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Laboratory & Scientific Instrument


We have in store for our clients a wide range of Laboratory & Scientific Instruments that is used for nonstop flow measurement and monitoring the laboratories. Durable, reliable and accurate, these are available in various specifications and are offered at competitive prices. We also meet customized requirement.

Orbital Shaking Incubator


Make : Remi
Orbital shaking
incubators are specifically designed to have combined advantage of closely controlled incubation/storage-temperatures with orbital shaking necessary for many laboratory procedures such as tissue cultures, fermentation studies, enzyme reactions, controlled Incubation and aging tests, growth studies etc.
Salient Features:
*   Inner Chamber S.S. 304 & Outer chamber M.S. powder coated with Plexi glass inner door
*   Variable speed from 20 RPM to 250 RPM
*  Digital display of speed with preset facility
* Shaking amplitude 25 mm
* Universal Platform to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes for different capacity of flasks. ( maximum capacity) 100 ml x 40 flasks,150 ml x 34 flasks, 250ml x 23 flasks, 500 ml x 16 flasks, 1000 ml x 9 flasks)
*  Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure
*   Digital Display Temperature Controller 
*  Chamber Volume (Litres) : 180
*  Max shaking Capacity: 9 Liter
*  Platform Size : 18"x 20"
*  External Dimensions W x D x H (cm) :63 x 68 x 60
*  Temperature Range (Accuracy): 5ºC above ambient  to 60ºC (±0.5ºC)
* Supply: 220-240 Votts 50 Hz Single Phase.

Horizontal Sterilizer


Our customers can avail from us a sophisticated range of Horizontal Sterilizers at industry leading prices. The scientifically designed and developed Horizontal Sterilizers offered by us are excessively used in hospitals and medical check-up centers for sterilization. Customers are provided with these cost-effective and reliable products in high-grade packaging.

B.O.D. Cooling Incubators


Make : remi / osword
These chambers are constructed of double walls. The exterior is made of sheet steel while the inner chamber is made of stainless steel. The microprocessor based units are supplied with soft touch keyboard for fast and accurate setting of various parameters. Gmp models with inner chamber of ss 316 and outer chamber of ss 304 stainless steel are also available with iq, oq & pq documentation as per ich guidelines
salient features:
•  Safety thermostat to prevent over heating.
•  Audio visual alarm warning of temperature variation.

Also available in
•  high voltage safety cutoff for unit protection.
•  plexi glass inner door to inspect specimens.

Vertical Autoclave


The range of optimum quality Vertical Autoclave offered by us is widely used for sterilization procedures and in various laboratory applications. These scientific instruments can also be customized at the manufacturer's end. Vertical Autoclaves are specifically designed to meet the variegated demands of scientists for individual and specialized research applications.

Abbe Refractometer


We are also engaged in offering a wide range of Abbe Refractometer, which is appreciated by our clients for high quality standards. These products are extensively used to measure the index of refraction, transparent liquids, solids and solutions accurately. Our Abbe Refractometers find wide application in sugar, ghee and oil mills, pharmaceuticals and chemical laboratories, jam factories and distilleries among others. These products are available in the measuring range of 1.3000 to 1.7000 and measurement of sugar 0% to 95% complete.

Automatic Tissue Processor


Make : Panchal
Safety for the Paraffin wax bath sutable with single basket with accessories
Capacity : 1 Liter

Automatic Polarimeter


We bring forth a quality range of Automatic Polarimeters for our clients, which is manufactured at the vendors' end using finest quality raw material and technologically advanced machines. These instruments are known to offer an accuracy of ± (0.01 measured 10x5/ 10000). Available at competitive market prices, these scientific instruments find wide usage in various industries and are delivered by us within the promised time.

Analytical Balance


Make : Citizen/ Ohas/Shimandzu/ Satorious/Wensar
Easy to read Large backlite GRAPHICAL LCD display with A.E.P(Advanced Eye protection)(NEW)
Standard RS 232C Interface Ps/2 output
Hanger for Below Balance weighing
Fully automatic internal Calibration with built in weight
Complies GLP/GMP.
Dye cast aluminium design for long term stability and accurate results.
Various weighing units like,mg,ct,oz,dwt,mon,GN.
User selectable Stability and filter level Spacious draft shield interior.
Improved Repeatability For better Results
Capacity Max : 220 g
Display : 0.1 mg
Pansize: 85mm
DISPLAY Backlite LCD Graphical Display
CALIBRATION Motorised Internal
UNITS OF MEASURE G,mg,ct,GN,mo,oz,dwt
WEIGH APPROX 9.3kg/20lb
POWER SUPPLY AC Adapter 230V or 115 V+/-20P-60Hz

BOD - Oxidizer


Make : Toshcon(M/s Aqualytic Germamy make)
Direct Measuring Make "AQUALYTC" GERMANY
Technical Data
Meas. Principle - Manometric:mercury-free; electronic pressure sensor
Range - 0-40, 0-80,0-200,[mg / l o - 0-400, 0-800 2,0-2000, 0-4000 mg / l
Applications - BOD , BOD , OECD 301 f.. 2 2
Result - BOD [mg/l]; 4-digits;
- 7-segment LED
Measurement Parameter  - BOD range, volume, duration,
display - time of measurement
Measurement period - User-selectable, between  1 and 28 days
Auto result storage - up to 28 results, depending on measurement period
Storage interval - hourly (1 day ), every hour (2 days);daily (3-28 days)
Automatic start function - After temperature equalisation of samples :can be switched off
Power supply - 3 alkaline-managanese batteries
("Baby" cells/size "c")
battery life - 1 year (normal use as BOD meter-max. one reading a day) l early warning before battery fails
clock - Real-time clock
Protection class - IP 54 (sensor head)
Housing - ABS
Approval - CE

Bod Incubator


Remi/ Metalab Make Double walled construction inner chamber made of st.Steel and exterior made of G.I. sheets powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glasswool insulation. Cooling is by hermetically sealed compressors with CFC refrigerant.  Temperature Controlled by Microprocessor based Digital Temp Controller with sensor.

  • Temperature Range : 5°C to60°C
  • Accuracy :±0.5°C
  • Supplied with S.S. shelves
  • Also Avable:
  • B.O.D Incubator
  • B.O.D Incubator GMP Model

Internal Dimenesion(WxDxH)
1.5Cu ft 35x35x35 cms
3Cu ft 45x40x50 cms
6Cu ft 50x50x70 cms
10Cu ft 55x55x90 cms
12Cu ft 60x60x90 cms

Binacular Microscope


Make : Labomed
Model : Vision 2000
Stand :
Sturdy stand with anti rust materials. Extended base with hand rests for enhanced stability and comfort.
Viewing Bodies: Binocular tube,45°inclied , 360°ratatable, Interpipullary distance 54-74mm
Eyepiece : Wide field focusable paired eyepiece WF 10x/18mm, with flodable eye guard, lockable, anti fungus coating.
Nosepiece:Quadruple nosepiece (Ball Bearing type) with rubber grip.
Objectives :  LP sries DIN Semi-Plan Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x,40x (spring loaded), 100x (spring loaded,oil) anti-fungys coating.
Mechanical Stage : Mechanical Stage with Co-axial drive, highly smooth on ball sildes,stainless steel Holders for slide 75x50mm Movement.
Condenser :  Sub-stage Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Iris diaphragm with snap-in blue filter. Rack and pinion movements on metal guides.
Focusing : Co-axial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive system for smooth movement.
Illumination : Halogen 6V-20W illumination with variable illumination control. Up to 2,000 hours of Halogen lamp life.
Electrical : Input 220V-240V AC
Packed in Styrofoam box, with operation manual, dust cover, cleaning cloth, power cord and mirror attachment.
Also aviable Model
*Lx 300: Binocular Eduactional Microscope
*Lx 400: Binocular Compound Microscope (Research)
*Lx 500: Binocular Compund Microscope (Reserch)

Barnsted Pattern W.S.


Barnsted Pattern W.S. offered by us is a water distillation plant, which has been designed to meet the requirements of best quality distilled water. These products are used to remove all types of organic, inorganic, gaseous, bacterial and pyrogenic impurities, leaving a final pure distillate. The evaporators of these products are fitted with a set of totally immersed long life heating elements that are easily removable. A convenient drain valve is also provided with these plants for flushing. Easy accessibility to the entire evaporating chamber makes the cleaning process easier.

Bio - Safety Cabinet


Meke: Diamond
The Equipment  Mead of Stainless Steel Sheet (20G) all over work stage thoroughly lined with Stainless steel with illumination by fluorescent tube lights. The unit is complete with H.E.P.A. filtered clean exhaust duct. Efficiency up to 99.97% retaining particles upto the size of 0.03 micron. To work on 220/230 VAC 50 Hz.
Also Aviable Size
* 3x2x2 ft
* 4x2x2 ft
* 6x2x2 ft

Brookfield Viscometer


Our firm is engaged in offering a wide range of Brookfield Viscometer DVII, which is highly appreciated by our clients. The product offered in this range is procured from Brookfield Company, which is the leading manufacturer of viscometers. These precision engineered instruments determine the viscosity by using a spindle that remains immersed in the liquid and rotates at a constant speed. Our quality products are widely used in laboratories for various industrial and on-line process applications.

Bulk Density Apparatus


Digital Automatic Tap Density/Bulk Density Apparatus offered by us is designed to meet the requirements of USP Standards. This product can hold two cylinders and its capacity is 100 ml. The mechanism provides simultaneous rotating and tapping motion to the cylinders, which facilitates packing the sample under test evenly and uniformly together. Users can select the number of stokes in the counter and after selecting just press start, it will start the stokes & the display shows the number of strokes.

Comparator & Clour D


Comparator & Clour D offered by us is used for determining surface roughness by touch and sight. The products offered in this range are in conformation with ASTM D4417. The KTA standard however, has five different grades of roughness and is available in three different versions. Comparator & Clour D is made available in imperial units only. Few specifications of these products are as follows:


  • Comparator 2000+
  • Daylight Unit for Comparator 2000+
  • Nessleriser 2150 Complete with Daylight 2000Unite
  • Nessleriser 2250 Complete with Daylight 2000 Unit
  • Nessleriser 2150 with Stand Only
  • Nessleriser 2250 with Stand Only

Spare  & Accessories are available




With 4x15 ml swing  out head & 15ml. Tapered bottom glass tube
capacity : 4x15 ml
type of head : swing out
no of tubes: 4
max speed: 3500rpm
max rcf : 1750g
supply : 220-240 volts 50hz single phase.

Model No.




4x15 ml

Swing out head


6x15 ml

Swing out head


8x15 ml

Swing out head

Capillary Columns


Our expertise in this domain enables us to deliver optimum quality Capillary Columns at industry leading prices. This product is mostly used in gas chromatography and is designed as per the international standards. Capillary Column is coated with polyimide that gives notorious flexibility of the capillary column and the offered product is easy to use and requires minimum maintenance.

Colony Counter


Make : Lapiz (Equitron)

·     Circular tube and powerful magnifying lens - reduces operator fatigue.

·     Desk top compact model.

·     Complete SS construction.

·     Re-designed model with advanced sensors enables usage of any commercially available hard tipped marker pen.

·     LED Display with audio beep at every count.

·     On marking the colony by applying a slight pressure with the marker pen, a count is registered and confirmed by an audio beep.

·     Maximum Count: 9,999.

·     Manual count switch for counting without “Marker Pen”.

·     Digital S.S GMP Model

·     Maximum Count : 9999


COD Vario


Make : Toshcon M/s Aqualytic, Germany
Microprocessor controlled Long-term stableLED
Large digital display Comfortable and easy to use Software basedcalibration facilitiesCompact and handyTechnical Data.
  • Display - LCD display
  • Optics - t e m p e r a t u r e - compensated LED(s) (l = 605 nm l = 430 1 2nm) and photosensor amplifier in water protected sample chamber
  • Sample chamber - waterproof
  • Power supply - 9 V power pack m i n . 4 0 h o u r s capacity
  • Auto-Off - automatic switch-off approx. 5 minutes after last keypress

Conductivity Meter


Make : Toshniwal
Range selection :- Automatic / manual. Range auto selection:0 to 1999 millls /cm. Accuracy :- ± 0.5% of full scale.
Recorder output :- 1.999 volts
F.S.D. Dimensions :- 260 x 280 x 65mm
Weight :- 1.7kg.
* Auto selection of range in 7 steps
* Automatic temperature compensation
* Direct display of conductivity
* Variable cell constant
* nbuilt TDS measurement
* Selectable temperature co-efficient

Digital Potentiometric Titration Apparatus


This instrument, Model: VPT-MG is designed for Aqueous/Non-aqueous, Oxidation/Reduction and many other Potentiometric Titrations. A fully Solid State Circuitry is incorporated, ensuring accurate reproducible results. The equipment is compact having a built-in magnetic stirrer with speed control and titration stand. The indicator is a digital display with range - 900 to + 900 millivolts. Since, the millivolts can be read directly on the display, the operation is simple and quick.

The standard electrode system supplied with the equipment consists of Platinum, Glass & Calomel Electrodes. It can also be used with other metal electrodes such as Silver, Gold, Nickel, Tungsten etc. The choice of electrode system depends on the nature of titration.

The approach of the End-Point of the titration is shown by initial digital readings of increasing magnitude and the End-Point itself is indicated by a sudden large permanent reading. In cases where the changes in millivolts in the reaction are small, the End-Point can be asserted by drawing the graph of meter reading in millivolts vs volume added. The equipment can also be used for Oxidation/Reduction Titrations. A special set pointer control for zero adjustment and to extent the millivolts range is provided in the instrument. The apparatus works on 230 Volts 50 Hz mains supply and is stabilized to overcome voltage fluctuations in the range 220 to 250 volts. The instrument is supplied with manual of operating instructions and set of accessories suitable for Potentiometric and Oxidation/Reduction Titration.

Doctor Centrifuges


With 8x15 ml angle head & 15 ml tapered bottom glass tubes
No of tubes :8
Max speed(rpm): 3800
Max RCF : 1450 g
Supply  :220-240 volts 50 hz single phase.


Model No



8x15ml angle head


24x5ml angle head


Digital Top Loading Balance


Make :Citizen/Ohaus/Shimandzu/Satorious/Wensar
Capacity :- 3100 gm.
Readability :- 0.1gm
Pan size :- 145 x 125 mm
Model :- CTG-3101
2,00,000 Internal Resolutions.
Auto - Zero Tracking, Auto - Calibration.
Backlite LCD / LED Display for easy viewing Function.
8 different weighing units such as g, ct, Tola etc.
Piece Counting & Percentage Weighting Function.
Inbuilt rechargeable battery for continous use. 
Also availbale any capacity of balance.

Digital Haemoglobin Meters


Make : Kanad Vidyut

" HEMA" Haemoglobinometer can measure either by Drabkin Cyanmet method, by SLS method or non poisonous.
" HEMA" Haemoglobinometer has CALIBRATION mode. Hence quality control can be maintained by the user.
Time Saving: AUTOZERO Switch saves time in setting Blank.
" HEMA" Haemoglobinometer has a keyboard for entering Numbers and Modes. Standard Concentration Values can be entered directly for calibrating " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer. Then " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer can give direct reading of haemoglobin of samples.
" HEMA" Haemoglobinometer gives 3 digit ABS values and Hb values in g/dl, as follows:
Line 1: ' ABS=0.364 '
Line 2: ' Hb = 15.0 g/dl '
" HEMA" Haemoglobinometer are Reliable, Stable and Sturdy in daily operation.
No Maintenance: " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer do not have bulbs.
Light weight Non Rusting Aluminum Body with Epoxy Powder Coating keeps " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer 'Clean and New' even after many years of daily use in Laboratory, Hospital or
Very low power consumption: " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer can operate on Torch Cells. [Dry cells] or motorcycle batteries, for a long time of many hours of use. Hence " HEMA" Haemoglobinometer can be used outdoors or blood donation camps.

Digital Flame Photometer


Make : Elico / E.I
With Na & K Filters and compressor -Single Channel
Salient Features & Benefits
Single Channel.
Concentric non-corrosible Nebulizer.
Mixing Chamber designed for stable flame.
Flame System: Stainless Steel round Burner with LPG as Fuel and Air as Oxidant.
Narrow band Interference Filters.
Small quantity of sample needed.
FLAME SYSTEM LPG & Oil-free dry air
 DETECTOR PhotoDiode
Sodium (Na) 1-100 ppm          0-200 mEq 
Potassium (K)  1-100 ppm          0-100 mEq 
Lithium (Li) 1-100 ppm          0-10 mEq 
Calciuum (Ca) 15-100 ppm          0-5 mEq 

Digital Colorimeter



Higher Precision In Absorbance Mode
Autozero By Switch
Wavelength Selection By Switch
Five Wavelengths : 450, 505, 530, 580 & 630
Alpha - Numeric Backlit Display
Solid State, Life-Long Light Source
Small Reagent Volume
Keyboard For Numbers And Factor, Concentration & Absorbance Modes

"HANS 353" colorimeter shows 3 digits Absorbance after decimal point [ABS=0.364], has 5 filters and has 3 modes.
Filter Selection for "HANS 353" colorimeters is very easy with Wavelength Selection Rotary Switch. This switch has  WL markings for 450, 505, 530, 580 and 630 nms.
Almost all End Point Biochemistry can be done with "HANS 353" colorimeters
Time Saving : AUTOZERO Switch saves time in setting Blank.
Very low power consumption: "HANS" colorimeters can operate on Torch Cells. [Dry cells]  for a long time of many hours of use.
Small Reagent Volume: 500 ul in square or 1ml in round cuvettes.
"HANS 353" has a keyboard for entering Numbers and Modes. Factor Values or Standard Concentration Values can be entered directly. Then "HANS 353" can give direct reading of concentrations of samples.
"HANS 353" colorimeters are  Reliable, Stable and  Sturdy in daily operation.
No Maintenance : These colorimeters do not have bulbs.
Non Rusting Aluminum Body with Epoxy Powder Coating keeps colorimeters 'Clean and New' even after many years of daily use in Laboratory.
Normal Precision , 2 digit colorimeters "HANS 251" and "HANS 253" are also available.


Digital Tablet Hardness Tester


We are among the leading names involved in the trading and distribution of Digital Tablet Hardness Tester. This product range is widely recognized in the industry for its quality features and is offered at the most reasonable rates. Digital Tablet Hardness Tester offered by us is known for its user-friendliness. Some of the special features are as follows:


  • Thickness/diameter and hardness measurements from one test
  • Stepper motor driven mechanism
  • Easy to calibrate. Microcontroller based system with backlit 2 line big character LCD display
  • Report generation and printing of report facility, the results are stored and can be printed even after power failure
  • User friendly operations as completely 'Menu' driven with suggested actions 'Error' messages.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Make: Spectra lab /E.I

With Complete DO Probe, Electrode Stand, Temp. Sensor

Dissolved oxygen analysis measures the amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) dissolved in an aqueous solution. Oxygen gets into water by diffusion from the surrounding air, by aeration (rapid movement), and as a waste product of photosynthesis.

Spectra lab’s DO Meter is the most advanced DO Meter in its class. Its operation is microcontroller based which enables hassle free operation through keyboard with precise and reproducible results. Its auto logging facility helps to monitor DO at predefined time intervals. Manual logging mode along with temperature compensation is among the key features of Spectra lab’s DO Meter.

Above all it’s a compact table top unit, user friendly and comes with a Battery Back up so that DO measurements can also be done at the site where there is no power supply. The results of the same with Sample No, Sample Name and Location can be stored in the DO Meter with its Data storage facility and the same can be transferred to PC as and when required through its PC interface.

All these Qualities have placed Spectra lab in the list of most renowned DO Meter Manufacturers and Suppliers.


* Control Module : Advance Microcontroller

* Display : Graphic LCD

* Keyboard : Soft touch membrane type

* Storage ( Manual Logging ) : 40 reports each with max 5 readings

* Storage ( Auto logging ) : 25 Reports each with max 25 readings

* Logging interval : 1 to 999 minutes

* PC Interface : RS 232 Comm.

* Dimensions : 19 x 14.2 x 5.3 Cms (Lx Wx H)

* Power Supply : 230V ±10% AC, 50 Hz OR +9V,4Ah Rechargeable Battery

* Range : 0-20 ppm

* Resolution : 0.001 ppm

* Accuracy : 0.5 ppm ± 1 digit

* Temp. Condensation : 5 to 55°C

* Sensor : Steady State Polarographic


Digital PH Meter


Comprising Of : Automatic Temperature Compensator ,Instruction Manual,Guarantee card, Dust Cover ,Mains cord, Combination Electrode ,Electrode stand with clamp ,
Buffers of pH4 & pH7 ,KCL .
Environmental Operationg Conditions :
Operation : Indoor
Temperature : Ambient to 45oC
Relative Humidity : 5% to 90% Non-condensing
Technical Specifications
Range: 0-14pH / ±1999 mV
Accurancy : ± 0.01pH / ± 1mV
Resolution : ± 0.05 pH / 1digit
Temp. Compensation:  Automatic / 0oC to 100oC manual
Input Impedance: 1012 0hms
Probe: combination pH electrode
Display : LED Seven Segment 3 ½ Digits 12.7 mm
Input : BNC
Power : 50 Hz 230 V
Dimensions: 210 X 70.3 X 190 mm
Weight : 1260gms

Digital Blood Cell Counter


We are also engaged in offering differential a quality range of Digital Blood Cell Counters, which has several advantages. These products are ideal accompaniment for speedy differential count and for timing other laboratory procedures with the help of an in-built timer and stop watch. Further, 16 characters alpha-numeric LCD display of these products eliminates ambiguity and errors while recalling and noting.

Dry Bath Incubator


Dry Bath Incubators  

Equitron advantages: 

      • Ideal for preservation & reaction of samples, amplification of DNA, pre-denaturation of the electrophoresis, blood serum coagulation in molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial settings.
        EQUITRON Advantages:
        Equipped with microprocessor based controller for accurate control and regulates the high wattage heater to provide rapid heating.
        • Two temperature control segments.
        • Sample block easily removable for cleaning or replacement.
        • Easy user calibration.
        • End of cycle buzzer and heater cut-off.
        • Absolute overshoot alarm at 105°C.

Digital Abbe Refractometer


Digital Abbe Refractometer offered by us is procured from our renowned business associate and is widely used for measuring the refractive index (nD) of transparent, translucent liquids and solid substances. Designed as per set industry standards, these reliable products also find application in providing accurate percentage of solids (brix) of sugar solutions as well as temperature compensated brix values. These products are known for providing automatic temperature correction of brix and are based on RS-32 interface. Digital Abbe Refractometer come integrated with backlight LCD and hard glass prism and can be availed by our clients at most competitive price rates.

Digital Thermo Hygrometer


Make : Optilab
We present to our clients a superior quality range of Thermo Hygrometer, which is made utilizing finest quality raw material with latest technology at the vendors’ end. Digital Thermo-Hygrometer offered by us is a compact, portable and versatile hygrometer that monitors relative humidity. The built-in thin-film capacitance sensor of this product assures accurate humidity measurements from 5 to 95% RH with a resolution of 0.1%.
With clock with probe ( In and Out ) Temp. & Humidity big Display
Indoor: -10~+50°C(+14~+122°F)
outdoor: -50~+70°C (-58~+158°F)

Digital Moisture Balance


Our organization is a known trader and distributor of optimum quality array of Digital Moisture Balance with built-in printer. Incorporation of latest technology makes Moisture Balance apparatus one of the best apparatuses available in the market. Customers can avail Digital Moisture Balance from us at industry leading prices and in high-grade packaging.

Digital Portable Refractometers


Make : Optilab
Model : CDR102

With Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Scales : Brix / Refractive Index
Range : 0-65% / 1.3330-1.453nD
Divisions : 0.1% / 0.0001
Accuracy : ±0.2 % / ±0.0003
Also Available any range

Environmental Chamber


Make: Remi
Salient Features:
•   Digital display of temperature & humidity.
•   Menu driven 10 program memory
•   User friendly Microprocessor Design/Operation. •   Safety thermostat to prevent over heating.
•   Audio Visual alarm warnings of Temp. & RH variation and low water level.
•   Built in safety circuit, which cuts off system & stops unit in case of malfunction ofmicroprocessor 
•   Capacitance type humidity sensor for direct display of humidity in % RH.
•   Non volatile memory for data storage of up to 2500 records.
•   Adjustable print interval.
•   High voltage safety cutoff for unit protection
•   Centronics interface for keeping hard copy of Temp., Humidity, Time & Date
Internal Volume :285liter
Int. Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 580 x 490 x 990
Temperature Control:Microprocessor 
Temperature Range: 10ºC to 60ºC ± 1ºC
Humidity Range: 40% to 95% ± 3%
Inner Chamber Material: Stainless steel 304 (AISI Grade, Non Corrosive, NonMagnetic) 
Outer Body Material:Powder coated CRCA steel
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer: VS-04
Electrical:   220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Single Phase
Also Available Model
* CHM-6S.......6 Cubic ft
* CHM-10S....10 Cubic ft
* CHM-12S....12 Cubic ft
* CHM-16S....16 Cubic ft



Make : Thermo Scientific Finnpipette
Thermo scientific finnpipette is F3 an innovative pipette corresponding to the high standards of accureacy and pricision as expected by our customers.
Features :
* Adavanc volume Gearing (AVG) -a self supportive modular volume adjustment mechanism for high accuracy and precision.
* The adcanced precision click volume adjustment enables upto 50 clicks per revolution.
* Double action pipetting hat with rotating upper part for smooth and sturdy popetting action.
* No Septet locking required of existed volume.
* Separate volume setting mechanism from the popette full increases its durability and reduces thermal conductivity.
* Fine adjustment ruler to enhance precision and accuracy of the pipette.
* Improved supportive finger rest
* Fully Autoclavable
Also aviable model
F3 Finnpipette Variable Volume
F3 Finnpipette Fixed Volume
F2 Finnpipette Fixed Volume....Single Channel
F2 Finnpipette Variable Volume...Single Channel
F2 Finnpipette Variable Volume...Multichannel
F1 Finnpipette Variable/Fixed Volume …Single Channel/Multichannel



Friability Test Apparatus


Make: Metalab / Veego:

  • Unit with single drum /double drum.
  • Latest Microcontroller Based Circuitry
  • 2 line alpha –numeric display.
  • User-friendly key board for data entry.
  • Constant 25 rpm speed motor.
  • Mechanical timer to set rotation.
  • Attachment for single or two drums.
  • Facility for abrasion and friability drums.
  • 10° tilt facility.
  • Parallel port printer and balance interface.
  • Power : 230 volts A.C supply


Fume Hood


Make : Diamond
Inner walls of the chamber lined with thick chemical resistant epoxy.
A strong centri-balanced centrifugal blower unit fitted for instant sweep-out of the fumes. The chamber is fitted with tube lights for illumination and power plug within the work area for operations. An S. S. Sink is also provided. The Air Expeller canopy, designed by our technical experts, is aerodynamic and lined with aluminum & further epoxy coated. The Work  top of the unit is of S.S. Sheet or Ceramic (as opted by the user). The front sash is of toughened glass or thick plexi-glass and iS counter balanced on bush mounted pullies, to make the movement noiseless to work on 220VAC 50 Hz.

Filter Paper


Our organization is a renowned distributor of Filter Papers, which includes air filter paper, oil filter paper and fuel filter paper. These Oil Filter Papers are made available to our clients in various sizes and specifications. The features of filter paper such as air permeability, uniformity, quantitative stability, consistency of color and shade make these highly popular in the market. Color, size and each specification parameter can be customized at the vendors' end as per customers’ requirement.

Heating Mentle


Make : Labline/ Shanti
Max. Surface Temp. 350°C
Heating Surface : Knitted from fibre glass yarn.
Heating Elements : Hand made coil with glass sleeve coating with built in energy regulator & pilot lamp







1 liter


2 liter


3 liter


Horizontal Quick Freezers


Make : Remi
Model : RQF-170
Temp. upto -20°C, inner cahmber of Stainless steel with built in digital temp. indiactor cum controller having audio visual alarm. 
Salient Features:
•  Choice of 10 different models to suit individual needs
•  Stainless steel inner chamber
•  Extremely efficient PUF insulation to minimize heat loss
•  High-tech solid state digital indicator-cumcontroller
Electrical: 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. SINGLE PHASE
Also Available Model
* RQF-265 : 265 Liter
* RQF-425 : 425 Liter

Hot Plate


Make : Pathak/ Metalab
Round/ Rectangle in shape, made of cast iron machined to a smooth and leveled surface.
Body :Attractive, Rectangular, stout and made of mild steel.
Finish :Painted with enamel paint.
Heating: Heating Specially designed electric heating element.
Temp. Range:Maximum surface temperature 350OC.
Control: 3 Heat Switch/ Energy Regulator/ Thermostat
Totol Roting: 1.5 k w

Ice Flaker


Make: Pooja Lab
The uniquely enhanced direct drive evaporation mechanism delivers uniform ice faster,with less melting than any other ice flaker's system available. These ice flaker machineslead the industry in production of ice and operating efficiencies
*MOC in non-GMP bin are corrosion resistant SS-304 mirror finish and exterior is MS powder coated. In GMP bin is SS-316 and exterior is SS-304 mat
*Built-in well-insulated bin keeps the ice for longer period. A metallic/non-metallic door provided at the top of the bin for easy removal of ice. Automatic cut-off takes place when the bin is full and starts again as soon as level comes down. 
*Guaranteed Ice production @ 20ºC air and 15ºC DM water temperature

Model No


Bin Capacity


Nett Dimension               



20 Kg Approx






20 Kg Approx






20 Kg Approx






25 Kg Approx






35 KG Approx






40 KG Approx












Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope


Make : Labomed
Model : TCM-400

Stand : Ergonomically designed sturdy stand of anti rust material.
Viewing Bodies : Siedentopf Binocular,30° inclined, 360° rotable, IPD 52-75mm
Eyepieces : Wide field eyepiece WF 10x/22mm paired with eye guards, anti
fungus coating.
Nosepiece : quadruple reverse angle  nosepiece [ Ball bearing type] with
rubber grip.
Objectives : LW series infinity corrected, true color, Long working distance DIN
INFINITY CORRECTED PHASE PLAN achromatic objectives 4x , 10x & 20x
anti fungus coating.
Mechanical stage : Fixed plain stage 160mm X 240mm
Condenser : LOng working  distance condenser NA 0.30, suitable for phase contrast /BF with phase contrast slider.Specimen holders include 35mm petri dish
holder and two dish/ sample holders.
Focusing : Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism. fine focus
graduation .2.0um
Illumination : Transmitted Illumination system 6V-30W halogen with intensity
control. UP to 500 hours of Halogen lamp life.
Electrical : Universal power supply [110V-240V] UL, CE approved.

Karl Fisher Titration


Meke : Veego/Analab/Sken
The instrument is designed for accurate estimation of moisture in various Solid, Liquids or Gas samples. It works on Volumetric Principle.
The instrument is having a built in magnetic stirrer with speed controller. The Karl Fischer Reagent is added automatically to the reaction beaker by a highly sensitive motorized dispensing system. This dispensing system eliminates the need of Glass Burette, Piston Type Syringe, and Control Valves, thus greatly minimizing of hazardous and corrosive Karl Fischer Reagent. The dispensing makes the instrument very easy for day to day maintenance.
The K/F Reagent added is volumetrically displayed on the digital readout with 0.01-ml readability. The moisture in the sample can be calculated in terms of PPM or Percentage using standard formula.
Display Readability: 0.01 ml
Range Moisture Detection: 50 PPM to 100 % with appropriate sample size.
Power Requirement: 230 Volt 50 Hz. 100 W max.
Weight: 15 kg approx. 

Laminar Airflow


The equipment is fabricated out of electro galvanized steel sheet.   Table top stainless steel. Centri-balanced blower unit.   Pre-filters in m . S. Hepa filters retaining 99. 97% particulate.   front door & side panels are fixed and made of clear thick plexi glass sheet.   u. V. Tube, fluorescent tube light, gas cock & manometer. to work on 220/230 v av 50 Hz.


Also Available:


  • Horizontal Laminar airflow (St.Steel/ Mild Steel/ Wooden)
  • Vertical Laminar airflow (St.Steel/ Mild Steel/ Wooden)
  • Microbiological ( Bio Safety Cabinet )(St.Steel/ Electro Galvanized/ Wooden)
  • Laminar airflow sampling unit (Vertical)
  • Fume Food (St. Steel/ Mils Steel/ Wooden)
  • Tissue Culture Rack/Hood
  • Inoculation Chamber
  • Pass Box


Laboratory Oven


Double walled construction inner chamber made of mild steel/stainless steel and exterior made of galvanized sheets powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glasswool instulation. Double door inner door made of acrulic to see through the chamber and exterior metal door with magnetic gasket and lock. Supplied with g. I wiremesh shelves.



width (in cm)

diameter (in cm)

height (in cm)

volume (in liters)






























Also available :


hot air oven  (memmet type)

hybridization oven

hot air oven cgmp series

seed germinator chamber

glassware dryer

plant growth chamber

vacuum oven (round)

ageing oven

vacuum oven (rectangular)

dessicator cabinet

stability oven (humidity oven)

forced air hy-dry oven

stability chamber (gmp model)

hplc column oven

tray dryer oven

stability chamber

low temperature cabinet



Lab. Stirrers


Also Available Stirrers

* Direct Drive Stirrers

* Geared Stirrers

* AC Stirrers/Flame Proof Stirrers

* Homogenisers /Emulsifiers

Salient Features:

  • Multipurpose stirrers for general purpose & PUF stirring
  • Heavy duty stirrers for pilot plant, bench scale process & Small batch production
  • Models also available with digital speed indicator for speed indication & process validation
  • PMDC Motor for Powerful Stirring
  • Stepless electronic speed regulator with digital display
  • Stirring Shaft SS 316, Retort Rods SS 304

Lab Refrigerators


Make : Remi
* Stainless steel inner chamber 304(AISI Grade) with adjustable shelves
* Digital Temp. indicator-cum controller
* Audio-Visual alarm to indicate variation of temperature beyond the set point
* See through Plexi Glass Door
*Internal Volume :- 285 liter
*Temp.Range :- 2°C TO 12°C ± 1°C
*No of Shelves:- 3
*Internal Dimensions: -580w x490D x 990H mm
*Outer Body :- Powder Coated CRCA Steel
*Supply :- 220-240 volts, 50Hz, Single Phase

Model No



3 Cubic ft


6 Cubic ft


10 Cubic ft


12 Cubic ft


16 Cubic ft






Make : cintex

*most idel for lyopholizig in serum bottles vials and ampoules or other small glassware.
* Chamber made of 316 stainleess steel and outer made of G.I. sheets duly powder coated finish.
* Equipped with a mechanically cooling system for condenser temperature (-50°C or 80°C)
* Vaccum gauge read from 1" to 30" Hg
* Solid state temperatue controller with dual digital displays for set and condenser temperature
* Selection of model with drum type manifolds, with vertical type manifold or straight type manifold
* Selection of Capacity 3 liter, 6 liter and chambers drying.
* Stainless steel manifolds are designed to provide maximim vapour flow and convenient acess to all parts. Each 3/4" port having quick seal valve for ataching variety of flask.
* with Suitable Vacuum pump.

Laboratory Incubator


Double walled construction inner chamber made of mild /st. Steel and exterior G. I. Sheets powder coated . The gap between the two walls filled with glasswool nsulation. Temperature controller by electronic digital temp controller cum indicator. Supplied with g. I wiremesh shelves.

Temperature rangs : 50°c to 250°

Caccuracy : (±2°c)

chamber size

outer size


heater rating


14" x 14" x 14"

18" x 19" x 25"


115 w


18" x 18" x 18"

22" x 23" x 29"


250 w


24" x 24" x 36"

40" x 31" x 60"


1000 w


12" x 12" x 12"

17" x 17. 5" x 26"


115 w


18" x 18" x 24"

24" x 23" x 41"


250 w


24" x 24" x 24"

30" x 29" x 41"


500 w


10" x 10" x 10"

15" x 17" x 24"


100 w


Also available :

  • Incubator (memmert type)
  • Incubator cgmp series
  • B. O. D. Incubator
  • Automatic co2 incubator (water jacketed)
  • Automatic co2 incubator (air jacketed)
  • Freeze dryer (lyophiliser)
  • Orbital shaking (lyophiliser).

Leak Test Apparatus



Leak Test Apparatus
*Extremely “compact” constructionDiaphragm type vacuum pump
Polycarbonate vacuum desiccator Stainless steel (GMP) construction Vacuum level up to 22’ of Hg
Ideal instrument to check blister Packs, Strip for Leak Test. The old method of separate desiccator and huge vacuum pump is replaced with the new Leak Test Apparatus in GMP Stainless Steel Body with phenomenal compactness. The instrument is equipped with Diaphragm type vacuum pump gives higher level of vacuum in shortest possible time. Die pressed polycarbonate vacuum desiccator sustains vacuum for long time. A vacuum gauge is provided to indicate vacuum level which is connected ti isolation valve to disconnect the source. Thus avoiding the need of continues running of vacuum pump. 99 minute Digital timer helps the operator to do other work It's amazing compactness saves lot of valuable place in process laboratories.


Desiccator Dia :- 150/200/250/300mm                        Rating : 5A 230V single phase
Vacuum Level : - 22" Hg                                             Timer :- 999 sec. Digital
Desiccator :- Polycarbonate                                         Body :- fully stainless steel. 304

Laboratory Glassware


Also availabel following make glass ware.
* Borosil
* Pyrex(Corning)
* J-Sil
* Soutt Duran
* Revaira

Mini Rotary Shakers


New Design of Bench Top Rotary Shakers provides gentle mixing of fluids in test tubes & glass vessels of different capacities upto 1000ml. These shakers find applications in pathology, Microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology & biotechnology.
Model RS - 12 R has a built in speed regulator with Max Speed of 180 RPM
Supply 230 Volts single phase 50Hz.AC. 

  • 0 - 15 Minute digital countdown timer.
  • Universal platform with adjustable rollers.
  • Digital timer of 15 minutes duration.
  • 10 mm orbit
  • Platform Size: 12"x12"
  • Also Available Model
  • RS-12R
  • RS-12R DX


Magnetic Stirrers with Hot Plate


Magnetic Stirrers with hot plate with Digital Speed Indicator The MLH series magnetic stirrers with hot plate are similar to the ML series of magnetic stirrers but have additional stainless steel hot plate. PMDC motor gives higher torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes. Accurate steeples speed control allows smooth variation up to 1200 rpm. Heating energy is controlled by energy regulator.

Salient Features:

  • PMDC motor for higher torque even at low speeds
  • Better low speed stirring even with small volume
  • Accurate steeples speed control maintains excellent speed stability.

Moel No.
1 MLH .......Capacity 1 Liter
2 MLH .......Capacity 2 Liter
5 MLH........Capacity 5 Liter

Muffle Furnace


Make : Pathak / Metalab

*Construction :Horizontal Rectangular body made of thick gauge Galvanized sheets powder coated with ceramic fibrewool insulation.

* Heating Elements : Make from best quality kanthal A1 wire covered with ceramic blankets.

* Temperature Range : Up to 930° C/ 1200°C

* Control Accuracy : ± 1% of Fsd.

*  Temperature controlled: Temperature Control by electronic Digital Temperature Controller.

Available size











Melting Point Apparatus


Programmable instrument designed to maintain 1°C per minute heating rate at athe time of melting point for the highest accuracy. Heating rate is precisely controlled by microprocessor circuit and is equipped with silicon Oil Bath.  Suitable for determination of melting point , Melting range, Boiling points. Printer interface is provided for the printer.
• Microcontroller based circuitry and feather touchkey-board provided for programming.
• Program sets fast heating initially. Heating rate is adjusted automatically and precisely maintained near melting point
• User friendly 4 line LCD display screen.
• Supplied with a silicon oil immersion heater and magnetic stirrer for maintaining
uniform temperature.
• A special feature of this model is that ‘melting range’ of samples can also be determined accurately on this instrument.
• Suitable to determine boiling point of liquids.
• Facility to test unknown sample.
• Built-in validation facility.
• Over 160 records can be stored.
• Facility to store 10 product names with their expected meling point

Multichannel Pipette


Make : Thermo Scientific
Introducing the new thermo scienntific finnepipette F2, a pipette that has all the right qualities. It offers superior comfort, performance, reliabilty and repeatability in one of the lightest poettes available.
* Advance Volume Geatin (AVG) a self sukpportive mdular volume adjustment mechanism for high accuracy and priecision.
* Large ergovision display
* Fully Autoclavable
* Double action pipetting hat with rotating upper part for smooth and sturdy pipetting action.
*Fine adjustment ruler to enhance precision and accuracy of the pipette.
* Improved supportive finger rest
* Adjustable finger res.
* Also available model
F1 Variable Volume Multi Channel pipette.
F2 Variable Volume Multi Channel pipette.

Mini Centrifuges


Make : Remi
* PCR strip Rotor to accommodate 2  strips of 8 x 0.2 ml
* 6x 1.5 ml fixed Angle Rotor.
* Adapter for 0.2 ml & 0.5ml Tubes
* Fix speed 6000 RPM
* Safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation.
* Quick acceleration to full speed.
* Supply : 220-240 Volts 50Hz SIngle Phase.

Moisture Balance


Make : Rajdhani
Direct Reading - Used for finding moisture in solid or liquid samples that can be safely dried by infrared radiation. The scale is graduated from 0 to 100% in 0.2% division. Readings can be estimated to 0.1% The instrument is having solid state electronic regulator to control the heat of infrared lamp. The instrument is supplied complete with built in `L`Bend Thermometer, one dozen Disposal pan, one pair of Forceps, Instructions for use.
Capacity : 5 gram/ 10 gram

Micro Centrifuges


Make : Remi

RM-12C / RM-12C DX

These micro centrifuges are ideal for growing routine application in biochemical and clinical labs, for hematrocrit, corpuscle percentage contents in preblood, serum analysis and precipitate separation etc. Unit has digital speed indicator and 0-15 minute digital countdown timer.


RM-12C DX has additional features of dynamic brake for quick deceleration & Imbalance detector with cutoff in case of uneven loads.


Salient Features:

Stepless speed regulator.
• Safety Lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation.
• Digital speed meter and 0-15 minutes digital countdown timer.
• Press Switch for quick acceleration to full speed.

Technical Detail



RM12-C / RM 12C DX

RM-12C BL/ R -12M

Max Speed




Max rcf






AC/DC Universal

Brushless Induction





RM-12C BL & R -12M

The new generation of microprocessor based table top centrifuges models use brushless induction
motor with frequency drive enabling the user to preset speed & time with a high degree of accuracy.
Display of set parameters like speed, time etc. makethe unit an ideal choice for repetitive sample analysis.

Salient Features:

• Brushless Induction motor with frequency drive
• Stable speed output even under unstable voltage conditions
• 7 segments LED display of speed (RM-12C BL)
• Digital countdown timer
• Safety lid interlock to prevent lid opening during 
• Dynamic brake for quick deceleration
• Imbalance & Inverter fault detection with auto shutdown
• Alphanumeric LCD display of speed & RCF (R-12M)
• Selection of 3 acceleration & deceleration profiles (R-12M)
• Automatic door opening through gas hinges

Oil Less Vacuum Pump


Make : C.P
Compressor /Vacuum Pump.
* Oil less Compressor/Vacuum Pump.
* Exclusive Oil -Less construction of piston or diaphragm never requires Iubrication.
* Continuously rated with built-in rugged motor-std. single phase, optional Three Phase.
* Most Versatile, Compact Compressor/Vacuume pump.
* Permanently lubricated ball bearings.
* Pramanenlty maintenance free.
* Portable Light weight die-cast aluminium components keep overall weight minimal.
* low noise level.
* Balanced eccentrics provide smooth, low vibration operation.
* Buit- in micro air filter.
* For Acidic/ alkaline gas application compressor/ Vacuum Pumps offered with teflon coated wetted parts. & telfon coated diaphragm.
* Also Available Model
i) HS1
ii) HS2
ii) HSV I
iv) HSV II



Projector offered by us is very easy to operate and deliver optimum performance. These 35mm slide projectors have 24V/250W halogen lamp, medium & high lumens and efficient cooling system. Projectors offered by us are used in conference rooms, training centres, educational institutions and many stage shows. These products are manufactured at the vendors’ end using aluminium, mild steel and premium quality electronic components.



With Sodium lamp Assembly & choke with Tripple Shadow
1) The optice & triple field shadow are fabricated from imported glass and Quartz.
2) The Triple shadow  system is better to comprise the field illumination at the time o;f measurement (reading)
3) The International sugar scale range is higher i.e. -130 to +130.
4) Vernier Micrometer graduation is more to take the reading in more accuracy.

Peristaltic Pumps


Make: Enertech
* Flow rates ranging from 20 micro litre/ min-95 ltrs/min
* Rane of Periflow peristaltic Pumps offers solutions for pH control, temperatuere control, foam control and many other industrial process paramers control
* Accuracy better than 0.5%
* Expertise in Pulsation Dampener solutions
* Wide range of food grade quality tubes, lab tubes, excellent chemical resistance tubes and industrial hoses.
* Unique volumetric capabilities and calibration facilities.
* Industrially rugged and extremely reliable pumps.
* Availabel in S.S., Flameproof, IP-65 and washdown construction.
* Flame-proof/IP-65/ washdown pump available.
* Multichannel peristaltic pump with 1 to 12 channels avaible.

Portable Autoclave


Make Equitron standard portable autoclaves are ideal for all applications requiring routine total destruction of all living organism.

Deal for doctors, primary health centres and also as a stand by unit
A seamless (joint less) body provides a sturdy and tension free autoclave which can safely be operated repeatedly even in remote places.
Automatic purging for efficient sterilization.Comes with an additional safety valve for added safety.Die pressed seamless body of stainless steel.

Hydraulically die pressed lid from stainless steel plate.Supplied with stainless steel dressing drum and x stand.
Size : 12" x 12"



With the assistance of our highly qualified engineers and technicians, we are able to deliver a wide assortment of quality Digital Potentiometer. This product is manufactured at the vendors’ end using advanced technology and superior grade raw material, which enhances its performance and service life. The offered product is compactly designed, which makes it easy to handle and requires less space.

Platinium Crucible


These crucibles are designed with extra thick base, to withstand heavy wear. The purity of platinum used for manufacture of these crucinbles is99. 95% at least
capacity : 25 ml
top diameter  : 35 mm
height : 39mm
approximate weight grams
crucible : 20 grams
also aviable any size crucible

Potentiometric Titrator


We are also engaged in delivering an extensive range of Potentiometric Titrator, which finds usage in detecting moisture. These products are manufactured at the vendors’ end using fine grade raw material by Analab, ensuring high durability. Customers can also avail from us all parts such as Dual Platinum Combined Electrode, One Set (02 Nos.) Dispensing Tube, Teflon Paddle Teflon Assembly, Power Cord & Operational & Instruction Manual, Moisture Trap for Reaction Vessel and 250ml Amber Reservoir Bottle as per their need and requirement.

Photo Fluorometer


We are also known in the industry for offering best quality Digital Photo Fluorometers that are available at most competitive price rates. These products are used for analysis of fluorophors such as vitamins, quinine, steroids, fluorescein and metal complexes among others. Our Digital Photo Fluorometers are highly appreciated in the market for best design and effective operation. These Digital Photo Fluorometers can be offered as per the client’s requirement.

Rotary Microtone


Make : Panchal
supplied complete with one knife 120mm long with backed & handle in wooden box, 2 block holders, one bottle of lub.oil & rexine cover.
with accessorie

Rotary Vacuum Evaporators


The Ideal partner for all routine rotary vacuum evaporation's at Universities, Colleges, Schools, small to mid size Companies, and as a standby unit.
EVATOR Advantages:

*Spark-less drive unit AC motor with assured speed regulation.
*Flask sizes from 100 to 1000 ml.
*Digital Temperature Controller for Water Bath.
*PTFE / glass sealing mechanism.
*Smooth, adjustable, maintenance free and user friendly single lever manual lift.
*Vertical Glass Set with 1000 ml B29 Evaporating Flask & 1000 ml S35 Receiving *Flask, B29 plastic C Clip & S35 Ball Joint Clip.
*Flask ejector for easy removal of evaporating flask.

Rotary Shakers


Make : Remi
The Unit has a base assembly fabricated with heavy mild steel sections. Brushless Induction drive motor with frequency drive makes the unit suitable for continuous non-stop operation.  Stepless electronic frequency control ensures high stability and reliability even in continuous operation & uneven load distribution.
* Fix speed of 180 RPM alongwith universal platfrom of size 36" x 36"
* Digital display of speed with presetting facility
* Shaking amplitude 40 mm
* Universal Platform to accommodate inderchangeable clamps of assoried sizes for    different capacity of flasks
* Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure
without flask holding clamps

Sieves Shaker


Make : Jayant
Resigned to carry upto 7 sieves of 8" dia it is driven by 1/4 HP "CROMPTON" electric motor,Without timer thorugh reduction gear. The whole gear mechanism which gives circular and to end motion runs in an oil bath. The tapping motion is given by hammer from top. To work on 220/230 volts single phase A.C. supplied complete with adaptor for 8" sieve but without test sieve.
Also Availabel
* Table Top Sieves Shaker J-91
* Rotap Sieves Shaker J-90
* Gyrotary Sieves Shaker J-95

Serological W. B


Make : Pathak
Model : PEW-203

Temp. Range: 5°C above ambient to max. 60°C
Accuracy :±0.5°C
Inner :Stainless Steel
Outer : Mild Steel, Painted with Siemens Grey Paint
Control : Thermostate

Screw Cap Vials Septa , Caps


Our customers are also provided with optimum quality range of Screw Cap Vials Septa, Caps for agilent type of 1. 8 ml vials. These products are utilized for color coded use- blue, red, green, yellow and black. Options of plain silicone septa, PTFE- silicone, PTFE -silicone septa with slit screw camp for shimadzu vials are also made available for our customers.

Stability Chambers


Make : Remi
Model No CHS 10S
Salient Features:
•   Digital display of temperature & humidity.
•   Menu driven 10 program memory
•   User friendly Microprocessor Design/Operation.
•   Safety thermostat to prevent over heating.
•   Audio Visual alarm warnings of Temp. & RH variation and low water level.
•   Built in safety circuit, which cuts off system & stops unit in case of malfunction of microprocessor 
•   Capacitance type humidity sensor for direct display of humidity in % RH.
•   Non volatile memory for data storage of up to 2500 records.
•   Adjustable print interval.
•   High voltage safety cutoff for unit protection
•   Centronics interface for keeping hard copy of Temp., Humidity, Time & Date
Internal Volume :285liter
Int. Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 580 x 490 x 990
Temperature Control:Microprocessor 
Temperature Range: 10ºC to 60ºC ± 1ºC
Humidity Range: 40% to 95% ± 3%
Inner Chamber Material: Stainless steel 304 (AISI Grade, Non Corrosive, NonMagnetic) 
Outer Body Material:Powder coated CRCA steel
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer: VS-04
Electrical:   220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Single Phase

Also Aviable Size
* CHS -6S : 6 cubic ft
* CHS -10S : 10 cubic ft
* CHS- 12S : 12 cubic ft
* CHS- 16S : 16 cubic ft

Spectro Photometer


Make : Elico/ E.I./
Salient Features & Benefits
* Visible Spectrophotometer covering Visible and near IR spectrum.
* Compact, Modular & Ergonomically Engineered .
* Single Standard used for Quantitative Estimation .
* Stable Single Beam Optics.
* Two position manual selectable cuvette holder .
* Microcontroller based motorized wavelength drive .
* Range 335 to 1000 nm
* Band width 5 nm
* MONOCHROMATOR Czerny Turner with 600 lines/mm ruled diffraction grating
* Range 0 to 1.999 Abs
* Stability ± 0.01 Abs/hr. after 2 hours warm-up
* Straylight < 0.5% at 340 nm
* LIGHT SOURCE Tungsten Halogen Lamp
* DETECTOR Photodiode
* READOUT 3½ digit 7 segment LED of 12.7 mm height
* Readability 0.1% T 0.001 Abs 1 unit conc
* Standard 2 position, manual operated holder for 10mm path length cuvette
Manual & Dust Cover

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus


Make : Veego
For Routine Q.C. Tests & for Institutes. Microprocessor Based unit with large LCD display for temperature and speed indicators. Conventional model AS per USP Standards. Economical version with 6 and 8 tests available for routine analysis.
This cost-effective instrument is specially designed for Quality Control Labs for their routine tests and is also suitable for institutes. This system (apparatus) is having most of the functions of advance version and is suitable to conduct regular routine tests.
* Programmable Test Parmeters
* Stepper Motor Drive
* 2 Line LCD Screen
* Micro Comtroller Based Temperature System
* Stirrer Speed 25 to 200 RPM
* Follows USP/IP/BP/Specifications
* Printer Interface (Parallel)
* Vessel Capacity 1 Liter
* Non Volatile Memory
* Single & Three Station Instrument with Vessel Capacity 4 Liter available
Also Availabel model
* VDA-6D
* VDA-8D

Tablet Disintegration Apparatus


Make : Veego
Microprocessorsar Based
• Two Baskets as per IP / BP / USP standards are supplied.
• Microcontroller based circuit to control the temperature of water bath.
• Pt- 100 sensor for sensing the temperature.
• Electrically isolated solid state latch for water bath.
• Timer settable from 1 to 240 mins.
• User friendly and easy to operate 4 X 4 matrix key board.
• Non volatile memory.
• PAUSE facility :This feature enables the operator to check the Disintegration state of the tablets and continue the test without disturbing the test parameters.
• Follows USP/IP/BP specifications.
• Number of Strokes: 30 Strokes/min.
• Power consumption 230v,50Hz,1.2KW.
• All the above models of Disintegration Test Apparatus meet International Standards with respect to calibration,Validation and IQ, OQ requirements.
• Economical digital Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus.
• Informative 4 line LCD screen to display messages.
• Sturdy motor for constant speed of DT stroke

Trinocular Microscope


Make : Carl Zeiss
For Bright Field with 20mm field of view
"Primo star" HAL microscope. full-kohler,stage drive right,field of view 20mm, Trinocular. Complete configuration with full-kohler stand Including.
* Halogen illumination with 6V 30 watt halogen  lamp.
* 4 position nosepiece, tilled backwards.
* Mechanical stage 75 x 30, drive right &  specimen holder with spring clip left.
* Binocular phototube 30°/20 [50:50]
* Eyepiece 10x/20 Br.foc
* Objectives :- Plan- Achromat" 4X,10X,40X  &100x oil.
* Condenser :- 0.9/1.25
* external power unit:- 100...240VAC/50..HZ/30VA
with country specific adapters. Dust Cover Oiler with 5ml immersion oil. Color filter setblue,green, yellow.

Tablet Hardness Tester


Our organization is one of the most reliable traders and distributors of a quality range of Tablet Hardness Testers. In this range, we offer a wide variety of tablet hardness testers like horizontal test plate and it is suitable for all types of shapes. These tablet hardness testers are widely acclaimed for their distinct designs and qualitative features that are listed below:


  • Constant rate of loading
  • Exactly reproducible results
  • Because of fatigue-proof counterweight principle
  • Tablet Diameter: 1st range 0-15mm, 2nd range 0-35mm
  • Crushing strength shown in N, KP SC, on linear scale

Ultrasonic Bath


With die-pressed tank of s. S. 304 grade all the above models are inner s. S. 304 & :outer s. S 202 grade.easy to operate & made of one piece s. S. Tank. 

Indigenously manufactured with advanced mosfet technology, with auto-tuning facility.


Digital tuning of transducers with generators to avoid any frequency shifted even during demanding applications.
compact, rugged and highly durable systems. 

Extensively protected electronic circuits means longer and safer operations. 

Capacity : 1. 5 liter
Power in watts : 50
Tank size in mm (lxbxh): 235x135x65

Also Available Model


Model No.


Tank size (LxBxH)

Power in watts

1.5 L50








3.5 L100

3.5 Liter



5.5 L150

5.5 Liter



6.5 L200




8 L 200

 8 Liter



10 L 250

10 Liter



30 L500

30 Liter




U.V. Cabinet


Cabinet. Model `Kompact:

  • Comapct, economical UV Cabinet.
  • Seperate long UV[365nm], short UV [254nm] &   visible sources.
  • Special short UV filter for high detectability   & sensitivity.
  • Efficient UV reflectors assure maximum UV   intensity reaches specimen.
  • All-metal epoxy powder fused housing for rugged    dependability.
  • Contoured viewing hood with safety UV barrier   filter protects eyes.

Vacuum Pump


The pumps are of basic oil-sealed design, running at low rpm by v-belt drive arrangement to give steady and dependable performance.

With following specifications.

·     Stage :- double

·     Free air displacement:- 150 lt/ min

·     Ultimate vacuum :-0. 005mm of hg

·     Vacuum gauge ( to indicate vacuum of the level as indicated above) with regulator

·     Air ballast :- in buiit

·     Non-return valve.



Elec.Motor HP

Free Air Displacement

Lit/Min           C.F.M

Oil Charge in Lter.






























































Vacuum Oven Round


Make : Metalab
Model : MSI-12
Double walled construction inner chamer made of St.Steel and exterior made f;o G.I. sheets powder coated. Supplied with vacuum gauge, vacuum cock, toughened glass window. Temperature controlled by Electronic Digital Temp Controller. Maximum vaccum 760 mm of mercury(-30")
Temp Range : 50°C to 200°C
12"x 15" (Depth)
15"x18" (Depth)

Vortex Mixture


Our organization is also engaged in trading and distribution of a quality array of Vortex Mixture, which is widely used in laboratories for mixing small vials of liquid. The Optics Vortex Mixture offered by us is fitted with a powerful electric motor with a vertically oriented drive shaft and a cupped rubber piece. Vortex Mixtures are also made available with touch plate as well as without touch plate system.

Water Still


Make : Meatalab
* For Pyrogen free distilled water
* Scientifically designed to ensure economy in operation.
* Automatic displacement of heater connections should the still run dry.
* Provided with M.S Bracket for wall mounting.
* Complete unit made of stainless Steel.
* Constant level arrangement for water inlet.
* Condenser Opening Type, Wall Mounting

Water Bath


Make: Meta lab/ Equitron/ Pathak
Double walled construction inner made of St. Steel and exterior made of G.I sheels powder coated.  The gap between the two walls filled with glasswoos ilnsulation.  Heating is by immersion type heaters. Temp.Controlled by thermostat. Lid made of St. Steel with 12 or 6 holes of 3"dia
Temp. Range : -5°C above ambient to max 96°C.
Accuracy : ±1°C

Water Bath Shakers


Make : Remi
Model No RSB-12
The units are double walled with exterior body and inner chamber of stainless steel having effective insulation in between. The stainless steel bath has size of 355 mm (w) x 300 mm (d) x 165 mm (h). With tray for 12 flasks of 100 ml. a special pyramid type cover provided avoids evaporation of water and makes condensed water to fall back in the bath. A cock is provided to facilitate draining of bath contents. 
Salient features: 

  • Inner chamber and outer body of ss 304.
  • Heating up to 95°c.
  • Digital temperature indicator cum controller with precise accuracy of ±1°c.
  • Shaking speed range from 40 to 180 strokes per min.
  • Stroke length 25 mm.
  • Supply: 220-240 volts 50 hz single phase.




Ageing Oven ( Rubber)


Make : Cintex
* Most suitable for ageing test of PVC and rubber.
* Solid Aluninium heating blaock (Circular) To accommodate cylinder cells.
* The Aluminium cell jhas acenter hole at atha nottom which allows to enter pre-heated air from a small doapharm pump, the air changesper hour ae same through all the cells.
* The Temperatur is being controlled by microprocessor based electronic temp. controller with Digital Indicator.
*The system incorporate with Digital timer of 99 hours.
* Available with 7 or 19 cells as per BS specification.
* Cell size: 75mm dia x 305 mm ht
* Temp. Range: 10°C above ambient to 230°C
* Temp. Accuracy : ±1°C

HPLC Column Oven


We offer HPLC Column Oven that accepts varieties of column sizes. Designed in line with international quality standard, our range guarantees safe and accurate control action. These are available in various models to meet the requirements of several industry applications.

Salient Features:

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Digital display of set & actual temp
  • Insures Reproducible Analysis
  • Accepts Varieties of Column Sizes
  • Assures Safe, Accurate Control Action
  • Assures Safe Accurate Control action


Model Selection:


  • Separate Oven & Temp Controller
  • Inbuilt temperature controller & Oven
  • Inbuilt heating of Rheodyne Injector
  • Force air circulation heating type oven

HPLC Column Washing Pump


We provide digital HPLC Pump that offered with flow rate 0.01 – 10 ml/min and limit of pressure 40 (20) MPA. It is designed for columns washing of chromatographic columns in liquid chromatography. Our range is designed with piston diameter of 1/8. These are widely appreciated for precision functioning.

Gas Flow Meter (Digital)


Gas Flow Meter

We are engaged in offering gas flow meter. Our range of gas flow meter are available with following specification:

Salient features:

  • Direct Digital readout
  • Microcontroller Based
  • Digital Display of LED/LCD
  • Highly Accurate and fast readout
  • Useful for measuring any gas flowrate specially for G.C. & Analytical Instrument.
  • Easy to Operate
  • Free of operational & Human errors

Filtration Kit


We are engaged in offering wide range of filtration kit. These filtration kits are used to filter the sample for HPLC system. Our filtration kit comprises syringe, heodyne needle holder and membrane filter

Filtration Assembly


Filtration assembly, membrane filter & vacuum pump.

Refrigerated Centrifuges


Remi Make
All the centrifuges have rust proof, easy to clean Stainless Steel centrifuge inner chamber with steel guard. A wide variety of swing out and angle rotors with a choice of reduction adaptors make these units truly versatile.
Features :
* Pre Colling
* Acceleration profiles : 9
* Deceleration profiles : 9
* Fast Spin
* Calibration window on lid for speed
* Display : LCD
* Control Communication : Digital
* Parameters setting switches  : Bi - directional  encoder
* Self Diagnostics of errors
* PC connectivity with Software
* Brushless motor with frequency drive
* Inverter fault detection with auto shut down
* CFC free refrigeration system
* 99 No of Programs
* Last set parametrs recall
* Choice of RPM /RCF Setting : RPM/RCF
* Temperature Display : °C/ °F
* Digital coundown timer 0-99 min & continuous run
* Log of cumulative run time
* Automatic door opening
* Automatic Rotor Identification
* Motor Overload protection
* Emergency lid lock release
* Imbalance detection with centrifugation cut off
* Password protection
* Gas Hinge to Prevent door falling
Supply 220-240 Volts 50 Hz single Phase

Technical Data
Models   C-23 Plus CPR-23 Plus C-24 Plus CPR-24 Plus C-30 Plus CPR-30 Plus
Max. Speed rpm 7000 20000 20000
Max. RCF g' 7400 37570 37570
Max. Tube Size ml 250 100 250
Max. Capacity ml 1200 400 1200
Lowest Temp. °C - 8 - 8 - 8
W x D x H mm 800 x 6OO x 500 775 x 575 x 475 660 x 765 x 945
Voltage Stabilizer model VS-03 VS-03 VS-03

Micro Cooling Centrifuge


Remi Make
Micro Centrifuge Plus is useful for routine applications in bio-technology, PCR, life sciences, bio-chemical and clinical labs etc. This unit is ideal for centrifugation with micro tubes from 0.2 ml upto 1.5 ml.
Stable speed output
High Speed 
Wide variety of rotors & reduction adaptors
 Precise temperature control up to - 20°C
Pre-cooling feature
Fast spin feature
Calibration window on lid for speed (rpm)
Automatic Rotor identification
Safety lid interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation
Imbalance detection & centrifugation stop with display of error
 Motor overload protection
Gas hinge to prevent falling of door
Emergency lid lock release  
Supply: 220-240 Volts 50 Hz single Phase

Technical Data
  CM - 8 Plus CM - 12 Plus
Max. Speed (rpm) 6000 16000
Max. RCF (g) 5070 16600
Max. Tube Size (ml) 100 5
Max. Capacity (ml) 400 40
Min. Temperature (°C) -20 -20
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 480 x 585 x 530

Humidity Chambers / Seed Germinators


Remi Make
Microprocessor controller with LCD display & capacitance type sensor for precise control of temperature and humidity * Battery Backup for Controller * Automatic Calibration of set parameters* Self-Diagnosis for errors * Power failure and resumption recorded with date and time * Machine filled PUF insulation to eliminate voidpockets * Hermetically sealed Compressor with CFC free refrigerant Features of Softwarecomplying to 21 CFR part 11

 CHM-6 Plus /
SG-6 Plus
CHM-10 Plus /
SG-10 Plus
CHM-12 PlusCHM-16 PlusCHM-19 Plus
Internal Volume (Liters)200280370450540
Number of Shelves2 / 33 / 5456
Internal Dimensions W x D x H (mm)660 x 655 x 450660 x 655 x 650660 x 655 x 850660 x 655 x 1050660 x 655 x 1250
External Dimensions W x D x H (mm)800 x 1095 x 1020800 x 1095 x 1220800 x 1095 x 1420800 x 1095 x 1620800 x 1095 x 1820
Temperature Range & Accuracy10°C to 60°C, ± 1°C
Humidity Range (Rh) & Accuracy40% to 95%, ± 3%
Temperature & Humidity controlMicroprocessor with Capacitance type sensor
Display4" LCD Screen, Large size Display for ease of reading
Power Failure AlarmAudio Visual Alarm
Door Open AlarmAudio Alarm in case door open for over one minute
Temperature / Humidity Variation AlarmSet Humidity ± 3%, Set Temperature ± 2°C, Audio Visual Alarm
Illumination8 Watts Fluorescent Lamp
Internal Body MaterialStainless Steel - 304 grade (Standard Models), Stainless Steel - 316 grade (GMP Models)
External Body MaterialPowder Coated CRCA Steel (Standard Models), Stainless Steel - 304 grade (GMP Models)
Insulation70 mm minimum for Body & 80 mm for Door, CFC free polyurethane foam
Noise LevelLess Than 65 db (A)
Recommended Voltage StabilizerVS-04

Microprocessor Research Cooling Compufuge


Make : Remi
Salient Features:
• Brush-less induction motor with frequency drive
• Precise speed control and reproducibility
• Pre setting of speed, temperature and time
• Speed holding accuracy 100 RPM
• Safety lid interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation
• Digital speed indicator, 0-99 minute digital count down timer with temperature indicator
• Dynamic brake
• Imbalance detector with cutoff
• Over current overheating safety cutoff for motor protection
Additional Features:
(Microprocessor based models)
• Interactive alpha numerical LCD display
• Menu driven ten programme memory
• Choice of 9 acceleration and 9 deceleration profiles and coasting
• Self-diagnosis for errors
• Unique safety rotor identification
Technical Data
*  Mad Speed : 7000 RPM
*  Max RCF : 7560 g
*  Max Tube size: 200 ml
*  Max Capacity :1200ml
*  Lower Temp : -8°C
*  Dimention : mm (900 x 625 x 565)
*  Connected Loa  KVA  1.6
*  Voltage Stabilizer
Supply: 220-240 Volts 50 Hz Single Phase