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Sofa & Chairs

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For a look of simplistic beauty and appealing designs, artistically designed chairs offer just the right option. Beautifully created with magnificent designs, chairs have earned the patronage of discerning clients worldwide, as major items of export. Experienced and skilled Indian artisans create stately and unconventional designs for making beautiful chairs that would fit in exquisitely in any home.

Highly ornate chairs are extremely elegant in quality and craftsmanship and are available in both contemporary and traditional styles lending a touch of sophistication and character to the interiors. They often have perfect polish and smooth finish to make them true masterpieces embellishing the decor.

The range of chairs is designed to meet different requirements - chairs for garden, chairs with dining table, decorative chairs, arm chair, relaxing chairs etc. Designed keeping in mind the comfort of buyers, chairs often have the padded backs and are covered with cushions of a variety of fabrics.

Kitchen Furnishing

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Cabinets are the backbone of kitchen design. They provide storage and set the tone of the room's style. They also are one of the biggest expenditures in the home. Host Joan Kohn visits design experts Kathy Fox of The Designing Woman and Ted Goodnow of Woodmeister, to learn about the latest trends and choices in kitchen cabinets.
Some popular trends for kitchen cabinets include the following:

  • Furniture-style look where built-ins look like furniture pieces like hutches or desks
  • Mixing different styles in the same kitchen
  • Antiqued or painted finishes
  • Open shelving for display and storage
  • Extensive ornamentation and details, like columns and elaborate trim
  • Carved wood motifs

Wooden Frames

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Wooden mirror frames beautify any room in the house and are available in various size and pattern. These stylish mirror frames can also be made according to the specification of the buyer. Wooden mirror frames can adorn various formats such as rectangular, oval or round. They come in different types of wood and some are hand painted in attractive colors.


Wooden mirror frames makes an elegant accent piece for any room in the house and are originally hand crafted for residential and commercial spaces. The exquisite designs range from classical to contemporary and the frames are hand carved with variety of finishes.

Wooden Dining Tables

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Perfect for a modern lifestyle, dining table is the most essential furniture to a home. Wooden dining table is a versatile piece of furniture, displaying the fine craftsmanship and original design of India's premier artisans. Dining tables made from wood are quite unique and popular through out the world and are exported extensively.


Dining tables crafted out of wood are so practical and popular that they have been made continuously from past many centuries. There are many different types of wooden dining tables to choose from, depending on what size is required. These dining tables are usually crafted with elegant and rich traditional design including elaborate decorations and carvings, the possibilities for invention are endless.


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Wardrobe is a closet, built to hold clothes, jewelry, and other accessories. The rich history and tradition of wood craft is still relevant in the Indian household and the use of wood for artistic pursuits and also as a source of occupation is widely prevalent. Wooden wardrobe is reputed in the international market for their new designs and excellent craftsmanship.

Well crafted wooden wardrobe exudes elegant looks and keep the cloth items safely. Highly skilled carpenters manufacture high quality designer wooden wardrobe, that suit the needs of every buyer. Having number of drawers and sections, these beautiful wardrobe adds glamour to the interior of homes.

Wooden wardrobe is given a flawless finish and premium polishing, which combines to make it fabulous furniture. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, wardrobe crafted out in wood matches all the specifications and requirement of the buyers. Apart from storage purpose, the unique designs on these wardrobe makes an excellent item of display.

Antique Furniture

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Wood antique furniture carries an impression of sophistication, which makes it worth as an item of collection. For many centuries India is a home for mesmerizing woodwork that fascinates the combination of aesthetic as well as creative ideas. Its rich and affluent past still holds high esteem among the art lovers. Wood has been frequently used to shape many of human imaginations with the creation of timeless classics.

In the period of time, the art of reproducing antique furniture has flourished in India with the commendable growth in the exports of such furniture. Especially the states from northern and southern part of India are becoming major hub for such products. Wooden furniture is one such form of expression molded in different styles and shapes.

Expertise in:

  • Antique Wooden Chairs
  • Antique Wooden Almiras
  • Antique Wooden Coats
  • Antique Wooden Dining Tables

Crockery Shelf

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Crockery Shelf is one of the most endorsed furniture by the home owners and is a great way to enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. Wood is the most admirable material used for manufacturing crockery shelf. It's luxurious construction enables intricate carving and excellent artisanship. Experienced artisans have inherited various techniques and processes from their forefathers, to craft distinct crockery shelf.

Crockery shelf exhibits a wide range of beautifully crafted wooden doors and drawer, available in a variety of designs. The choice of wood makes the most impact on the cabinet's ultimate look. Crockery shelf is highly customizable and is a great way to express yourself in your home.

Designer Doors

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Especially crafted to enhance the décor and ambience of your house or office, these architectural items denote our zeal to produce perfect items to make your house an exemplary abode to happiness and success.


Made of the finest quality wood, the door has intricate designs and is sure to last for a long time.

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