Diagnostic Instruments

CPC offers an entire spectrum of instruments which will meet the requirements of all laboratories very large to the small.


  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Haematology 
  • Coagulation
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Pre Analytical Automation


Fully Automated Chemistry Analyser - 100 Tests / Hour

TurboChem 100

New Generation fully automated Random Access Biochemistry Analyser

Unique Features:

Performs up to 100 Tests per hour

Analysis requires minimum reagent volume of 200 ul with 2 ul sample volume

Tests Emergency Sample at any Time

Eliminates Manual Error

Easy QC Data Management

Low Reagent Consumption

Performs wide range of Biochemistry and Immuno Turbidimetry Assays

Remote Maintenance facility – provided through 'i-track'

Biolis50i Superior

  • Highest Throughput – 480 Tests/hr for photometry & 580 Tests/hr with ISE.
  • Hemolysis of whole blood sample for HbA1c is available automatically.
  • Clot detector for the sample probe enhances the accuracy of the test results.
  • Automatic sample clot detection & Automatic cleaning. Clot detector for the sample probe enhances the accuracy of the test results

Immuno Fluoresence Microscope

With our expertise in this domain, we are able to offer Eurostar that easily meets the requirements of indirect immuno-fluorescence. Designed with the aid of latest technology, this instrument can accommodate digital camera and has halogen light source for light microscopy.


Salient Features:

  • Blue Light System- Low power consumption, no UV radiation and explosion proof
  • Life span of LED is 50000 hours

Coagulation Analyser

We have introduced a comprehensive solution for Coagulation instruments & Reagents.

Fully Automated range of Coagulation Analyzers – Thrombolyzer series from World leaders of hemostasis Behnk Elektronik GmbH & Co., Germany.

Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzer – Thrombostat single channel, Thrombostat Double channel, Thrombotimer 1, 2 & 4.

Unique Features of Thrombolyzer Compact X:

A Next-Generation Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer which combine of all the advantages of Behnk Thrombolyzer reliability and modern analysis techniques.

Superior Opto-Mechanical Measurement with New Digital Clot Detection.

Up to 160 tests/ hour. Can perform Clotting, Chromogenic & Immunologic tests.

New Software (Linux) with comprehensive traceability – including reaction curves, reagent level display, QC data base and the usual intuitive user friendly interface.

Hemoglobin Analyser

Features :
  •      Results in 60 Seconds
  •      Works on Battery
  •      565 nm LED – Optics – Maintenance Free
  •      Connectivity to external printers and PC
  •      Low Cost per Test
  •      Traceable Calibration
  •      Measuring Procedure – Photometry
  •      Measuring Range – 2-25 g/dl
  •      Power Consumption max 5 VA
  •      Weight – 1.15kg without battery

Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser (Stat Fax 3000 +)

With years of experience in this realm, we are able to offer Semi Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyser in two different models such as Stat Fax 3000 and Stat Fax 3300. Both the analyzers are designed in accordance with the set industry standards and are manufactured using duly tested components.


Stat Fax 3000

  • On board curve editing facility to perform immuno turbidimetry tests with Ease
  • Live plotting of kinetic assays with linear phase selection (LPS)


Anti Dsdna Ncx - Elisa Kit

Our clients can avail from us, Anti Dsdna Ncx Elisa, which is a new revolution in the diagnosis of SLE. The sensitivity of this instrument is 60% that is higher than gold standard and 8% more than conventional ELISA. To improve the quality, highly purified nuclei is used as the linking substance.

Automated Multiplate ELISA Processor

Euroimmum Analizer

Leveraging on our advanced manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer Euroimmum Analizer that is basically a fully automated ELISA processor. Designed with the assistance of latest technology, this open system instrument has more than 800 validated parameters for serum, plasma and CSF. Being easy to handle and operate, this convenient test system is ideal for reliable diagnosis.

Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzer


  • Mechanical measurement principle
  • One measuring channel
  • Results in seconds and INR
  • Measuring volume 150–400 µl
  • Manual or automatic start
  • Five incubation positions