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Dry Ice Blasting Equipments

Dry Ice Blasting Equipments offered by our company is an excellent performing machine, which is used in diverse industry segments. The outstanding functionality and durable performance of our machine has gained appraisal from the clients.

Dry Ice Pelletizer

Dry Ice Pelletizer

Item Code: PE80
This revolutionary equipment sets new standards for producing dry-ice. With the PE80 ,dry-ice can be manufactured where and when its wanted - quickly, efficiently and cheaply. It has always been difficult to calculate the precise amount of dry-ice required for any particular operation. It’s either too little or too much - it’s unavoidable. Consequently there is non-productive working time, costly return visits or surplus material that deteriorates rapidly - all of which has a negative effect on margins and profits. However, with the PE80 Pelletizer high density dry-ice pellets in any size from 1.7mm to 16mm, i.e. micro pellets, cleaning pellets and cooling nuggets can be manufactured locally at the point of usage. It is small, easy to locate and requires only a source of liquid CO2 and three-phase power. ThePE80 is transported on a frame which can also be used as a stand-alone framework. Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted.
The equipment can be integrated into a chilling process line for the food, pharmaceutical and other temperature-sensitive industries, and, with the addition of a blaster, can be used for automated cleaning operations. It is recommended that a Triventek RE80 Recovery Unit is also used to maximise efficiency and productivity.

The PE80 Pelletizer features:

  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 1360 mm
  • Weight: 203 kg
  • Production rate: 80 kg/hr.
  • Power consumption: 3 KW
  • Voltage: 400V AC-50 Hz, 480V AC-60 Hz, 400V AC-60 Hz, 3x220V AC-60 Hz (other voltages on request)

Dry Ice Triblast

Dry Ice Triblast

Each year since the introduction of dry-ice blasting, Triventek has made innovative steps towards making this technology more affordable, yet with higher performance. Triventek The Easy Choice. NOW, Triventek is proud to offer a major step forward.


Triblast Features:


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Easy to use
  • Single hose
  • Light and easy to use
  • Supersonic speed
  • Low weight and compact
  • Easy to transport and move around
  • Large, insulated hopper
  • Fewer refills
  • Adjustable blast pressure from 2-16 bar Variable dry-ice feed rate
  • Better economy
  • Fine-tune cleaning aggression
  • Choice of airlock plates
  • Maximize range of dry ice flow rates from 10 to 200 kg per hour (supplied standard with 30-80 kg/hr airlock plate) Operates with 1.7 to 4 mm pellets
  • Recommended 2.2 mm pellet maximizes the cleaning effect
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet
  • Protects the dry-ice feed system from dust and water Robust and easy to clean
  • Light weight blast gun with safety system to eliminate accidental start
  • New revolutionary modular nozzle program
  • Gives unlimited number of combinations to optimize blast performance


Choice of blast hose


  • The flexible: Silicone hose
  • The industrial: Teflon hose
  • The economical: PVC Nitril hose

Dry Ice Recovery Unit

Dry Ice Recovery Unit

Item Code: RE80

Recovery Unit from Triventek collects all the escaping ‘revert’ gas from the dry ice production, which in smaller systems is normally wasted and simply vented to atmosphere. The unit chills and compresses the gas back into liquid CO2 which is then reused to produce more dry ice pellets in a continuous process.


The Triventek RE 80 Recovery Unit


Normal dry-ice production uses liquid CO2 which when de pressurized converts just over half the volume into snow but the rest escapes and is lost. The snow is then compressed into dry-ice pellets. But, by using the revolutionary new RE 80 Recovery Unit, all of the escaping gas is directed back, collected and reused to make more pellets. The unit converts liquid to solid in the ratio 1.12:1, compared to about 1.6:1 for old-fashioned ‘balloon’-type recovery technology. The recycling becomes a continuous process and will reduce production costs by 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. Payback periods under 12 months are easily achievable. Please ask for a copy of spreadsheets illustrating the economics of PE 80/RE 80. The small size unit is easily installed and can be integrated into a production or packing process along with the PE 80 pelletizer for manufacturing of dry ice in any size of pellets/nuggets ranging from 1.7 to 16 mm. The RE 80 Recovery Unit is part of an upgrade of the familiar RE 45/PE 45 systems, and now allows users to produce up to 80 kg/hour dry ice. Based on the 80 kg building blocks, multiple unit systems can be built up to produce any quantity of dry ice with outstanding operational and economic efficiency. The operator-friendly design is simplicity itself, requiring just one switch to activate.


Technical data: A copy of the Technical Data sheet for RE80/PE80 can be downloaded under PDF files:


  • Powers supply: 3x380-415V/50Hz
  • Other voltages/Hz on request
  • Power consumption: 24Kw
  • Max. current: 41 Amps
  • Operation current: 28 Amps
  • Required start-up Amps should be calculated as 5 to 6 times Amp usage.
  • Power connection: 63A 6h/3P+N+E CEE (No neutral phase)
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 1111x1911x1567 mm
  • Weight: 1024 Kg
  • Max ambient temperature: 35°C*
  • Airflow: 8500m³/h
  • Total heat rejection: 18kW
  • Protection against recycling discharge air required
  • Protection against direct sun, rain and snow
  • Protection against dust, dirt and impurities
  • LCO2 to dry ice conversion with recovery unit: 1,2:1 (use insulated cover on dry ice box)
  • Oil type: Castrol Cygnus PAO 68
  • CO2 monitor
  • Cooling system
  • Blitzer LH104/4TCS8.2Y
  • Refrigerant type R404A
  • Refrigerant charge approx. 10 kg
  • High and low pressure protection
  • Fans peed control (1 fan)
  • Refrigerant safety valve

Dry Ice Air Supply for CMW Equipment

Dry Ice Air Supply for CMW Equipment

Pressures/ Volumes needed to work with CMW Dry Ice Blasting Systems


Pressures/ Volumes needed to work with CMW Dry Ice Blasting Systems Industry Applications: requires normal dry air. The vast majority of industry’s use of Dry Ice Blasting - Cleaning Systems is done with existing in-house compressed air supply. Pressure/ Volume: 6 - 8 bar (85 -115 psi) with an air volume flow of 4.5 - 6.5 m3 per minute (160 - 230 cfm) are commonly available and sufficient for most cleaning applications.


Industrial Cleaning Service Providers: requires normal dry air


Pressure/Volume: Up to 12 bar (175 psi) with approx. 9 -10 m3 (315 – 350 cfm) volume are ideal . Mobile diesel compressors, such as the KAESER M-121, the Atlas Copco XAHS-186 or similar units from other brands, provide for a broad range of service applications. The compressor should include an After Cooler and Water Separator (if not included, these items need to be employed separately).

For more detals refer to the attched pdf file

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment

Leveraging on the competence of our proficient professionals, we are capable of offering impeccable New Equipment Sales services to the customers. CMW CO2 India’s only and largest dry ice blasting equipment manufacturer, exporter & importer & the Exclusive distributor of the Triventek line of dry ice blasting and dry ice making products and duct cleaning products. See PRODUCTS section. We have the experience and knowledge to anticipate the needs of its customers and to recommend the right equipment to fit your budget and needs.


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