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Textile Quality Assurance

Textile Quality Assurance

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Based on the customer’s requirement, we assess the quality interventions required at various stages of production and provide customized Quality Assurance Service packages which include:

  • Fabric quality assurance

  • Prue production quality monitoring

  • Process quality monitoring

  • Final random inspection (AQL)

  • Statistical quality improvement

  • Checking floor management

  • RRR – Reducing Rework and Rejection

    Conquest in addition to providing these services to organisations,provide customized training packages to organisations for better quality output.

This is to identify if any critical deviations are observed whilst in production and has the potential to manifest into a bigger problem and a deterrent during Final inspection.

Apparel Quality Assurance, Inspections.

Final Random Inspection


This process is customer focused. Under agreed terms, we visit the manufacturing facility when the goods are ready to dispatch. This is to evaluate the goods in carton packed conditions if they meet the defined  requirements of the customers                

  • Carton marking, Quality and specifications
  • Packing (Methods of packing assortment, Bar code readability)
  • Styles and Accessories
  • Workmanship & Measurements
  • Performance & Testing

Quality Assuarance


This process is customer focussed. This is to ensure                 

  • The customer specifications / changes are rightly understood at the production floor
  • The Quality parameters are in line with the specifications defined / established
  • The goods manufactured and ready for despatch meet the Quality standards

Textile Testing Services

Conquest provides Textile testing services for Yarn, fabrics and garments. Physical tests are done based on ISO, AATCC, ASTM methods as per the customer’s requirement.

  • Yarn count
  • Yarn strength
  • Fabrics and Garments
  • GSM
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Color fastness to washing
  • Spirality
  • Color fastness to rubbing – Dry rub
  • Color fastness to rubbing – wet rub
  • Color fastness to perspiration
  • Color fastness to water
  • Color fastness to saliva
  • Pilling
  • Garment Appearance
  • Water testing for potability

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