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We hold in-depth expertise in offering a broad gamut of Home & Kitchen Equipment. This gamut consists of Five in One Sofa Bed, Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine and Induction Cooker Magic Stove. Our Home Kitchen products are highly appreciated in the market for their sturdy designs, durable finish and precision engineering.

Five In One Sofa Bed

Capitalizing on our immense domain expertise, we are capable of offering a comprehensive assortment of Five In One Sofa Bed. This is highly a sophisticated sofa equipped with a luxurious lounger. It is also featured with a relaxed recliner and a children's high rise sleeper. The beautifully blissful bed offered by us can be availed at market leading prices.



  • Attractive designs
  • Superior finish
  • Durable


Branded Induction Cook Top

Branded Induction Cook Top Kitchen & Home Appliance

Offered by us is a wide range of Induction Cooker Magic Stove. The working of this Induction cooker is based on the principle of magnetic forces inducing heat energy. There is absence of heating coil and the associated power wastage in these cookers. Owing to electromagnetic induction heating, the bottom of the vessel alone gets heated. The risk of electric shock is not there in these cookers. Moreover, there is also no risk of burns as the bottom of the vessel heats up due to induction heating. These Induction Cooker Magic Stoves help in having clean, efficient, Eco-friendly, safe and healthy cooking. Our cookers are designed incorporating the philosophy of no burn, no smoke, no shock, no sweat and no heat. Clients can avail stainless steel flat vessel with lid free with this induction cooker.



  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Cheaper cooking experience
  • Strong power
  • Power and temperature adjustable
  • Multiple cooking options
  • Environment friendly, no smoke, no exhaust gas
  • Power supply: 220-240 v 50 Hz
  • Power: 2000 W

Mini Sewing Machine 4 In 1 With Free Adaptor & Pedal


·         Mini sewing machine

·         Practically convinience big value.



·         comes pre-threaded and ready to use

·         sews in a durable chain locking stitch

·         mini size, light and with good space for guiding sewing cloth by handpower alloy gears inside to guarantee long time use

·         large spool can be used with rewinding device for easy replacement of bottom bobbin

·         with pedal for easy foot control

·         AC, DC operation. Requires 4"aa'batteries or acadapter (not included)

·         with two speed control

·         the light in the sewing machine head can illuminate your sewing when more light needed

·         sew the sleeves easily.                                      

Vegetable Cutter

Vegetable Cutter

Vegetable Cutter is an amazing chopper specially designs to save your time in the kitchen. Vegetable Cutter is best to chop julienne fruit, cheese, onions, zucchini, peppers, celery, pickles, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, herbs with its amazing steel blades.Dicer Is Very Easy To Use, Place One Hand On The Container And Other On The Surface Of The Vegetable Cutter And Put Little Pressure On It. The Cut And Chop Pieces Automatically Transfer Instantly From The Cutting Surface Into The Polycarbonate Bowl. Put Away That Knife And Leave The Food Processor In The Cabinet. Put Down That Knife And Give Your Eyes A Rest When Chopping Fresh Onions. You'll Be Amazed At How Perfectly You Can Dice A All The Vegetables And Fruits In Just Few Seconds!

Sofa Cum Bed Seat Baby Nap Bed Recliner Inflatable With Pump

Air U Space 5 in 1 Sofa

  • The Perfect Seating and Sleeping Solution.
  • Why settle for just an inflatable queen size bed when you can have the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed.
  • It is more than just an inflatable bed.
  • It is also a greater value for your money.
  • The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is the ultimate sleeping and seating solution.
  • It will provide you with more space in small living quarters and also give you a great place to sleep.
  • The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed will make a great addition to any living room, bedroom,guest room, recreation room or any studio apartment.
  • You can even use the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed outside around the house,camping and even in the pool.
  • The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed can be used as a 3 Seat Sofa,Lounger,Recliner,Queen Sized Bed, Children's High Rise Sleeper. 

Merlin 123 Juicer Grinder Mixer Multi Blender

Merlin 123 Mixer juicer Grinder Blender with Juicer 2 Blades ( New In Box )


* 1 x Motor Unit

* 2 x 3D Cups (250ml)

* 2 x 3D Cups Large (400ml)

* 1 x Grinding and Whipping blade/p>

* 1 x Multi Functional Blade

* 4 x Storage Lids

* 1 x Shaker Lid Fine

* 1 x Shaker Lid Course

* 1 x Blender Attachment (1000ml)

* 1 x Measurement Cup

* 1 x Fruit Plunger

* 1 x Instructional Manual

Merlin has been specially developed for food-processing in seconds. From quick snacks to gourmet-dishes! The Merlin?s special Switch-On-Touch System fulfills the latest security standards and prevents any kind of contact with the blades.

Just press down on the unit and everything is done by the time you count 1-2-3!

All this makes Merlin 123 an innovative and secure kitchen helper and practical counter top machine for countless tasks!

With its sleek design and compact shape this kitchen magician will add a touch of class to any counter top.

But dont forget, beauty is not just skin deep!  The Merlins innovative design gives you the 3-D effect for fast and effective chopping and blending!! The centrifugal spinning forces of the blades transport the contents through the sides, up to the conical form of the container which creates a vacuum suction, bringing everything directly back to the blade - conventional mixers tend to push the contents out to the sides, but the Merlin crea8tes a tornado effect and ensures that your contents are evenly mixed and chopped through out. When you order you will also receive four Merlin storage cups and lids  ideal for keeping your food fresh, and an extensive recipe guide booklet with exciting recipes from around the world for you to create with your Merlin!

English Mantra

English Mantra is highly successful self-improvement multimedia program of English learning. This book offers an invaluable resource for English language as a good teachers. Each unit provides practice and reinforcement in the use of speaking, reading, and writing of English. It includes rules of English grammar and sentence structure, punctuation, word usage in correct contexts, and advice on adapting one's writing style to different assignments, both for classroom and business use. In classrooms the program contained in this book can constitute a course, proceeding from easy to more complex ideas. More advanced instruction covers topics that include basic English, conversation, English grammar and ends with advice on handling larger elements of language English. It also contains a workbook that can also serve as a self-teacher. It contains a lot of questions and exercises that help readers put the rules of English grammar and writing style into practice.

Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker / Chapati / Tortilla / Flat Bread

Everybody wants a perfect shape of their roti. So we are providing you with roti maker which gives your roti a perfect round shape on its own. It gives less heat to the roti so that it puffs out well. Features portable user friendly easy to maintain easy to clean ensures safety applications home restaurants hotels.

Super Blow Vac

The small sized or handy vacuum cleaner has always been amongst our bestselling products. And now we bring you the Blow Vac 800 watts of power, WITHSUCTION AND BLOWER!! It is designed to be totally portable and ideal for smalljobs inside your home, garage or cleaning your car. 800 Watts of pure suctionpower comes in through the front of the machine and is pushed out through theback with the same force. The vac is transformed into a powerful blower, whichblasts out air like a tornado. Features: 2 in 1 super suction and power blower.800 w of power suction powerful enough to pick up even a heavy bowling ball.Easy to clean simply open and empty. Lightweight and portable. Use the blowerfeature to blow away dust from window, grill etc or to inflate beds/ balloons.Comes with 14 attachments. Flexible Hose. Flexible hose with air ventadjustment (for suction control). Floor / carpet cleaning device with leverfunction and roller. 3 extension rods for those hard to reach areas.Adjustable carrying belt. Back blower attachment ( cover) Hard brush (forupholstery curtains, rugs, carpets, soft furnishings). Small brush for moredelicate places such your piano, computer keyboards and air filter etc ( withflexible movements) Crevice nozzle. Connecting Tubes. 4 pc blower attachments

Kitchen Slice Vegetables Cutting 3 Blades Vegetable Slicer

Includes Fine blade, Medium blade and Coarse blade

Safety device included to protect fingers from blade

Produces crisp cuts of fruits and vegetables

Easy adjustment for thickness of cut

Made in Japan

The Benriner Asian Mandoline Slicer includes sharp, super high quality stainless steel blades that provide a clean cut to any vegetable. Comes equipped with three different blades giving you the ability to slice in many various ways. The Fine Blade creates elegant vegetable garnishes for professional looking meals. Prefect for carrots, radishes, or any other firm vegetable. The Medium Blade is excellent for quick and easy uniform stir-fry pieces, suitable for almost any vegetable including onions, peppers, radishes, beets, zucchini, etc. The Coarse Blade makes chunky and crisp cuts of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, peaches, etc

Kitchen Multi Cook King Non Stick Electric Pizza Pan

Home King(Kitchen King) is india's first multifunctional electric Pan Kitchen King in Indian market.

Environmental Protection Induction Cooker Magic Stove

Induction cooker works on the principle of magnetic forces inducing heat energy. Here there is no heating coil and the associated power wastage. The bottom of the vessel alone gets heated due to electro magnetic induction heating. Here there is absolutely no risk of electric shock. Since only the bottom of the vessel heats up due to induction heating, there is no risk of burns. It gives you a clean, efficient, eco-friendly, safe and healthy way to cook. The no burn - no smoke - no shock- no sweat AND NO HEAT - cooker is bound to revolutionize the way Indian women cook. It will be the first step towards safe, convenient, cheaper cooking experience. Strong Power * Power and Temperature adjustable * Multiple cooking options * Environment friendly, no smoke, no exhaust gas * Power Supply: 220-240 V 50 Hz * Power : 2000 W * Get a Stainless Steel Flat Vessel with Lid FREE with this induction cooker

New Stylish Portable Magic Table

Magic Table, Computer Table, Fold able Laptop Table, Kids Table.

New Stylish Portable Magic Table Mate Adjustable Folding Laptop Bed Tray Table

Table Tray Size: Length x Width = 53cm x 40cm

Legs Size: Length = 69cm

Legs to go under Length = 43cm

When Flat Packed Dimensions of box = 53cm x 45cm x 6.5cm

Circumference of Legs = 8cm

Diameter of legs = 4cm

Tablemate II is the perfect portable table to use for anything you would use a table surface for.

Compact, flat folding table for people living in small spaces

Ideal for eating, typing, studying, reading, drawing, and much more

Tabletop slides to the horizontal position for easy, convenient use

Folds into compact footprint and stores under sofa or in closet

Assembles in less than 2 minutes (no tools or fasteners required)

Size: 1

Color: White

Brand: Table-Mate

Model: 14350-4

Released on: 2007-03-12

Dimensions: 18.50″ h x 20.25″ w x 28.50″ l, 6.00 pounds 



Editorial Reviews

Our Product Description Ideal for people who live in small spaces,the Table-Mate II creates a compact, flat surface for virtually any activity. Use it for eating, typing on a laptop, studying, reading, writing, drawing, playing board games, building models, gardening, or serving hors d’oeuvres. The Table-Mate II assembles easily out of the box, with no tools or fasteners required. More importantly, the table is a breeze to use when fully assembled. Simply slide the table surface to the horizontal position and it’s ready for action. When you’re finished, you can then fold it back down and store it next to a chair, under a sofa, or in a closet.

Ultimate Gas Detector Home And Office Use

Life is precious save it with ultimate gas detector a must product for every home offered by an ISO 9001 : 2000 company with 2 years warranty.

Item Description :

  • Suitable for any room
  • Durable sensor
  • Head modernized design
  • Easy installation
  • Easy fitting button for performance test
  • Manufactured by ISO 9001 : 2000 factory
  • Control light 'LED'

The early warning of this electronic gas detector can save your life and property.

Technical Data :

  • Alarm sound > 85 DB
  • Working temperature 5 degree to 40 degree celsius
  • Working humidity 70% RH

Smoothie Maker Juicer Mixer Grinder

Approx. Rs 1,699 / Piece(s)

Smoothie Maker is a complete blending and food preparation machine makes preparing food you enjoy much easier! Pro V Smoothie Maker is the easiest, fastest and safest way to make delicious, yet simple recipes for salsas, dressings, soups, sauces, batters and more. It's quick to assemble, easy to clean and convenient to store. It is a wonderful way to keep healthy by having a smoothie drink at any time of the day which contains lots of vitamins and minerals and it only takes minutes to prepare.
 From now on you don't need to EAT your daily portion of healthy fruit and vitamins - just DRINK them instead with the all new Pro V Smoothie Maker. Smoothies, the new health trend, are made from whole fruit. When mixed to a puree, the juice from the fruit turns them into a creamy liquid. This creates that special "smooth" and velvety consistency which gives the fruity drink its name.
The revolutionary system design of the Pro V Smoothie Maker saves effort, space and time and its outstanding performance and unique function mean that your drink can be ready in a matter of seconds.
Thanks to the new, patented blade unit (blade and whisk) your fresh fruit drinks will get that special creamy texture and have outstanding taste.

How to Use Instructions:
Operating the unit: -Fill the cup with fruits or food.
                               -Push the safety-button and turn the cup up.
Switching off: - Push the safety button to tilt down the cup.
                        -Remove cup from the motor.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
•    Power supply: 100 to 120/220 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz and 300W
•    Two drinking cup: 415/600 and 300mL cleaning cup
•    Safe and easy to operate
•    Combination knife system with turbo function
•    One cleaning-cup and two blending jars
•    Safety button
•    Two smoothie cups with covers and spouts
•    Size: 24x13x30cm.

Other Information :

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Original V Slicer Kitchen Vegetable Chopper Machine New

Approx. Rs 999

•    Shreds and dices for safety, holder grips food, blade inserts lock in.
•    Uniformly slices and juliennes fruits and vegetables thick or thin.
•    Inserts, 7-mm and 3.5-mm. and hand guard.
•    German surgical-steel blades.
•    Includes caddy that safely stores all parts upright or flat.
With the V-Slicer you can create elegant meals using it's unique slicing tool. Forget about hand slicing, the V- Slicer allows you to make fast and impressive results, without the worry. The V-Slicer also comes in handy for those time consuming salad and casserole dishes. A tool maker by profession, Mr. Borner developed a method to manufacture razor sharp thin blades and to bend the blade in such a way that it makes cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables easy work.
Slide the selected insert into the V/Frame. On the Julienne inserts, the metal blades will face outwards or towards the V/Frame blade. Use the slicer insert with the side marked "thin" or "thick" (depending on the cut you desire) facing outwards. Slide the insert into the V/Frame until it snaps into place. Put the prepared produce onto the prongs of the safety holder. On the slicer insert, the thick or thin side depending on the desired outcome should also face outwards. Use the slicer insert for thick or thin slicing of fruits, vegetables or even sausages. The thin Julienne insert is for salads, shoestring cuts and dicing. The thick Julienne insert should be used for vegetable and cheese sticks and chopping
Borner of Germany, manufactures the finest quality vegetable slicers on the market today and are leading edge in design and technology. Their unique products help add creativity to any gourmet meal. In 1956 Borner manufactured an onion cutter made of a piece of wood with four blades. Today the Borner products have evolved into a must have line of slicers from the V-Slicer Pro to the Combi-Chef and Veg' Art Prep Tool. Borner products help add creativity to any gourmet meal. All Borner products are made in Germany.
New low prices. great buy!!!!! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!!!!!
7 Days replacement warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Genius Salad Chef For Cutting And Spinning

Item Code: SC
With the Genius SaladChef preparing salads of all kinds (green salad, mixed, potatoes, noodles, sausages and any other) becomes very easy. But not only is it suitable for preparing salads - safe, clean and fast - the ingredients for hors d'oeuvres, main meals with vegetables, little snacks, soups, stews, goulash, desserts, fruit flan, etc. are also cut in no time at all. The cut goods are collected in a bowl; no cutting board or knife is needed. And the same bowl can be put on the table to serve the food and can be closed with an airtight lid.

In the spinning salad bowl the salads and vegetables or fruits can easily be cleaned and spun dry. And the sieves are suitable for pouring off noodles, potatoes, etc.

Material: stainless steel, TPR, AS, ABS, silicone, polycarbonate, PA66, polypropylene

Note: dishwasher-safe, food-proof, tasteless

The set consists of:
•    1 cutting lid
•    1 blade insert, 12mm x 12mm cubes (incl. protective cover)
•    1 blade insert, 14mm x 14mm cubes (incl. protective cover)
•    1 bowl (h: 12cm, diametre 25cm), capacity 4,5l
•    1 airtight lid for bowl (with silicone sealing ring)
•    1 lid for spinning
•    1 big spinning sieve
•    1 professional peeler
•    BONUS: Salad Chef recipe book

Aluma Aluminium RFID Safe, Water Resistant, Indestructible C

Item Code: 123
  • Stylish, fashionable and functional
  • Nearly indestructible
  • RFID data secure guard against Card data theft
  • The aluma wallet keeps credit cards secure from RFID scanners used by thieves
  • Aluminum metal prevents hacking or accidental reading of your contact-less payment cards and protects cards from demagnetization damages
  • Designed for money, business cards, credit cards, ID cards and any other cards
  • Expandable pockets; aluminum outer shell; ABS plastic interior; PVC plastic divider
  • Ultra-slim outer case with seven Pockets
  • Click button for easy opening and closing
  • Made of die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Water resistant. Keeps valuables dry
  • Light-weight, compact and portable - sleek and handy
  • Unisex - suits both men and women
  • Closure Type: Hasp
  • Size: 108 x 73 x 20mm (approx)
  • Item Weight: 90g
  • Please mention colour choice else we will ship based on availability.

E Styler Multi Function Hair Straightener Salon Equipment

Approx. Rs 1,799

* Black injection housing, Professional splint paint
* Ceramic coating/Titanium/Tourmaline plate
* PTC heater
*  Adjustable Temperature control with LED display
* With 2m flat black 360 degree swivel cable,   2X0.5MM2, VDE plug
* 3 Grades temperature setting
* temperature from 120-200°C
* 110--127V & 220--240V,50/60Hz 35W
* Special Ergonomic design to prevent scald
* Hand-shape ergonomic design handle

New Hair Straightener Hair curler US Safety Plug
Quantity: 1 lot (10 Piece / lot)
Package Size: 40.0 * 40.0 * 40.0 ( cm )
Gross Weight/Package: 10.0 ( kg )

Product Features
Tame the coarsest hair, curl the the thinnest flyaway hair. Straighten the thickest, curliest hair! All with less frying, drying heat.
The secret to the lies in its rotating polishing cylinder and four rows of precision-aligned bristles.
The gentle heat and rotating barrel polishes each hair strand individually, giving you incredible shine and style!

Product Description
You can deal with shampoos and conditioners. Professional hair styling can be expensive. You`ve got the insight but you don`t have the proper styling tools.

Cyber Sonic Hearing Enhancer Aid Machine Sound Amplifier

·  Cyber Sonic Hearing Enhancer

·  Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels

·  6 volume level

·  Adjustable to either ear

·  Complete set.

Branded Spin Spa Turns Your Shower Into A Spa

Product title :-branded spin spa turns your shower into a spa


Feature :

  • Turn showering into a Spa Experience with SpinSpa - As Seen On TV

    Aging skin, tired muscles, dry cracked feet? You could go to a luxury spa to rejuvenate you skin and pamper your body or you can bring the spa to you with SpinSpa. The spinning brush that turns showering into a spa experience. For aging skin use the microderm abrasion head to cleanse away dead skin cells from head to toe and reveal the youthful skin beneath or use the mesh sponge for a more gentle exfoliation giving your skin that clean and healthy glow everyday.

    For tired muscles use the message head to sooth away aches and pains. The soft messaging fingers also improve circulation, perfect for areas prone to cellulite. For dry cracked feet use the salon quality pumice stone to smooth away calices and rough skin, so you can have pedicure perfect feet all the time. SpinSpa comes with every indulgence you find at a spa, great for everyday cleaning too. Just add your favorite soap or body wash and let spin spa do the rest.

    The extra long handle makes reaching your back and lower legs easy. Who needs a spa? Now you can pamper yourself with spa luxury everyday in the convenience of your own home. It comes complete with the Microderm Head, mesh Sponge Head and Cleaning head as a  you will receive the message head and the pumice stone head.

    Pamper your skin, muscles and feet. Rejuvenate your skin and pamper your body. Spin Spa will give you radiant skin and pedicure perfect feet.