / Inner Box Inner Boxes / Outer Carton

COB 02 PrimeCOB™ 02 2.5cm x 4.5m
(1in x 5yd)
24 Rolls / Box 24 Inner Boxes/CTN

COB 05 PrimeCOB™ 05 5cm x 4.5m
(2in x 5yd)
12 Rolls / Box 24 Inner Boxes/CTN

COB 07 PrimeCOB™ 07 7.5cm x 4.5m
(3in x 5yd)
12 Rolls / Box 16 Inner Boxes/CTN

COB 10 PrimeCOB™ 10 10cm x 4.5m
(4in x 5yd)
12 Rolls / Box 12 Inner Boxes/CTN

  • Very fine creaminess Plaster of Paris Bandage giving exceptional mouldability
  • Super fine gypsum powder
  • Very short setting time: 2-4 minutes; full weight 
    bearing after 24 hours
  • For immobilization of fractures, postoperatively, 
    treatment of bone and joint discomfort

  PrimePOP™ : Plaster of Paris
  Ref. No. Description Size Rolls/ Inner Box Inner Box / Outer Carton

  POP10 PrimePOP™ 10 10cm x 2.7m
( 4In x 3yd ) 

12 Rolls/Box 12

  POP15 PrimePOP™ 15

15cm x 2.7m
(6In x 3yd ) 

12 Rolls/Box 8

  POP20 PrimePOP™ 20 15cm x 2.7m
(8In x 3yd ) 

12 Rolls/Box 4

  • Elastic transparent polyurethane film wound dressing
  • For wound with light exudates
  • Keeps the wound in a moist environment for faster healing
  • Controlled release of water vapour from the skin
  • Protects the wound from germs Extremely skin friendly for prolonged use

  Ref. No. Description Size Pieces / Pack

  DG 042 DermaGuard™ 042 6cm x 7cm 50

  DG 043 DermaGuard™ 043 10cm x 15cm 10

  DG 044 DermaGuard™ 044 15cm x 25cm 10

  • Made of skin friendly, finest quality material.
  • Use under synthetic cast, Plaster of Paris bandage and protection on amputation stump
  • Protect patient’s skin from maceration and irritation during casting
  • Packed in easy to use dispenser carton

 * Available in natural cotton or polyester

  Ref. No. Description Size Roll / Inner Box Rolls / Outer Carton
  NET05 PrimeNet™ 05

5cm x 25m
( 2in x 27yd )

1 Roll / Box 10 Rolls / CTN
  NET07 PrimeNet™ 07 7.5cm x 25m 
( 3in x 27yd )
1 Roll / Box 7 Rolls / CTN
  NET10 PrimeNet™ 10 10cm x 25m 
( 4in x 27yd )
1 Roll / Box 5 Rolls / CTN
  NET15 PrimeNet™ 15 15cm x 25m -
( 6in x 27 yd )
1 Roll / Box 3 Rolls / CTN
PrimeCutter™ is a high precision low-noise, high speed oscillating cast cutter which provides excellent cutting efficiency with following major advantages

Specifications :


Sealed low-noise and dust-proof aluminum casing with plastic handgrip  

Length : 160 mm, Diameter : 39 mm, Weight : 380 g

High-speed oscillating head with ~28,000 cuts per minute (~450 Hz)

24 VDC, max 3A (72W), continuous 1.7 A (40W)

operating temperature +10 - +60 deg C (+50 - +140 deg F)

Not sterilizeable

Not waterproof

Power Supply

220-240VAC 50/60Hz 1A

24VDC 3A

  Ref. No. Description Packing
  PC180 Cutter unit (2 blades Included) 1 Set/Box
  PCBL05 Cutter blade pack of 5 5 Pcs/Pack

  • Transparent Microperforated hypoallergenic tape
  • Made of perforated polyethylene tape
  • Acrylate adhesive for patient with sensitive skin
  • High permeability to both air and water vapour
  • High adhesive strength
  • Easily torn in both direction
  • For transparent retention of dressing, cannulas, catheters, drains or probes etc.

  Ref. No. Description Size Rolls / Inner Box Inner Boxes / Outer Carton

  TRS01 PrimeTrans™ 01 1.25cm x 9m 
(1/2in x 10yd)
24 Rolls /Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  TRS02 PrimeTrans™ 02 2.5cm x 9m 
(1in x 10yd)
12 Rolls /Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  TRS05 PrimeTrans™ 05 5cm x 9m 
(2in x 10yd)
6 Rolls /Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  TRS07 PrimeTrans™ 07 7.5cm x 9m 
(3in x 10yd)
4 Rolls /Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  • Hypo-allergenic surgical tape made of non-woven backing material
  • High permeability to both air and water vapour
  • High adhesive strength
  • For retention of dressing, catheters, drains, 
    instruments or probes etc.
  Ref. No. Description Size Rolls / Inner Box Inner Boxes / Outer Carton

  POR01 PrimePor™ 01

1.25cm x 9m 
(1/2in x 10yd)

24 Rolls / Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  POR02 PrimePor™ 02

2.5cm x 9m 
(1in x 10yd)

12 Rolls / Box 40 Inner Boxes / CTN

POR05 PrimePor™ 05

5cm x 9m 
(2in x 10yd)

6 Rolls / Box

40 Inner Boxes / CTN

POR07 PrimePor™ 07

7.5cm x 9m
(3in x 10yd)

4 Rolls / Box

40 Inner Boxes / CTN

  • Highly twisted crepe yarn provides high elasticity
  • 100% cotton and skin friendly
  • For retention, support, light compression and treatment of distortions
  • Lengthwise 150% extensibility
  • Wraps easily to even the most difficult body contours
  • Protects wrists, elbows, ankles and knees preventing sprain and strain
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Individually packed
  Ref. No. Description Size Polythene Bag Bags / Outer Carton

  CR10 PrimeCrepe™ 10 10cm x 4.5m
(4in x 5yd)
12 Rolls / Pack 20 Bags / CTN

  CR15 PrimeCrepe™ 15 15cm x 4.5m
(5in x 5yd)
12 Rolls / Pack 10 Bags / CTN

PrimeCast™ is a synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin which is activated by water before use. Quality of PrimeCast™ is well proven through years of successful sales worldwide and it is certainly one of the top quality products currently available in the market.
PrimeCast™ Soft is semi regid Casting tape and substrated Fiberglass and Polyester fabric.

Excellent Moulding
Superior multi-directional stretch gives excellent moulding on curved area.

Smooth Finish
High quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface and clean and strong end lamination.

Cost Effectiveness
Savings from less number of rolls needed and less re-casting due to breakage result in a cost comparable to POP bandage.

Plus usual benefits of synthetic casting tape;
Lightweight, Strength and Durability, Air-permeability and X-ray transparency. 

  • Undercast padding for cushioning under synthetic cast and Plaster of Paris bandage
  • Made of 100% finest quality polyester
  • Keeps the patients skin dry and comfortable during long-term wear
  • Smooth surface and good air permeability
  • Easy to tear

  Ref. No. Description Size Polythene Bags Packs for Outer Carton

  PAD 07 PrimePad™ 07 7.5cm x 2.7m ( 3in x 3yd ) 12 Rolls /Bag 10 Bags /CTN
  PAD 10 PrimePad™ 10 10cm x 2.7m ( 4in x 3yd ) 12 Rolls /Bag 10 Bags /CTN

  PAD 15 PrimePad™ 15 15cm x 2.7m ( 6in x 3yd ) .6 Rolls /Bag 20 Bags /CTN

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