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Castor Oil Derivatives

Acrsol grades are chemically castor oil derivatives. They are almost tasteless and odrless. They are solubilizer fro fat soluble vitamins, perfumes, essential oils and other hydrophobic pharmaceuticals. It improves the solubility of poorly soluble drugs.

We are offering almost odorless and tasteless ACRYSOL K -140 which is transparent, white and thick liquid. ACRYSOL K -140 is chemically "Polyoxyl 40-hydrogenated castor oil" and confirms to USP/NF & EP specification. Before using in any application, ACRYSOL K -140 must be heated up to 40°C to 55°C . Further, it is known for self shining property and less consumption. ACRYSOL K -140 offered by us is stable over a broad temperature range and pH independent.


Following are the Applications :

  • Vitamin solubilizer : ACRYSOL K-140 is tasteless and odorless and is added in oral and topical applications of vitamin A, D, E and K type form.
  • Dissolution Improver : Use ACRYSOL K-140 3.0 to 5.0% of API weight, dissolve in water / solvent (paste vehicle) and after that mix with API.
  • Solubilizer : ACRYSOL K-140 improves compatibility of incompatible ingredients as well as water solubility of all major water insoluble products.
  • Emulsifier : Acrysol K-140 is excellent emulsifying agent for all major hydrophobic substances such as fatty alcohols, mineral oil and fatty acids.
  • Pharmaceuticals ingredient solubilizer : ACRYSOL K-140 solubilizes different hydrophobic substances in aqueous solutions and make solutions clear.
  • Moisturizer : Acrysol K-140 improves moisturizing effect.
  • Masking agent : Acrysol K-140 masks unpleasant taste and odor of typical volatile solvents such as pharmaceutical syrups containing alcohol.
  • Foam stabilizer : ACRYSOL K-140 has little tendency to foaming but it works perfectly when foaming agents are added into the formulations. It works as foam stabilizer and foam booster. ACRYSOL K-140 is preferable in shaving gel, tooth paste, hand wash gel and other similar type of cleaning and toiletries, formulations. Add small quantity of Polypropylene glycol 2000 or simethecone to decrease or eliminate the foam
  • Volatility retardment : Acrysol K-140 retards volatilities of volatile solvents and can be used in high volatile products such as after-shave lotion and perfumes to sustain its effect for long time.
  • Transparency improvement : Acrysol K-140 solubilize insoluble oily substances in aqueous system and furtherimproves transparency with shining. Besides, it gives elegance look by improving transparency in cosmetic products such as hand wash gel, shaving gel, hair styling gel and others. It also reforms transparency in pharmaceutical syrup formulations.
  • Film former : Acrysol K-140 improves film forming and flow properties. To improve film forming, it is most preferred in lotion, cream, lipstick and others.



ACRYSOL K -140 is made of some ingredients such as:

  • Hexachlorocylohexane
  • Hexedine
  • Eucalyptol
  • Benzocaine
  • Levomepromazine Thiopental
  • Gramicidin
  • Oil of anise
  • Linseed Oil
  • Oil of sage
  • Clotrimazol

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