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Established at Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, we “Daily Mushrooms,” welcome all entrepreneurs to develop their part of the society through our services, which has emerged as the right choice to make dreams come true. For becoming business partner with Daily mushrooms, the solutions offered by us include milky mushroom, mushroom powder, mushroom capsules, fiber products, health products, health supplement, syrup refreshment drink, health mix, fiber capsules, fiber supplement, food supplement, herbal capsules, herbal products Mushroom Cultivation that include Mother Spawn, Pure Culture, Bed Preparation, Mushroom Cultivation, Casing Soil and Harvesting. Other than this, we also offer Training for Mushroom growing with special emphasis on areas like Mother Spawn, Spawn Run Bed, Pure culture and Milky Mushroom.


Our business operations are led by Ms. Shumitha Periyasamy, who has with her rich experience in our industry sector. Her visionary business approach as well as strong service support provided by our team of Mushroom Cultivators and Trainers helps us to successfully meet the entrepreneurship efforts made by companies and individuals alike who are interested in the field of Mushroom cultivation.


Today, other than Contract & Non Contract Business plans, we also offer entrepreneurs and Organic Food Farmers Contract Farming Training where we will be providing training for milky mushroom cultivation on every week basis (Tuesday & Wednesday). With a batch of 10 students accommodated for each course, our training is based on providing hands-on experience for the cultivation of milky mushrooms.

Our Vision

Our Vision

  • To strengthen the backbone of Indian Agriculture
  • To increase the per capita production of Mushroom in India
  • Dynamically becoming the talk of the city
  • To create awareness and evolution in organic foods



Customer service with finest quality output and mutual benefits at affordable prices.

Our Products

  • Anti Dabetes
  • Anti Cancer
  • Anti Hyper Tension
  • Anti Gastritis
  • Anti Coronary Artery Disease

Products Portfolio

Products Portfolio

Strengthening backbone of Indian Agriculture & Organic Food as well as for increasing per capita production of Mushroom in India, we offer both farmers and business entrepreneurs a business model for the cultivation and selling of Mushrooms. This is offered through following programs:


Mushroom Cultivation -


  • Pure Culture
  • Mother Spawn
  • Bed Preparation
  • Casing Soil
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Harvesting


Mushroom Training-


  • Spawn Run Bed
  • Mother Spawn
  • Pure culture
  • Milky Mushroom

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

“Trust speaks in business than investment.” We welcome all entrepreneurs to develop their part of society using services of Daily mushrooms, which has emerged as the right choice for making the dreams to come true.


We create possibilities for you to become business partners with Daily mushrooms. The details include:


Business Partners

We help in creating central lab facility for each state so as to take care of areas like seed production, quality of raw material, inspection of field, marketing control, technical assistance, training of the farmer


We need persons for every 25 km to supply spawn run bed to cultivating partners (Here, the spawn run bed supplier is a regional partner)


For our cultivating partners, we require half acre of land having good water & transportation facility (Here, they would be cultivating mushrooms using our beds)


Here, we invite marketing support of people who have been in the field of mushroom marketing for a minimum of 3 years and are planning to start their carrier in mushroom marketing


Milky Mushroom Cultivation

Milky Mushroom Cultivation

Here, we are describing in detail the whole process that in involved in the cultivation of Milky Mushrooms. The steps include:


Pure culture

Isolation of tissues from mushroom (Requires culture media for isolation where we can maintain these either in test tubes/in Petri plates

Spawn preparation

From isolated pure culture, we prepare spawn using sorghum /wheat as substrate for it

Bed preparation

Beds are prepared using paddy straw & spawn produced (Its kept in spawn run room)


Spawn run bed is kept in cultivation room and is cut into two halves with casing soil applied on top for growth


Well matured mushroom are harvested at right stage (or else weight loss will be there)

Climatic factor

Temperature required is 35 - 40°C and Relative humidity required is 75 – 85%

For complete life cycle

It takes 160 days as average and care has to be taken throughout this time duration. For making it easier, we supply Spawn run beds to your farms to cultivate mushrooms (The required temperature & moisture content need to be maintained to get high yield)


Note: -


Utmost care need to be given for growth of Mushrooms that are growing in purely microbiological care. Here the environment needs to be sterile, hygienic as well as the involved labors are required to maintain quality of product.

Buy Back Assurance

Buy Back Assurance

Other than providing training and support for mushroom cultivation, we also offer clients buy back assurance in the following two forms:


Contract farming

Here, you can sign contract with our company and we will supply raw material & transportation facility (The charges to cultivate mushroom will also be paid)

Non contract farming

Here, you can buy spawn run beds at our organization for a cost and can grow mushroom and give it to us for rate specified (Here transportation cost has to be borne by you)


Cyclic Process

Cyclic Process

We also hold expertise in offering our customers support for Cyclic Process for meeting the growing needs of Mushrooms. The details include:




1 shed occupies

320 beds


Work Details -

  • It take 5 days to stuff one shed at an average of 60 beds per day with two days as off
  • For stuffing 10 sheds it takes 70 days as an average
  • Weekly once 320 beds for each shed is required
  • We supply spawn run beds
  • We have buy back facility for milky mushroom and also supply packing material for you
  • From each bed of spawn run bed, yield is around 1.5 kg to 2 kg (depending upon environment as an average we will consider as 1.5 kg)


Routine works in Shed:


  • Maintaining R.H and Temperature
  • Weed management
  • Harvesting

Contract Farming

Contract Farming

We also offer entrepreneurs training facilities for contract farming. The service details include:


Training Guidelines:


  • We provide training for milky mushroom cultivation on a weekly basis (every week Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • In each batch 10 students are accommodated
  • Here, we provide milky mushroom cultivation with hands on practice
  • The intention of this training is to enterprise as well as educate people intended to cultivate mushroom as well as provide hands on training to them
  • Prior registration for training is mandatory
  • The training will every Tuesday and Wednesday


Training is provided by our sole proprietor who is expert trainer and has gone all over India to gather hands on information in mushroom cultivation (She also has taken training for MSME, NGO’s, various organizations).


Training Time – 9 am to 5 pm -


Training Schedule:


Day 1


9.00 am to 10.00 am

Introduction about Mushroom





10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Shed construction, Raw material details, Paddy Soaking and drying



3.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Seed sorting, Bed Preparation Hands on practice


Day 2


9.00 am to 10.00 am

Bed Storage and maintenance





10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Bed Casing & Mushroom cultivation



3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Bed Preparation Hands on practice, Pest management





4.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Economics & Valedictory




  • Lunch will be provided by us
  • Pick up and drop facility will be taken care by us
  • Accommodation should be taken care of individual
  • The training schedule is subjected to change

Recipes Using Mushrooms

Recipes Using Mushrooms

There are many delicious recipes that make use of mushrooms as an ingredient. Of many some of the most liked include:

  • Mushroom Chettinad Recipe
  • Chicken and Mushroom Cream Soup Recipe
  • Grilled Mushroom Sandwich Recipe
  • Mushroom Masala Recipe
  • Tomato Mushrooms Recipe
  • Mushroom Patties Recipe
  • Mushroom Gravy Recipe
  • Mushroom Curry Recipe
  • Baked Garlic Mushrooms Recipe

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