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  • About Centom Steels & Ferro Alloys Limited

    Events Participation

    Events Participation Inaugration of the first furnace : 8th March'07 The opening ceremony of the first furnace was on the auspicious day of 8th March'07 at its factory premises at Durlovpur. It was a small gathering of well wishers and Technocrats from ferro alloys industries in and around Kolkata and Durgapur. The ceremony began with a small puja and followed by lunch given to all employees, labour and their families. The surrounding villagers whose families are directly or indirectly involved in the factory also participated in the lunch. First Tapping : 16th April'07 April 16th 2007 was an important day in the short history of the company. The management,employees and all working at the premises gathered around the furnace to witness the first tapping of its product. Bhumi puja for Second Furnace
    A small puja was performed to mark the commencement of construction for the second furnace. The work for the second furnace is progressing very fast and will become operational by early 2008. Independence Day : 15th August'07 The Indian Flag flew high on the Independence Day. The General Manager Mr. Suresh Raju hoisted the flag and all employees participated. Vishwakarma Puja : 18th September'07 Vishwakarma Puja was organised in the factory by the employees who took the initiative. Lunch was provided to the employees and their families. The management participated too. Temple Puja : 8th October'07 A Ganesh Temple is being constructed in the factory premises. On 8th October'07 a puja for undertaking the construction of the upper portion of the dome was performed by the family members along with friends and well wishers. Lunch was oranised too. The construction of the temple is expected to be completed in February/March 2008 when a grand ceremony will be held to mark the instillation of diety, Lord Ganesha.

    Warehouse / Production Capacity

    Production capacity of 32,600 tons per annum.

    Aim / Vision / Mission


    To become a globally recognised entity by the turn of the year. By providing state- of- the- art Labratories and testing facilities, excellence in quality, productivity, cost, service and management, we at Centom believe that we can become one the top ten ferro alloy units in India. Mission

    » To look at business from the customer's point of view by building a dynamic, socially responsible work force.
    » To establish an innovative high involvement work structure based on techno-social work design, build a cohesive product- focused work teams crossed trained to take responsibility for the entire operations of the plant.

    Team / Manpower

    Tumuluru Krishna Murty Chairman
    DSN Murtty Managing Director
    DSS Lakshmi Director
    M. Varalakshmi Non-executive Director

    Rs 40,000Ton
    Approximate Price - Rs 40,000 per Ton