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    Team / Manpower

    Team / Manpower


    • Mr. Jayant Chhotalal Vora
    • Mrs. Gitanjali Jayant Vora
    • Mr. Mitul Jayant Vora
    • Mr. Rushabh Jayant Vora

    Testing Facilities


    At Chemspec we recognize that Research and Development is vital not only for our survival but for long term growth. Our professional and well qualified R & D personal are always focused on this aspect.

    Our Research and Development centre is located at our manufacturing facility at Taloja, Maharashtra, India. It is equipped with all the modern facilities and can handle reactions such as Chlorination, Cyanation, Aminolysis, Formylation, Cyclocondensation, Dehydration, Bromination, Esterifiation, Hydrolysis, Oxidation and Reduction.

    Research and Development are also involved in understanding, identifying and developing technologies in order to reach a cost effective route for the current products and also development for new intermediates.

    Quality Policy / Processes

    Quality Policy / Processes


    At Chemspec we believe Quality is the responsibility of every employee & we instill this value in all the employees which reinforces our commitment to our customers.

    Our products pass through stringent test backed by quality systems that
    ensure compliance with international standards.

    Every process is put through a battery rigorous in-built Quality Control test for purity efficacy and potency. We have well equipped and self sufficient modern equipment such as
    GC, HPLC , UV and FTIR.

    We have professionals tie-up international reputed laboratories for high ended analytical support including LCMS, NMR and microbiological studies, which helps control the routine production and R & D activities.

    We have capabilities to develop and standardize analytical methods for all our products and support research endeavors of the company.

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