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Cobalt Octoate 6percent

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Cobalt Octoate with 6% Cobalt content is an effective accelerator for polyester. It affects curing or polymerization of Unsaturated Polyester Resins in combination with catalyst likes MEKP (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide).

Cobalt is also an extremely active & most widely used drier in coatings & is capable of being used even as a single Drier. It is primarily an oxidation catalyst & acts as a "Surface Drier". It may have a tendency to cause surface wrinkling, hence to provide

Accelerator 2percent

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It is Cobalt Octoate dissolved in hydrocarbon solvent. It is violet colored volatile liquid. It is activated with Hardener also called MEKP catalyst. Acelerator 2% Acelerator 2% Manufacturers Available in 250ml., 500ml., 1liter, 5liter, 30liter plastic containers.

Resin Hardener

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It is clear, colorless, slightly viscous liquid with sharp, pungent smell. Freely soluble in most organic solvents. It is Methyl Ethyl Ketone in Phthalate plasticizer. Dilute solution of MEPK initiates Polymerization of Polyester Resins in glass-reinforced plastic, and casting. MEKP in the system dose this through production of free radicals. Available in 250ml., 500ml., 1liter, 5liter, 30liter plastic containers. For Gel coat formulations and FRP molding the quantity of Accelerator 2% and Resin hardener required for room temperature (25oC - 45oC) curing may be so adjusted that the resin gels to a tacky condition within the required time (Approx. 20-30minutes). More delayed gel times may cause styrene loss which in turn may result in under cure. For Hand lay up technique of FRP molding at ambient temperature of 250C, 2-3% hardener with 2-3% accelerator will give satisfactory results with most of the resins. Resin Hardeners Resin Hardeners Manufacturers In gel coats the quantity of hardener and accelerator should not be reduced below 2% to ensure proper curing as gel coats are relatively thin. For laminating applications smaller quantities of hardener and accelerator may serve the purpose. Take extreme care and do store accelerator & hardener at separate isolated places.

BP Paste

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It's a white thixotropic paste used as an initiator for curing of unsaturated polyester resins. Main application is curing of putties at ambient temperature in combination with amine accelerators. Benzoyl Peroxide 121 if a free flowing powder finds its application in construction industry especially for curing resin systems used for grouting and in food industry especially for flour bleaching, cheese bleaching etc.

FRP Pigment Pastes

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Croda Pigment Pastes are high quality pigment pastes, offer users a wide range of distinct colour shades, specially formulated to impart weather ability and colour fastness. All Croda pigment pastes are based on stable, lightfast pigments and non reactive media.

The colour pastes are made using a specifically formulated, monomer-free polyester resin as the medium. This resin used is compatible with almost all known polyester resins and gelcoats.

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