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Refractories For Iron & Steel Industry

We are leading supplier, trader, exporter & importer of Refractories For Iron & Steel Industry. This is our fourth generation refractory balls. Using nano technology, we developed the micro powder bond corundum refractory for iron & steel industry.

Ram Mix For Furnace Bottom


MgO% CaO% Fe2O3%≤ SiO2%≤ Grain sizemm Application Mode of Bonding
RM-1 80-86 4-9, 4-9, 1.5 0-6 Electric furnace bottom Ceramic bonding
RM-2 76-82 12-16, 3-6, 1.5 0-6 Electric furnace bottom Ceramic bonding

Refractory For Ceramic Cup

The compound brown alumina brick produced for the ceramic cups is mainly made of secondary- calcining iron with low carbon residual brown fused alumina and quality silicon carbide by adding special additives, then molded under high pressure and sintered under high temperature. It has high compressive strength at room temperature, small apparent porosity, good slag penetration and molten iron corrosion resistance capacities.

Silicon Carbide Brick

Silicon Carbide Brick have been supplied by Concast Refractories has high strength, high thermal conductivity, and good resistance to thermal shock, slag corrosion and abrasion as well as long service life. It is the best choice as the material used for blast furnace and boiler of fluidization furnace in Iron & Steel and power industries.

The Features : Good resistance to abrasion, oxidation and thermal shock.


  • Composition (%): SiC ≥85
  • SiO2: 8-12
  • Fe2O3 ≤1.5
  • Porosity (%): ≤17
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3): ≥2.60
  • MOR (20, MPa): ≥100    
  • Thermal shock stability (850 water cooling) times: ≥40
  • Load Softening point (0.2Mpa) : ≥1700

Sialon Bonded Corundum Bricks

Sialon Bonded Corundum Brick featuring high strength, high temperature creep resistance, good abrasive resistance, and good alkali and slag corrosion resistance as well as long service life, etc. Excellent performance has been achieved in blast furnace in Iron & Steel industry.

The Features : Good chemical stability and strength at temperature, hardness, Good wear resistance, and Greater resistance to oxidation, alkali and stag erosion. 


  • Composition (%): SiC≥70 Fe2O3≤1.5
  • Porosity (%): ≤18
  • Bulk Density (g/cm3): ≥2.60
  • MOR (20,     MPa): ≥150
  • Bending strength (Mpa) at ambient: ≥35, at 1400≥40
  • Weight changing rate of resistance to alkali melt: <10

Silica Brick

Silica Brick for hot blast stove are characterized by low thermal expansion, slight residual quartz, lower true density, and good thermal shock resistance at 600 and above, high refractoriness, under loads low creep as well as regular precise size. Main application covers high temperature zones such as hot blast furnace dome, upper stack and upper checker unit and so on.

Semi Rebonded Magnesia-Chromite Brick

Semi Rebonded Magnesia-Chromite Brick are made of fused MgO-Cr2O3 grains, high-purity fused or sintered magnesia and chrome concentrate at high temperature. The products are characterized by thermal shock resistance of direct bonded magnesia-chromite bricks and corrosion resistance performance of fused rebonded magnesia-chromite bricks. Mainly used in refining furnace such as AOD, VOD, RH, DH, and SKF etc.

Tundish Coating

Tundish Coating is a necessary material for replacing the thermal shield and realizing continuous casting. It has features such as easy smearing, anti-cracking, erosion resistance and easy disintegration.

Seat Block For Tundish

  • It adopts raw materials of high-grade bauxite, magnesite sand and graphite
  • Formed by high pressure in high-tech formula and dried over low heat, fixed-position base bricks with snap fastener, holey brick and other special-shaped brick can be made according to customer's different steel-making condition and requirement
  • It has some advantages of higher anti-eroding, changeless, without crack, forms a complete set with zirconia given-diameter water outlet
  • It is used with outlet in continuous casting tundish

Slide Gate System

They are made of alloy steel and composed of mechanism, hydraulic cover, hydraulic vat, water-supply outlet and sewer. Service life of water-supply outlet is over 50 hours and sewer is 8-10hours. They form a complete set with tundish vibrating material to improve service life of tundish.

  • It has some characters of lower-consumption, simple-structure, light, easy and convenient
  • During continuous casting it is mainly used in continuous casting tundish small square adobes, big square adobes, rectangle adobes and small board adobes

Sub-Entry Nozzle

Series of Al2O3-ZrO2-C materials in the body can be applied to different steel grades. The latest new type of low silica materials has higher thermal stability, erosion resistance compared with traditional materials.

Multi-types for Al2O3 anti-clogging:

  • Inner lining with argon insert
  • Traditional Al2O3 anti-clogging inner lining
  • Low silica & low carbon inner lining
  • Series of compound materials for slag line


Refractories For The Tapping Channel And Slagging Channel Of Blast Furnace

The series of products are applicable to the tapping channel, slagging channel and ladle slagging line of the blast furnace. They are featured by good construction, performance, stable thermal shock resistance, high strength, scouring and erosion resistance, etc.

Baking Free Ramming Materials And Channel Materials

Baking-free ramming materials and channel materials for medium and small blast furnace

Featured by good construction performance, stable thermal shock resistance, high strength, scoring resistance and bake free properties, the tapping channel's bake-free ramming materials is mainly used in the tapping channels of medium and small blast furnaces whose volume is smaller than 1000m3.

Low Creep High Alumina Bricks

High bulk density, low porosity, and nice elevated temperature properties, especially excellent resistance to compression creep under high temperature characterizes low creep high alumina bricks for a long period.


Refractory Painting

 Refractory paintings are mainly aluminum-silica series product and the lightweight, medium heavy weight or heavy weight materials might be chosen as per the users' requirements. The material has good adhesive quality, low elasticity and high strength. It is mainly used in the high-temperature ducts and flue system of the blast furnace and air stove.

High Alumina Bricks For Eaf Roof


Burning bricks

Unburning Bricks





Al2O3 %
















1550×2h 0.2-0.4

1550×2h 0.2-0.4



AP %






Camber Angle










Magnesia- Chromite Bricks For Furnace Roof


MgO% ≥

Cr2O3% ≥

SiO2% ≤

AP% ≤

BDg/cm3 ≥

CCSMpa ≥















Mg- C Bricks

Magnesia-carbon bricks are made by using high purity high dense magnesite or big crystalline magnesite, high purity graphite as starting materials with addition of a proper amount of antioxidant and phenolic resin as binders and shaping at high pressure. Characterized by good slag resistance, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and arc impact resistance, the product is suitable for slag line of refining ladle or large ladle. Different brands of magnesia-carbon bricks can be offered according to different smelting condition and steel grades.






AP %





BD g/cm3










Chemical content %












Fused Rebonded Magnesia Chromite Bricks

 The fused-rebonded magnesia-chromite bricks are made of fused magnesia-chrome clinker, mainly used in refining furnace such as AOD, VOD, RH, DH, SKF etc.

Magnesia Calcium Bricks

Magnesia-Calcium bricks are made of two-step burned magnesia-calcium sands and high pure magnesia. After high pressure shaping, high temperature burning and paraffine vacuum dipping. It has good high temperature creep-resistance and slag resistance. It is the best materials for AOD, VOD.

Direct Bonded Magnesia Chromite Bricks

Direct-bonded Magnesia-Chromite bricks are composed of high-purity or secondary high-purity or fused magnesia and chrome concentrate. Due to little impurity and sintering at high temperature and ultra high temperature, glass phase concentrates in the triangle zone of the crystalline phases, which are directly bonded to each other. The products are characterized by low-porosity, high CCS, strong resistance to abrasion, corrosion, thermal shock and spalling.

Aluminum Magnesia Castable

Aluminum-magnesia castable is mainly prepared by corundum, magnesia and spinel and has properties of high strength, erosion and thermal shock resistance features. The products are mainly used as the lining for the high-temperature furnace such as ladle and foundry ladle.

Ladle Shroud

Different argon inserts for preventing the molten steel from re-oxidizing.

The canopy nozzle can prevent the steel from flowing upstream when start casting.

Long service life and non-preheating ladle shroud: compound material for different steel grades and make the service life over 450 minutes.

Monoblock Stopper

 Al2O3-ZrO2-C series for multi-frequency steel grades.
 MgO-C series for special steels such as calcium-processed steel and high oxygen content steel.

Insert Nozzle

Given-diameter zirconic water outlet is made of zirconia and imported natural baddeleyite, formed by high tension and baked in high temperature when stabilized by special technology. Different sizes and types of outlets are designed and made according to user's different steel-making conditions and requirements.

    It has some advantage of high refractoriness, well thermal-shock resistant, anti-eroding, anti-erosive, changeless diameter and lasting long.

    During continuous casting it is mainly used in continuous casting tundish small square adobes, big square adobes, rectangle adobes and small board adobes.

Porous Plug

Characterized by stable structure, broad range of air permeating, easy adjustment of airflow, higher target-hit ratio, scouring resistance, erosion resistance and long service life. This porous plug is made of tabular alumina and high purity spinel as starting material. The service life of the products can synchronize with ladle lining when applied in medium-and small-sized continuous casting ladle and the product's service life can be over 30 heats when used in refining ladle. Monolithic or separated forms can be adopted according to in-site conditions.

Striking Plate And Slag Trap For Tundish

Tundish striking plate and slag trap are cast and moulded by alumina-silicate or aluminum-magnesium refractory concrete. The materials is featured by high temperature strength, shock resistance and scouring resistance properties. Different material might be designed according to the tundish conditions to satisfy the lining packaging.


Tundish Dry-process Vibratory Material

 Tundish dry-process vibratory material is mainly prepared by magnesium or other alkali materials and no water is added in construction. Featured by easy construction, short baking time, long service life and easy disintegration, it is mainly used in the work coating of tundish.

Fire Clay Bricks

Fire Clay Bricks

High Alumina Bricks

High Alumina Bricks

Refractory Shapes

Refractory Shapes

Steel Plant Spares

Steel Plant Spares


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