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Chapdur Construction Chemicals


A cementitious ready-mix compound with very hard granulates of predetermined granular size to generate hard cementitious floor top. The compound is of mineral orgin and selected for its high physico-chemical qualities.


* It provides the following beneficial properties
* Increase resistance to abrasion
* Resistant to mechanical wear
* Can be applied easily on freshly laid floor surfacing and slabs.
* Provides a non corroding surface in comparison to metallic hardness


* Approx. 3.5 to 6.0kg. per m2 area for a thickness of 2 -3mm surfacing
* For light duty 3.5 to 4.0kg/m2
* For medium duty 4.5 to 5.0kg/m2
* For heavy duty 5.5 to 6.0 kg/m2

Instructions for Use

* The ready mix Chapdur compound will be spread over the newly laid smooth concrete surface (preferably M20 & above) at a stage when a nail mark of 3 - 4mm will be obtained at standard pressure. The spreading is done by hand or with a suitable apparatus at the rate of approx. 3.5 to 6.0kg. per m2 of slab area. Wait till the mixture has been uniformly moistened by the surface water contained in the green concrete. Smooth out with the mechanical trowel which should be maintained perfectly flat, operating at a low speed.
* The final smoothing, if necessary, should be carried out sometime later with the mechanical trowel be operating at a low speed.
* Moist curing is required for at least 3 days by means of wet gunny bags or pooling water on the surface. During this period the flooring should not be exposed to any traffic.

Technical Data

* Form: Power mixed with hard granules of mineral origin.
* Colour: Cement Grey
* Moh's Hardness of Aggregates: 7 to 8 (steel score)
* Water absorption (IS - 1237): 6.0 - 6.5%
* Wet transverse strength (IS - 1237): 40 - 45kg/cm
* Storage Condition: Keep in dry place
* For best result, use before: 6 months
* Packaging: 25kg. HDPE bags
* Abrasion Resistant: (IS - 1237) - 1.5mm (AV)

Product Code: 09

Damp-Proof Waterproof Coating


Sika Damp-Proof is a one component polymer modified cement based waterproof coating comprising of special cement based components and admixtures. When mixed with water a slurry or mortar material is produced for direct
application to a variety of construction substrates.

Product Code: 07

Grout Construction Chemicals


Sika Grout-214
Ready to use free flow cementitious grout with a two step expansion to compensate plastic shrinkage of cement.

To ground baseplates, anchor bolts, cavities, gaps, bearings and joints in precast construction and bridges.

25kg bag


Sika Grout - 214 TR
Ready to use free flow cementitious grout with a two step expansion and high temperature resistance

To grout baseplates etc. in high temperature areas of blast furnaces, chimneys etc.

25kg bag


Sika Grout - 104
Ready to use free flow cementitious ground with a two step expansion to compensate plastic shrinkage of cement.

To grout baseplates, anchor bolts, cavities, gaps, bearings and joints in precast construction and bridges.

25kg bag


Product Code: 10

Hibond Construction Chemicals


* Sika Hibond is a solvent free, with two component epoxy agent bonding for concrete structural joints.
* Sika Hibond complies with ASTM 881 - 99 Type II Grade 2 Class B and C.


* Greater tensile strength than concrete.
* Long pot life and open time allows sufficient time for placement of new concrete.
* Cab be used as bonding agent on concrete, mortar, steel, iron etc.
* Solvent free and easy to use.

Instruction for use
All surface must be cleaned by wire brush, chisel, emery cloth etc. to remove loosely adhering particles, oil, grease etc. It should be free from standing water and roughened properly. Both components should be stirred independently and then comp. B should be slowly poured to comp. A container and mixed for about three minutes to from to from uniform colour liquid. Mixing ratio A : B = 2 : 1 by wt. Application by brush or roller on prepared surface within 1 hour of preparation. Fresh concrete shall be poured within 3 hours (at 30°C).

0.2 to 0.5kg/ depending on roughness and porosity of substrate.

Pack Size
Component A 800g/400g and component B 400g/200g in HDPE composite container with spatula for mixing. (System pack 1.2kg/0.6gk)

Clean all tools with xylene or tolune. Use of handgloveg, goggles for applications are recommended. Thorough washing of hands and contact parts of body by soap water essential. Destroy empty containers to prevent re-use.

Technical Data

* Aspect: Comp. A = White liquid, Comp. B = Black liquid
* Mixed density at 30°C kg/L: Around 1.68.
* Pot life at 30°C, ASTM C 881: Around 5 hours.
* Shelf life: 1 Year.
* Storage condition: Cool, under shed.

Product Code: 11

Inertol Poxitar Construction Chemical


It is widely used for various industrial purposes and is available at industry leading prices.

Product Code: 01

Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound


The waterproofing compounds that we manufacture are known for superior quality. These products are also known as water proofing repairs. Used for addition into cement renders and screed, these products are smooth aqueous liquid waterproofing dispersion. These waterproofing compounds are used for blocking the flow or passage of water as well as also for increasing the mortar resistance against water and chemicals.

Product Code: 02



Sika Multigard is a solvent free, water based, 2 - comp. Epoxy band protective coating. It provide long lasting protection for wall against damp partches.

It can be applied on concrete, stone, plaster, rendering etc.


* Protect from water seepage
* Resistant to oil and grease
* Weather proof
* Mold dew resistant
* No solvent, no fir hazard
* Non-toxic
* Breathing our characteristic allowing entrapped moisture to breathe
* Easy to apply with brush or roller
* No sagging in vertical application
* Universal Stainer can be added to make the product coloured.

Instruction for Use

* Substrate preparation: The substrate should be free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. Clean the surface with wire brush or emery paper.
* Mixing: Sika Multigard is supplied in pre-packed component system. Stir component A and component B well seperately. Add comp. B into comp. A and mix with a spatulla till it become homogeneous. To make it coloured (if required), now add Universal Stainer and mix well to get uniform colour.
* Application
o Moisten then prepared surface well before application of Sika Multigard. Apply the material by brush or roller within 30 minutes of mixing.
o Minimum permitted substrate temperature 8°C
* Important Recommendation
o Sensitive to rain upto 8 hrs. (30°C) after application
o Recoatable after 5 hours at 30°C
o Use two coats.
* Cleaning: Clean all the tools with lukewarm water immediately after use.

Around 0.10 - 0.15kg/m2 per coat, depending upon the surface.

Product Code: 13



sika multiseal is a self-adhesive, rubber modified, bituminous sealing tape for the sealing of cracks and joints in many common domestic and commercial situations. It consists of an aluminium foil reinforced by a polyester film and coated with a cold-adhesive bituminous compound.

uses sika multiseal is used to seal cracks and joints on:
• roofs - around chimneys and skylights.
- over joints/cracks in tiles and roof cladding.
• exterior walls - joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting.
- cracks under masonry ties and anchorages.
- around wall penetrations (such as water pipes).
- gutters and downpipes.
• terraces - at joints between terraces and exterior walls.
- joints in parapets.
- roof edges, sides, flashings and joints.
• inside the house - leaking pipes, showers, etc.

Product Code: 14

Plastocrete Super Waterproofing Admixture


* Plastocrete Super is highly effective liquid integral waterproofing admixture for all types of concrete viz. roof casting, beam, culvert, tunnel, sewerage works, virtually wherever watertight concrete is required Plastocrete Super is marked with IS: 9013.
* It also conform to IS: 2645 providing extra waterproofing.


* Compatible with all varieties of Portland Cement including Slag Cement.
* Required at a very small dosage hence convenient to handle.
* Improves water tightness to a great extent.
* Rebound loss is low.
* No added chloride.
* Supplied in consumer friendly packs.

0.2% by weight of cement (100g. per 50kg. bag of cement).

Instruction for use

* Mix cement, stone and sand.
* Add 50 - 70% of required water and mix the mass to make it moist.
* Add Plastocrete Super to remaining water and throughly mix it and use the same to already moist concrete - continue mixing for approx. 3 minutes to achieve homogeneous mix.
* Normal curing is recommended.

Pack Size
100g, 500g, 1kg and 20kg in HDPE container.


* Do not add water more than 30 It for concrete and 35 ltr, for mortar per bag of cement.
* Store in a cool and dry place.

Technical Data

* Aspect: Brown liquid.
* Sp. gravity at 30°C: Around 1.05.
* Shelf life: 1 Year.
* Storage condition: Cool, under shed, avoid frost.

Product Code: 06

Raintite Polymer Emulsion


Sika Raintite I is synthetic multi - functional acrylic polymer emulsion which when added to cement mortar/concrete/cement slurry, provides excellent waterproofing and adhesion to substrate. Suitable for old and new concrete bonding, waterproofing screed concrete, waterproof slurry coating for protection against saltpetre action and miscellaneous repairing. As a waterproof coating, it allows water vapour to pass through but not liquid water.

Sika Raintite I enriched concrete/mortar/slurry offers following distinct advantages over normal concrete/mortar/slurry.

* Ensures low water: cement ratio.
* Improved impermeability against water ingress.
* High water resistance, reduces effects of alkali & greases.
* Extremely good bonding, improved flexural strength and abrasion resistance properties.
* UV resistant & suitable for external coating.

Instruction for use
Sika Raintite I should be used 'as it is' for waterproof coating and in diluted form for uses in polymer modified concrete and mortar. Apply Sika Raintite I as mentioned in the table.

Application details of Sika Raintite I (SRI)
In case of bond coat subsequent mortar or concrete to be applied when bond coat is fresh and tacky and preferably within 30 minutes.

Product Code: 17

Tioflix Construction Chemicals


Sika Tioflix
Sika Tilofix is a ready to mix cement and special chemicals based non-shrink, self-mix curing, waterproof, excellent tile adhesive for fixing ceramic and mosaic tiles on vertical and horizontal surfaces.


* Ready to use, only water to be added.
* Waterproof
* Better bond than conventional cement based mortar
* Self curing
* Good mechanical strength

Instruction for use
Surface should be sound and mechanically cleaned to remove all loosely adhering particles, oil, grease etc. Pre - wetting of substrate is essential with maximum saturation of water to surface dry (S.S.D.) condition. Tiles shall be cleaned of dust with brush/cloth but shall be dry while using. Sika Tilofix should be poured in the ratio of ST:W = 1:0.22 to 0.24 by wt. into portable water slowly while stirring continuously to get smooth paste. Allow 5 minutes interval and stir again. Apply the paste on prepared surface with approx 3mm. thickness and comb the surface with notched trowel. Place tiles within 15 minutes of mixing and press firmly with twisting movement. Uneven surface may require more than 3mm thickness. Use damp cloth to remove excess paste from the surface. Tile joints may be filled by Sika Tilogrout.

Coverage: 2.5kg per m2/3mm. thickness (indicative)

Packing: 5kg & 25kg bag

Storage: Keep in a dry place, avoid moisture ingress.

Caution: Add powder to water. Prepare only required quantity to utilise within 15 minutes. Avoid fixing tiles outdoor when rain in imminent. Correct ratio of Sika Tilofix and water is essential for optimum performance. Do not disturb tile setting for first 24 hours.

Technical Data

* Aspect: Grey Powde
* Bulk density: Around 1.35kg/lt

Product Code: 18

Top Seal


A cement based polymer modified waterproofing slurry coating. It is applied to concrete and mortar structures to prevent water infiltration and dampness. It is reasonably flexible to accomodate thermal expansion of concrete.

It is used for external and internal waterproofing, damp proofing, hairline crack sealing, and protection from chloride in the following structures

* Water tanks
* Basement
* Terraces and balconies
* Bridges
* Retaining walls
* Sea walls
* Small flat roofs


* It provides the following beneficial properties
* Easy to apply by brush, slurry consistency
* Pre-batched components
* Easy and fast mixing
* Good adhesion to sound and prepared substrates
* Protects against water penetration, salt and carbonation
* Non-toxic when cured, suitable for contact with drinking water
* Slightly flexible
* Non-corrosive to steel & iron

Depending on type of application, 2 coats are always required. For waterproofing upto 1m head pressure approximate 1.5 kg/m2 per coat. Above 1 M head pressure: 2.0 kgs/m2 per coat, 3 coats may be required in areas of extremely high infiltration. Normally 3.00kg. of Sika Top Seal 107 is sufficient to cover one square meter area. On well prepared smooth substrate the consumption would be much less.

Instruction for use
Surface Preparation
Concrete, mortar and masonry surface, must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. Steel and iron surface must be free from scale, rust, grease and oil. All surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. Saturate absorbent surface throughly. Efficient surface preparation is essential to achieve high adhesive quality of the product.

Product Code: 19

Water Repellent Coating


Sikagard 703W 2C is a dilutable impregnation for cementitious & stone cladded substrates to impart water repellency. It impregnates into the open pores of the substrate to stop water absorption maintaining the breathing character of the structure.


* Sikagard 703W 2C has the following beneficial properties
* Easy to apply
* Reduces capillary water absorption
* Improves resistance to frost and de - icing salts
* Colourless surface treatment
* Reduces efflorescence
* Reduces growth of algae and fungi

Instruction for use
All surfaces must be clean and free from loosely adhering particles. Where pores are blocked, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned.

Mix the whole quantities of the two parts supplied in the combipack, i.e. Sikagard 703W 2C Base and Sikagard 703W 2C Activator, in suitable vessel. Rinse the container of Sikagard 703W 2C Base with the mixed liquid which shall have a cloudy appearance. Apply the mixed liquid with brush on the prepared surface. Repeat application in wet on wet condition. Use the mixed material on the same day. Do not apply when rain is imminent.

The mixed material will have a covering capacity of 20 - 24 m2 for 2 coats depending on the porosity of the substrate with brush application. With spray, the coverage is much more.

Technical Data

* Shelf life: 12 moths when kept properly
* Packing: 70g if Sikagard 703W 2C Activator, both in HDPE Bottles.
* Aspect
Base = Reddish liquid.
Activator = Turbid liquid.
* Shelf life: 1 Year.
* Storage condition: Cool, dry place.

Product Code: 20

Water Resistant Bonding Agent


we manufacture bonding agents that are known for their superior quality. Assuring better and strong bonding, these agents are also supplied in different packings.

Product Code: 05

Epoxy Bonding Agent


sika epoxy bonding agent for old- new conccrete.

Product Code: 12

Raingard Acrylic Polymer Dispersion


acrylic polymer dispersion for waterproofing/ concrete/ mortar ..

Product Code: 16

Rust Remover & Passivator


Rust Remover & Passivator

Rustop Rust Remover


Rustop Rust Remover.

Sikatop Seal


Flexible protective and waterproofing slurry.

Product Code: 03

Silane Siloxane Water Repellent


It is of best quality and is available at industry leading prices.

Product Code: 04

Siloxane Concrete Sealer


These fall into the water-repellent class of concrete sealers... Siloxane.

Product Code: 08

Expanding Foam




Latex Powder


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