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Drilling And Milling Tools

Hole Deburring Tools

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We are proud to declare that we are the prime, chamfering tools manufacturer. We also manufacture products like De-burring Tools, hole de-burring tools etc. Furthermore, we are leading de-burring tools’ supplier in India. Our products like de-burring tools, hole de-burring tools, chamfering tools, de-burring tools and others are stiff and solid enough to hold in any given situation. Our products are long lasting and are affordable as well. Hence smart customers should cash in such a wonderful offer ever.

Operation & Advantages

Normally, the bottom side of a drilled hole is deburred or chamfered, after reversing the same job. Our automatic dual purpose deburring & chamfering tool deburrs and chamfers a drilled hole at both side when the tool passes through and reverses. No change either in the spindle speed or in the direction of spindle rotation or in the job set-up is required. The tools can be deployed immediately after drilling. Neither manual interruption nor special operational skill is required at any stage of it's use. The time required for both purpose deburring and chamfering is about few seconds. Further, the chamfers will be uniform & concentric to the bore.

Construction, Size & Feature:

The deburring tool consists of only 4 parts - Shank, HSS Blade, Fulcrum Pin and Screw for adjusting blade projection. The blade, having certain unique features, is made of HSS and it will be coated with Tungsten Carbide to enhance wear resistance. After deburring and chamfering on the top surface of a hole, the blade slowly retracts into the pocket, provided in the tool shank, as the cutting pressure increases the blade gets slowly released from the pocket as. the cutting pressure decreases and the deburring and chamfering operations are done on bottom of the hole.

Special care is taken to ensure that the tool or its parts do not damage the bore. Standard tools are available in sizes from dia 5 mm to 30 mm. The holding shank is cylindrical, so that the tools can be mounted on the machine spindle through a drill check or a collet.

The robust construction, unique design features Tungsten Carbide coating make the tools and the blades highly enduring under the most severe cutting conditions. The blade can be re-sharpened, when its cutting edges get blunt. The tools and the spare blade are priced within everyone's reach.

Automatic Back Spot Facing Tools

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This Automatic Back Spot facing tool gives good performance and reduction in machine time by 50 to 90% as compared to manual tool setting methods. The back spot facing can be done at the same setting of the drilling operation and avoiding any separate setup for back spot facing or counter boring, back chamfering operation. This not only reduces the machining time but also increases the accuracy and repeatability of the operation.

Operation :

The cutting edge swings in and out depending upon the direction of rotation of the machine spindle. The tool gets guided in the pre-drilled hole.

In anti-clockwise rotation, the back spot facing tool enters through the drilled hole. In clockwise rotation of the spindle, the tool opens up automatically and with feed it cuts.

After the back spot facing operation is complete, again the spindle rotation is reversed to anti-clockwise; the wing close into the pocket and the tool is pulled out of the hole. The entire back spot facing operation is over within a few moments, absolutely without any manual interruption at any stage of operation.

This is the only tool, which performs back spot facing operation automatically and without manual interruption. Therefore, for back spot facing operation, this is the most ideal tool in CNC machines, machining centers, SPMs with auto-cycle. When used even in conventional machines like radial drills, milling and boring machines, this tools saves considerable time.


  • Available for pilot dia 10mm minimum.
  • Corresponding back spot facing dia will be as required by the customer.
  • The holding shank of the tool can be cylindrical or any taper, as required by the customer.
  • Tools are provided with HSS (or) standard carbide inserts.

How to order :

For a quote, indicate pilot hole dia, corresponding back spot face dia, holding shank taper required & your job material. If possible, send a sectional drg of your job.

Inseatu Drilling/ Milling Machine

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  • This machine is developed for insitu drilling, milling and other operations on surfaces of large fabricated bases, welded structure.
  • The machine is designed to be fixed near the fabrication next to the surface to be machined. They carryout the machining on the required surfaces with milling cutter using carbide inserts.
  • Machine is suitable for face milling, drilling, reaming, boring etc.
  • Facilities to align and level the machines with the job are provided.
  • Different stroke lengths offered depending upon the customer requirements.
  • Various capacities milling heads option is available depending upon the material to be removed.
  • The basic configuration of the machine is that of a vertical moving head type milling machine.
  • The slides and milling head used are from the standard ranges of spindle units and the slide units developed by Brisktech.

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