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Quality Checking Devices

Gauss Meter


Gauss is the unit to measure magnetic strength of the neodymium magnets in a bio magnetic bracelet. The good quality Gauss Meter manufactured by us, is capable to measure three thousand to ten thousand gauss approximately of bio magnetic bracelets.

This Gauss meter is manufactured by using the high quality raw material and thus produces the accurate results. It is made to international standards with best quality inputs and last a long life with high performance.

Product Name A Gauss Meter
Product Code Gauss Meter
Product Description Gauss is the unit to measure magnetic strength of the neodymium magnets in a biomagnetic bracelet.(3000 to 10,000 gauss approx. biomagnetic bracelets available
Product Price 0

Ion Tester


Wide range of devices like ion tester is offered by us to our clients. It is an instrument to check the negative ions in the Scalar energy pendant. Our pendants have been tested to two thousand five hundred ions and above in these testers. Ion Tester manufactured by us, is a quality product and has been tested in our ultra modern laboratory. The price has also been kept at a reasonable level to suit every pocket.

Product Name an ion tester
Product Code ion tester
Product Description To check the negative ions in the Scalar energy pendant(ions 2500 & above tested in our pendants.Each & every pendant lab tested & quality assured
Product Price 0

Radiation Meter


To check the radiation caused by all electronic devices such as mobile, microwave, mobile towers,etc. Results:by using mobile anti radiation chips, biomagnetic bracelets, works as anti-radiation.

PH Meter


To check the PH level in the liquids.(drinking water).
Results : Using alkaline stick & water energy flask PH level goes above 7.5 to 9.

Blood Vessel Testing Device (Microscope)


We offer an extensive range of Blood Vessel Testing Devices to check blood flow of the body. It is microscopic device used to check the blood pressure before and after wearing the biogenetic bracelet. It comes with the screen to display the results. After wearing the bio energetic products the blood circulation increases coded as Blood Vessel Testing Device Microscope. This device is a handy one and can be used by anybody easily. A quality product manufactured by us securely and handsomely packed and moderately priced.

Product Name A Blood Vessel Testing Device
Product Code Blood Vessel Testing Device (Microscope)
Product Description to check the blood flow of the body (Before & after wearing the biomagnetic bracelet) Results : The blood circulation increases after wearing bioenergetic products

Blood Stream Device


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