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About Crystal Aquarist

New species discoveries are made and some of these also become new choices for home aquariums. Fish keeping in a freshwater aquarium is one of the most popular leisure-time activities in the world. Millions of people have discovered the enjoyment, satisfaction, and relaxation that come from maintaining aquariums stocked with colorful tropical fish.

Incepted in the year 1995, Crystal Aquarist is engaged in supplying and exporting variety of aquarium fishes such as tropical fishes, ornamental aquarium fishes, wild caught aquarium fishes, ornamental aquarium tropical fishes, marine fishes and wildcaught fishes. By maintaining cordial business relationship with the local fish breeders network and wild fish collectors, have helped us in offering a variety and species of aquarium fishes that meets various requirements of our clients. Further, we own an outlet and stock tanks, which is located in the main fish business area at Chennai. 

In addition to this, under the able supervision of our Mentor Mr. R. RAJAN, who holds affluent experience about aquarium fishes, we have reached heights of success in the international market.

Client Satisfaction

Our motto is to continuously enhance the level of customer satisfaction by providing a wide range of Aquarium Fishes. We always strive to offer high-quality Aquarium fishes along with excellent services that meet the various requirements of our esteemed clients. Our wide client base is the result of our reputable status which we have been able to achieve because of our firm commitment to quality.

The industry leading prices of our entire range coupled with the excellent services are added advantages for us to become a reckoned name in the industry. We always strive to satisfy our clients, in all manners possible. Apart from this, we offer easy payment options to help our clients perform hassle free transaction with us.

Aquarium Fishes

There are many reasons for keeping aquariums as they provide first hand information and look at nature.  Aquariums help to learn much about fish and their behavior by studying them uniformly. This hobby also offers many levels of involvement, any of which can be fun.

Watching fish is very relaxing. The studies show that the sight of fish swimming quietly in their aquatic home, reduces tension, and provides relief from the stresses of our busy lives.

Fish make ideal pets and considered as most popular leisure-time activities. While keeping an aquarium is not difficult, it only requires some small knowledge of fish and their biological needs.

Fishes We Deal In

Our organization is involved in dealing with variety of Aquarium fishes that are sourced from the local fish breeders and wild fish collectors. This entire range is categorized into tropical fishes, marine fishes and wild cam ht fishes such as Aquarium fish, Colour Fish, Fresh Water Fish, Marine Aquarium Fish, Marine Fishes, Ornamental Fishes, Tropical Fishes, Tropical Ornamental Fishes, Tropical Aquarium Fishes, Wild Caught Fishes, Thalassoma Lunare. These fishes are kept in aquarium to brighten the home, provide a calming atmosphere and learn more about nature. We have experience professionals who are expert and have full understanding about the various species of fishes.  Maintaining an aquarium and keeping fish is very simple and fun. These Fishes are used in Fish gallery and as home décor as these are very easy to maintain and very attractive

Types of Fishes

We offer a wide variety of Aquarium fishes. These fishes are categorized under Tropical fishes, Marine fishes and Wild caught fishes that are appreciated across the globe due to its attractive appearance and are well-suited to a community tank inhabited by other fishes. These are available in several different color varieties also that enhance the home décor.

The various types of fishes offered by us include:

Black molly
Silver molly
Golden molly
Black balloon molly
Silver balloon molly
Golden balloon molly
Red Platy
Sunset platy
Mickey mouse platy
Red Sword Tail
Pine apple sword tail
Red & white sword
Blue gourami
White gourami
Golden gourami
Honey gourami
Kissing gourami
Pearl gourami
Black angel
White angel
Half black angel
Zebra angel
Butterfly moores
Calico gold
Pearl scale gold
Rancho gold
Oranda gold
Ryukin gold
Shubinskin gold
Lionhead gold
Red cap gold
Koi carp
Red oscar
Albino oscar
Copper oscar
Tiger oscar
Glass cleaner
Buenos aires tetra
Albino buenos tetra
Red eye tetra
Surpae tetra
Neon tetra
Tiger barb
Rosy barb
Silver dollar
Rainbow shark
Redtail rainbow shark
Albino rainbow shark
Tiger shark
Albino tiger shark
Silver shark
Tinfoil barb
Albino tinfoil  
Blue Damsel
3 Spot Damsel
Y Tail Damsel
Brown Damsel
Smoke Angel
Kuran Angel
Blue Ring Angel
Wimple Moorisidel Angel
Midnight Angel
Emperor Angel
Pakistan Butt
Spand Butt
Wagapand Butt
Blue Plocked Butt
Melon Butt
Lined Butt
Chevarn butt
Lion Fish
Dr Wrasse
Moon Wrasse
6 Par Wrasse
Chekerpord Wrasse
Daskey Wrasse
Bird Mouth Wrasse
Rainbow Wrasse
Sweet Lips
Jewel Putter
Dog Face Putter
Cow Fish
Sailfin Tang
Brown Tang
Redhag Fish
Gopy Fish
Red Fire Anthias
Golden Travely
Blue Tooth Trigger
Green Anemone
Ane Color Anemone
Cap Anemone
Blue Face Anemone
Star Red
Common Star F
inger Star
Blennie Fish
Surgeon major
Squirrel Fish
Botio dario
Botio Lohachata
Botio rostrata
Botio Striata
Badis bengalensis
Colisa Lalia
Colisa faciata
Barilius  gatensis
Gara kempi
Peacock eel
White / Black eel
Rocket Shrimp
Anchor cat
Zodac Looch
Puntius denisoni
Puntius fasciatus
Puntius filamentosus
Channa blue
Channa blehar
Etroplus cannarensis
Etroplus maculates
Etroplus suratensi

Fish Breading Farms

We are engaged in offering variety of aquarium fishes that are widely appreciated across the globe. We use a method of improving conditions for breeding aquatic fishes that comprising the steps of injecting an ozonated gas into a stream of water to achieve a level of ozonation. We provide the right food, at the right amount consist bloodworms (fresh or frozen), brineshrimp, high protein sinking pellet foods (above 45% protein), beefheart mix, mytis shrimp and high protein flake foods. This helps them to grow faster in a healthy manner.

Further, the water quality is soft, acidic and clean with PH between 6.0 and 7.5 with a general hardness between 5 and 15. This imitates there natural habitat and can trigger spawning.

Why Us?

Some of the advantageous business to choose from our wide range of Aquarium Fishes includes:

  • Wide distributional network
  • Variety of fishes to choose from
  • Ethical business practices
  • Industry leading prices

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