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Silica Powder

The Silicon Chip which has emerged as a boon to the Electronic Industry, prompted us in setting up an exclusive factory for manufacturing High Purity Silica Power for catering distinctly to Global semi-conductor market. M/s. Chettinad MB-F Hi Silica Limited a JOINT VENTURE company with M/s. Morimura Brothers, Japan and Fukushima Yoghyo also of Japan, was established in 1991, started its manufacturing activity in 1993. Plant is located at 25kms from Chennai, India. It is a 100% Export Oriented Unit, equipped with dedicated manufacturing lines having the latest Japanese Technology to produce High Purity Silica Powder exceptionally for the Electronic Industry.

High Purity Silica Powder produced from naturally available pure quartz is processed into micronised powder with particle sizes of various micron sizes, as required by the customer. After expansion the current production capacity can supply 3500 tones per month.

Raw Material
The company sources the quartz material from its own resources of more than 90 mines with profuse reserves and also from approved private mine owners which would last for more than two decades, spread all over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to comply with the production demand / capacity at any point time

Specification Of Raw Material
ColourPure White
NatureTransparent/ Semi-transparent
SiO299.8% min
Fe2O340 ppm max
Al2O3500 ppm max.
Na2O30 ppm max.
K2O20 ppm max.
CaO20 ppm max.
MgO5 ppm max.
EC20µs/cm max

Top Soil Management and Tamilnadu and Kerala Mines Saftey Association (Central) Salem.

Awards and Prize for overall performance, Personal Protective Equipment

Welfare Amenities and Medical Facilities, Injury Rate Performance, Overall performance for Open Cast Mining,

Ship to Stock status and Best supplier Award for our Major Products from our Prestigious customers of Global reputation.

Our future plan of action will be based on these lines:
To further increase the capacity and improve the market share.

To maintain the reputation as a Dependable, Continuous consistent Quality Product raw material supplier, in the semi-conductor filler Industry.

Developing the line products with appropriate R&D facility to continuously bring down the cost of the roduct, by upgrading the lower grade Raw Material via beneficial methods. We are in the process of evolving the highly dedicated state of the art technology to manufacture metal free product at 20µm level, which as a winning edge for precisely miniature applications through our in-house research.

We have the competent engineering acumen to produce ultra fine powder through the classification techniques.
The product can be supplied as per customers' requirement based on the particle size distribution. The standard products are from D 50 (APS) at 2µm to 35µm.

The Product is utilised in semi-conductor industry and special glass making industry. The company is presently exporting to South Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, China and Thailand.

Within the very short duration of 3 years in manufacturing activity, the unit has obtained ISO 9002 Certification from BVQI and has won many Environmental Friendly & Safety Awards. It has also obtained the ISO 14001:1996 environment management system certification from BVQI in March 2004.



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