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About Bhushan Steel Limited


Integrated Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Management System Policy

Bhushan Steel Ltd. commits to produce cold rolled and galvanized steel sheets of world class quality in a safe, healthy and clean environment by involving employees with continual improvements in system implementation, technological advancement, operational integration, prevention of pollution & hazards maintaining.

Legal compliance and satisfying needs & expectations of Customers.

  • For Environmental Management System we have ISO 14001:2004 Certification.
  • For Quality System we have ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certification.
  • For Safety Management System we have OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification.


Company with market leading offerings in value added Steel in Automotive and White Good Segment with the quality been approved by ISO 9002 and QS 9000.

Quality Policy

Plan: ensure the contribution of the required innovation to the industrial partners - product: achieve higher safety and more reliable levels in use and minimum defect on assembly; - process: assure a constant quality standard of product; - service: offer product support, development and products optimisation. With the quality principle of "with the target of zero-defect,continually enhancing quality level;meeting with customers'' requirements with the continue improving management system",every dept. is trained for all-round quality safeguard consciousness and professional skill,and we carry out the strict quality controlling management to all the key processes.In the meanwhile,we insist on the guiding ideology of "improvement in proper sequence,Promoting with steady steps",and continuously improve the essential factors guiding ideology of"Improvement in proper sequence,Promoting with steady steps",and continuously improve the essential factors like process,technical, equipments and staffs,etc.,assure the quality-increasing,high stable product and service to customer.



Bhushan Steel is leading the technological revolution in Indian Cold Rolled Steel Industry today and defining new frontier of customer satisfaction. Be it through technology and product upgrades, R&D efforts or stringent quality control measures, company is consistent in its pursuit of value.

Bhushan Steel has earned a Quality Standards by getting many Certifications.

  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Trade Finance Certificate 2004
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO/TS 16949:2002

Managmeent Desk

Board of Directors

  • Shri Brij Bhushan Singal
  • Shri Mohan Lal
  • Shri V.K. Mehrotra
  • Ms. Sunita Sharma
    Nominee Director of LIC
  • Shri Rahul Sengupta
    Whole-Time Director (Technical)
  • Shri O.P. Davra
    Company Secretary
  • Shri Neeraj Singal
    Vice-Chairman & Managing Director
  • Shri B.B. Tondon
  • Shri. M.V. Suryanarayana
    Additional Director
  • Shri Nittin Johari
    Whole-Time Director (Finance)
  • Shri P.K. Agarwal
    Whole-Time Director (Commercial)


  • Mehra Goel & Co.
    Chartered Accountants

Technical Support

  • China Shougang International, China
  • Daehyuntech, South Korea
  • Danieli Corus, The Netherlands
  • Ebner, Austria
  • Heinrich George, Germany
  • KCI Special Cranes, Finland
  • LOI Thermoprocess Gmbh, Germany
  • Man B & W, Germany

Chairman's Intro

Chairman's Intro

"Everything associated with the trademark of Bhushan Steel Reflects the company’s position of leadership and quality. At Bhushan Steel, It is our endeavor to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction."

As one of the leading initiators of the technological revolution in the Indian steel industry, BSL's infrastructure, equipment and machinery are well-complemented by its people and continue to create benchmarks for the industry.

Bhushan Steel Ltd. (BSL) is in the process of setting up one of the most advanced Hot Rolling Plants of the world in Orissa. The construction of the first phase is being carried out with speed and is nearing completion. Together with its state-of-the-art Cold Rolling Plant at Sahibabad and another one at Khopoli, the company is well poised in the industry. The company has recently launched Galume- zinc and aluminium coated sheet, for the first time in India. Thereby, it is all set to revolutionize the industry and demand patterns.

Be it specialized steel for the automotive and white goods industry, or steel for highly discerning international clients, BSL's advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality standards have earned appreciation and acceptance in international markets.

BSL is currently exporting to Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, China and the Middle East, in addition to the Asian markets. And, is eagerly looking ahead, steadily defining the future of steel day by day.

Our Vision

"The vision of evolving into a totally Integrated Steel Producer by committing to achieve the highest standards of Quality through Cutting-Edge Technology."

The key to Vision is to use rigorous conceptual framework and to understand how that framework connects to the underlying DNA of enduring great companies.

A well-conceived vision consists of two major components—“CORE IDEOLOGY” and an “ENVISIONED FUTURE”. A good vision builds on the interplay between these two complementary Yin-and-Yang forces; it defines “What we stand for and Why we exist” that does not change the Core Ideology and sets forth “What we aspire to become, to achieve, to create” that will require significant change and progress to attain the Envisioned Future.

About Culture: -"To make it a place where all the people can thrive living, learning and working in a clean, safe and healthy environment."

About Values:-To corporate values as "the rules or guidelines by which a corporation exhorts its members to behave consistently with its order, security and growth."

About People: - "See the good in people and try to develop those qualities" i.e. preparation and grooming of the next generation of the young thinkers.

About Customers: - "Sell good merchandise at reasonable price; treat our customer like we would treat our friends and the business will take care of itself. Bhushan Steel’s endeavor is to attain the highest level of Customer Satisfaction."

About Products: - "We should always be the pioneers with our products – out front leading the market."

It is true to say that most of our vision statements express an element of ambition.BSL’s vision of total integration is a lot closer to realization today. Through seamless backward integration, BSL is consolidating its position on the entire steel value chain from iron ore to specialized is surging ahead.


  • Most brilliant milestone in BSL’s journey of excellence is setting up of Steel and Power Plant in Orissa.On completion, the Plant will be one of the largest integrated Hot Rolled Steel and Power complexes of the nation.
  • BSL has emerged as the countries largest and the only CR Steel Plant with an independent line for manufacturing Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets up to a width of 1700mm, as well as Galvanized Steel Coils and Sheets up to width of 1350mm.
  • Bhushan Steel has transformed to 3rd largest producer of Cold Rolled Steel with an installed capacity of one million tons and sales of more than USD 1 Billion.
  • Focused on niche high value added segment of automobile and white goods & is today a leader in these segments. Recently started the country’s largest Color Coated line and first to manufacture the Galume (zinc and aluminum coated sheets / coils) in Khopoli Plant.
  • Invested in latest technology/equipment without compromising over cost.
  • BSL has a good debt-servicing track record.
  • First to set up a high Tech Plant in 1996 to cater to auto mobile and white good sector, in technical tie up with Sumitomo Metals, Japan.
  • Profit making and dividend paying company since inception.

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