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Direct Digitizer Regius Model 190


Succeeding the Ultimate Resource Sharing System concept introduced in REGIUS MODEL 170, the new REGIUS MODEL 190 features a new 43.75 um read function for mammography, the finest in the world. The REGIUS Console has also been enhanced with new functions to provide more powerful tools.

Direct Digitizer Regius Model 110


The Regius Model 110 features an astonishingly compact design with a footprint of only 0.27m. The two-way setting method allows selection of two patterns of layout depending on the customer use environments.

Direct Digitizer Regius Model 370


A Unique reading mechanism brings a tremendous 210 sheets per hour of processing performance. And, the deader is equipped with various latest technologies, such as, a NEW X-RAY DETECTOR, The highest solution for ultimate diagnostic imaging.

Drypro Model 793


Embracing image-based diagnosis, konica minolta has once again met the critical demands of the medical imaging industry and presents its next generation dry imager, drypro 793

Drypro Model 832


Konica minolta technology pursues the ultimate performance in dry medical laser images. With the drypro 832, superior image quality, ultra-high speed printing and increased cost effectiveness are all included in this very compact laser imager. the drypro 832 dry laser imager is more than a compact printer. It delivers excellent productivity, boasting an unparalleled time to first print of 50 seconds and support of five film sizes - from 14x17 in. To 8x10 in. This full-spec, "tabletop," laser imager doesn't sacrifice performance or versatility.

Drypro Model 873


Konica Minolta Medical and Graphic, INC Healthcare Sales Headquarters Main Features Smallest footprint (0.35 SQM) imager. 3 trays. sorter and mammography are available. High performance laser imager.

Konica Medical Film Processor Srx - 101a


Compact, Multi-Function Medical Film Processor for Fast, Simple Output of High Resolution Images The Konica SRX-101A is a tabletop medical film processor that delivers high quality images in just 90 seconds edge to edge. Although compact in size, the SRX-101A is equipped with a rang of convenient features including energy saving stand-by mode, automated chemical supply and replenishment, and auto shout-down, clean and simple operation.

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