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Boiler Models


BSPIL-MOD-THR-425 Model of Lancashire Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-426 Model of Cornish Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-427 Model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-428 Model of Locomotive Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-429 Model of Chochran Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-430 Vertical Water Tube Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-431 Model of Marcet Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-432 Loeffler Boiler
BSPIL-MOD-THR-433 Laver Safety Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-434 Spring Loaded Safety Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-435 Dead weight safety valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-436 Sudzen Super Heater
BSPIL-MOD-THR-437 Model of Steam Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-438 Steam Engine 'D' Slide Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-439 Model of Piston valve Steam Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-440 Sectional working model of 2 stroke petrol engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-441 Sectional Working Model of 4 stroke Petrol Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-442 Sectional Working Model of 2 stroke Diesel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-443 Sectional Working Model of 4 stroke Diesel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-444 Gas Turbine or Turbojet Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-445 Wankel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-446 Feed check valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-447 Steam Injector
BSPIL-MOD-THR-448 Pressure Gauge

Models Related To Hydraulic Pumps


BSPIL-MOD-HYD-511 Hydraulic Jack Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-512 Hydraulic Lift Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-513 Hydraulic Press Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-514 Hydraulic Water Pump Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-515 Hydraulic Ram Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-516 Impulse Turbine
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-517 Jet Pump Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-518 Kaplan Turbine Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-519 Pelton Turbine Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-520 Pendulum Pump
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-521 Pure Reaction Turbine
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-522 Radial Turbine
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-523 Reciprocating Pump Set Model
BSPIL-MOD-HYD-524 Rotary Pump

Models Of Dissected Solids


BSPIL-MOD-GEO-842 Semi Cylinder - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-843 Quarter Cylinder - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-844 Tetrahedron - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-845 Octrahedron - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-846 Circle - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-847 Double Cross - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-848 Single Cross - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-849 Model Plates, Triangular, Rectangular, Square, Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Octagonal or Circular
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-850 Geometrical Model Kit

Joints & Couplings


BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1016 Rivets ( Different types)
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1016A (a) Cup head
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1016B (b) Pan head
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1016C (c) Conical head
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1016D (d) Counter sunk  head
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1017 Love-Joy Couplings
Rivetted Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1017A (a) A set of four wooden models consists of single and double lap joint,  single and double strap joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1017B (b) Triple
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1017C (c) Quadrupple
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1017D (d) Angle iron and Girder joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1018 Shaft Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1019 Sellers Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1020 Sleeve and Cotter Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1021 Socket and Spigot Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1022 Splined Shaft
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1023 Strap Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1024 Tie Rod Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1025 Union Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1026 Universal Coupling



More Clutches.....

BSPIL-MOD-04012 Demonstration Car Chassis
BSPIL-MOD-04013 Diesel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-04014 Differential Gear
BSPIL-MOD-04015 Differential Gear Assembly
BSPIL-MOD-04016 Differential And Rear Axle Assembly
BSPIL-MOD-04017 Gear Box With out Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-04018 Gear Box with Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-LEV-1300 Hand Levers
BSPIL-MOD-LEV-1301 Foot Levers
BSPIL-MOD-LEV-1302 Crank Levers
BSPIL-MOD-LEV-1303 Bell Crank Levers
BSPIL-MOD-1304 C-Clamp 4"
BSPIL-MOD-1305 C-Clamp 6"
BSPIL-MOD-1306 C-Clamp 8"

Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Cutsection Working Model


Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Cutsection Working Model With Motor
This is a real Engine duly cut for Demonstration of working Nature of the Engine comes with Six Cylinder, Four , Three Two and also Single Cylinder. The entire Main Components were made visible and interactive, with very good Part identification with contrast colours which will be highly useful for Vocational Developement Courses. Can be supplied with  and without trolly wheels .  The whole unit is mounte on a Robust Steel Frame for studying the Valve and Port Timing.  A Great Piece for Good and Demonstrative Education.

Types Of Drivers And Pulleys

BSPIL-MOD-DYN-100 Belt Drive Single Speed
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-101 Belt Drive Two Speed
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-102 Belt Drive (Loose and fast pulleys)
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-103 Chain Drive
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-104 Friction wheel Drive
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-105 Geneva Drive
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-106 Set of Belt Pulleys


BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125 Governor Models Rotating Arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125A (a) Watt Governor
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125AA (i) Ordinary
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125AB (ii) Early
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125AC (iii) Cross arm
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125B (b) Loaded type governor
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125C (c) Porter governor
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-125BD (d) Hartnell governor


BSPIL-MOD-DYN-150 Cam and Follower
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-151 Action of Cams
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-152 Triangular Eccentric Cam
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-153 Tri-Clover Leaf Cam
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-154 Harmonic Motion ( Simple type)
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-155 Harmonic Motion (Slit bar slide type)

Brakes And Dynamometers

BSPIL-MOD-DYN-175 Single Shoe Brake or Block Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-176 Double Shoe Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-177 Band Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-178 Band and Block Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-179 Disc Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-180 Hydraulic Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-181 Internal Expanding Shoe Brake
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-182 Prony Brake Dynamometer
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-183 Rope Dynamometers
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-184 Helical Gear
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-185 Single Stage Spur Gear Drive (Gear Drives as per IS standard)
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-186 Two Stages Spur Gear with Idler (Gear Drives as per IS Standard)
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-187 Journal Bearings
BSPIL-MOD-DYN-188 Hoisting Mechanism

Steam Engine Valves & Reversing Gears

BSPIL-MOD-THR-200 Slide valve (Outside admission valve)
BSPIL-MOD-THR-201 Piston slide valve (Inside admission valve)
BSPIL-MOD-THR-202 Meyer’s Expansion valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-203 Stephenson Link Motion
BSPIL-MOD-THR-204 Gooch Link Motion
BSPIL-MOD-THR-205 Allan Link Motion
BSPIL-MOD-THR-206 Wals chaaert’s Radial Valve Gear
BSPIL-MOD-THR-207 Joy Radial Valve Gear
BSPIL-MOD-THR-208 Eccentric Model
BSPIL-MOD-THR-209 Stuffing Box
BSPIL-MOD-THR-210 Cross Head

Models Of Mountings And Accessories Of Steam Boilers

BSPIL-MOD-THR-300 Lever Safety valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-301 Spring Loaded Safety Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-302 Dead weight safety valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-303 Combined High Steam low water safety valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-304 Water gauge Model
BSPIL-MOD-THR-305 Stop valve Hopkinson Type
BSPIL-MOD-THR-306 Feed check valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-307 Steam Injector
BSPIL-MOD-THR-308 Pressure gauge
BSPIL-MOD-THR-309 Pressure gauge
BSPIL-MOD-THR-310 Blow off Cock
BSPIL-MOD-THR-311 Reducing valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-312 Fusible Plugs
BSPIL-MOD-THR-313 Anti-Priming pump
BSPIL-MOD-THR-314 Expansion steam Trap
BSPIL-MOD-THR-315 Float steam trap
BSPIL-MOD-THR-316 Green Economizer
BSPIL-MOD-THR-317 Sudzen Super Heater
BSPIL-MOD-THR-318 Model of Bosch fuel pump (Cut section)

Models Of Ic Engines And Power Plants

BSPIL-MOD-THR-400 Sectional Working Model of 2 stroke  Petrol  Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-401 Sectional Working Model of 4 stroke Petrol Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-402 Sectional Working Model of 2 stroke Diesel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-403 Sectional Working Model of 4 stroke Diesel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-404 Gas Turbine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-405 Wankel Engine
BSPIL-MOD-THR-406 Thermal Power Plant Model
BSPIL-MOD-THR-407 Nuclear Power Plant Model
BSPIL-MOD-THR-408 Model of Hydro Power Plant
BSPIL-MOD-THR-409 Model of Turbojet Engine

Boiler Spare Models

BSPIL-MOD-THR-433 Check Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-434 Injector
BSPIL-MOD-THR-435 Feed Check Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-436 Economiser
BSPIL-MOD-THR-437 Blow of Cock
BSPIL-MOD-THR-438 Pressure reducing valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-439 Super Heater 
BSPIL-MOD-THR-440 Fusible plank
BSPIL-MOD-THR-441 Water Level Indicator
BSPIL-MOD-THR-442 Pressure gauge
BSPIL-MOD-THR-443 Steam Trap Each type
BSPIL-MOD-THR-444 Safety Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-445 Steam Stop Valve
BSPIL-MOD-THR-446 Same as above but from the Real Boiler

Nuts, Bolts And Threads

BSPIL-MOD-FAS-601Foundation Bolts
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-601A(a) Eye foundation bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-601B(b) Lewis foundation bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-601C(c) Rag Foundation bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-601D(d) Cotter bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-602Hemispherical sectional Models of screw Threads
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-603Hemispherical sectional Models of screw Threads
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604Nuts Locking arrangements of bolts
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604A(a) Sawn nut with locking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604B(b) Slotted nut with locking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604C(c) Stop plate with locking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604D(d) Grooved nut with locking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604E(e) Castle nut with interlocking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604F(f) Check nut with locking arrangement
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-604G(g) Spring washer nut with locking arrangement

Nuts, Bolts And Threads

BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605 Types of Bolts
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605A (a) Standard bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605B (b) Eye bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605C (c) Ordinary bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605D (d) Hexagonal bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605E (e) Hook bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605F (f) Square head bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605G (g) Stud bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605H (h) Set screw type
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-605I (i) Lifting eye bolt
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-627 Types of Studs
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-627A (a) Plain Stud
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-627B (b) Collar Stud
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-628 Hanger Bracket
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-629 Wall Bracket
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-630 Helical Springs
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-631 Spiral Springs
BSPIL-MOD-FAS-632 Leaf Springs

Models Of Penetration

SPIL-MOD-PHY-700 Two Equal Cylinders Pentrate Each Other At Right Angles.
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-701 Two Unequal Cylinders Penetrate Obliquesly
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-702 A Cylinder Into A Cone Penetrate Obliquely
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-703 A Cone And Cylinder Penetrate Each Other At Right Angles
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-704 Sphere And Cone At Centre
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-705 Sphere And Square Prism At Centre
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-706 Sphere And Cylinder, Eccentrically
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-707 Hexagonal Prism And Cone
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-708 Two Cones Penetrate Each Other At Right Angle
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-709 Two Unequal Square Prisms Penetrate Each Other At Right Angles
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-710 Two Square Prisms Penetrate  Obliquely
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-711 Spherer And Cylinder At Centre
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-712 Projection Of Straight Line Apparatus
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-713 Slide Rule Linear, 6 Long
BSPIL-MOD-PHY-714 Slide Rule Model

Models Of Dissected Solids

BSPIL-MOD-GEO-821 Triangular Prism - The Dissection Model
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-822 Square Prism - The Dissection Model
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-823 Rectangular Prism - The Dissection Model
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-824 Sphere 15cm - The Dissection Model
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-825 Cylinder - The Dissection Model
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-826 The Unsectionised Models Are:
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-827 Cone - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-828 Decagonal Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-829 Decagonal Pyramid - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-830 Octagonal Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-831 Octagonal Pyramid - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-832 Hexagonal Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-833 Hexagonal Pyramid - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-834 Petagonal Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-835 Triangular Pyramid - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-836 Triangular Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-837 Square Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-838 Rectangular Prism - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-839 Sphere 15cm - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-840 Cylinder - The Unsectionised Models
BSPIL-MOD-GEO-841 Half Sphere - The Unsectionised Models


BSPIL-MOD-KEY-900 Feather key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-901 Sunk Taper key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-902 Woodruff  Key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-903 Keys ( set of 6 keys)
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-904 Saddle Key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-905 Tangent Key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-906 Round Key
BSPIL-MOD-KEY-907 Splines Key

Joints & Couplings

BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000A (a)  Box of Muff coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000B (b)  Half Lap Muff Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1000C (c)  Split Muff Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1001 Couple Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1002 Expansion  Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003 Flanged Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003A (a) Model with blots,  key groove and key
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003B (b) Protected flanged coupling with shaft
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1003C (c) Solid flanged coupling with shaft
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1004 Flanged pipe C.I.Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1005 Flexible coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1006 Gib and Cotter Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1007 Hook Joint (Hook coupling), single type
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1008 Hook Joint (Hook coupling), Double type
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1009 Hydraulic Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1010 Key Cotter Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1011 Knuckle Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1012 Nipple Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1013 Oldham’s Coupling
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1014 Pin Joint
BSPIL-MOD-JNC-1015 Pipe joint

Bearing Models

A set consists of 25 mm size original bearings mounted on a wooden base.  Set consists of
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1100A (a) Ball bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1100B (b) Roller bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1100C (c) Taper bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1100D (d) Thrust bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1101 Each Complete Set.
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102 Shaft Journal Bearing

Section cut wooden models of following types.
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102A (a) Bush bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102B (b) Collar bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102C (c) Foot step bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102D (d) Plummer block / Pedestal bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102E (e) Shaft bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102F (f) Split bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1102G (g) Thrust bearing
BSPIL-MOD-BER-1103 Swivel Bearing


BSPIL-MOD-AUT-1200Centrifugal Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-AUT-1201Claw Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-AUT-1202Cone Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-AUT-1203Multi Plate Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-AUT-1204Single Plate Clutch
BSPIL-MOD-04000Lathe Chuck
BSPIL-MOD-04001Gear Reducer Three Speed and Type
BSPIL-MOD-04002Gear lubricating Pump
BSPIL-MOD-04003Sectioned  4/5 Speed gear Box with Gear operating lever Model is Mounted on a stand
BSPIL-MOD-04004Steam Stop Valve
BSPIL-MOD-04005Drop Valve Steam Engine
BSPIL-MOD-04006Carliss Valve Stream Engine
BSPIL-MOD-04007Uni Flow Steam Engine
BSPIL-MOD-04008Pneumatic Cylinder assembly Pneumatic Trainer or DEMO KIT (Manual) Make
BSPIL-MOD-04009Centrifugal pump assembly
BSPIL-MOD-04010Crank Shaft

Cut Sectional Models Of Compressor

BSPIL-MOD-AIR-1400 Hermetically sealed
BSPIL-MOD-AIR-1401 Semi Sealed
BSPIL-MOD-AIR-1402 Rotary Type
BSPIL-MOD-AIR-1403 Open type Reciprocating

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