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About Deepam Palm Dish

Established in 1967, we, “Deepam Palm Dish” are a sole proprietorship that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting premium quality plates, trays and greeting cards. Our products are manufactured, using arecanut palm trees and other products components by the experts. These products are Eco friendly in nature, and thus highly appreciated by foreign clients. Apart from this, our products have been acknowledged by indian railway catering, tourism corporation , ayurveda resorts and five star hotels.


Moreover, our products are manufactured using high quality raw material by utilizing the latest technology. As a result, these products are appreciated by clients for their excellent finishing in national as well as international markets. Each of our product is tested in respect of quality and durability by a team of auditors. They ensure that optimum quality standards must get achieved at every level of production. Our ethical business practices have made us a clients' favorite around the globe.


Apart from this, we are a major innovator in the industry that have encouraged the participation of women in the manufacturing process. The products manufactured by us are appreciated by a large number of foreign tourists as well. Some of the countries where our products are exported are USA, Europe,Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, East Asia, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

Our Mentor: Our company has been extremely fortunate to be mentored by our Managing Director “Mr. Lonappan Panthallookaran” who is always a source of inspiration for the us. His dedication and positivity have won us many distinguished awards, such as the “Most Popular Product Innovation Award” from the Kerala Industrial Minister, Sri. Kunjalikutty.


Mr Lonappan Panthallookaran initially embarked as a rice wholesaler at the rice bazaar at Thrissur, Kerala in India. In January of 1967, he began to undertake umbrella manufacturing and supplying. This product gained a great demand throughout India, in particular, South India and the Andaman and Nicobar islands. In 2002, he began exports to Australia. After that, the exports division of the company expanded so that large volumes of umbrellas were exported to Canada and other foreign destinations. Following that, his company also began to engage in manufacturing and outsourcing school bags, vanity bags and travel bags, which for the past decade have been extensively exported to the Gulf counties.


It was in the year 1987 when Mr. Lonappan Panthallookaran began to engage in manufacturing products made from using areca palm leaves. A unique version of Eco friendly plates began to be manufactured. His project gained widespread acceptance from the Indian Railways, the Indian Railways Catering and the Tourism Corporation who used this product in their various catering services. These were also welcomed by Ayurveda resorts and five star hotels. As these plates were widely appreciated by foreign tourists alike, Mr. Panthallookaran decided to tap the foreign markets for this unique product.


Our Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured using Areca Palm leaves and agro waste of areca palm nut production. These products do not possess any harmful chemicals and are thus extremely safe for long term usage. We can guarantee that our products are hygienic and trustworthy. In addition, these are leak proof and extremely handy. Apart from this, our products are also checked for quality and reliance at every step of the manufacturing process. These are tightly made with expert craftsmanship and are therefore, strong and durable. The environmental friendliness of our products makes them the most reliable for use.

Client Satisfaction

Our products are Eco friendly and have a number of qualities like fiber strength, light weight and durability. These products are also manufactured by us with our using any chemical. Moreover, these are stringently checked for quality before being dispatched to the consumers.   As a result of our client friendly and ethical business practices, we have been able to win a distinguished client base across the world our products are exported to the following countries:

  •  Australia
  •   Europe
  •  New Zealand
  •  Indian Subcontinent
  •  East Asia
  •  Middle East
  •  South East Asia
  •   USA

Warehousing and Packaging

Based at Thrissur, Kerala, we possess capacious warehousing facilities for the safe and hygienic storage of our many products. Our warehouses are well lit and ventilated so as to maintain the high hygiene standards of our products. These are manned by warehousing and packaging experts who segregate the finished products according to various parameters such as make, size and dimensions. The products are stored systematically so that these can be recognized and retrieved safely and efficiently. Additionally, we have also installed various safety devices which comply by the stipulated safety norms laid down by the Government.


Central food technological research institute. Micro biological test certificate received from Bangalore test house.


Be the providers of useful cum eco-friendly products from palm dishes to innovate and keep our country clean to reduce the pollution through industrial activities.”


"Maximizing the potentiality of palm products through industry by innovative products and increasing the involvement of women and youth in rural growth.”  

Our Aim

Our Aim

Spread the Palm Dish Products evolution all over India and abroad. Increase the cultivation of Palm Tree and thus maximize the profit out of it. Conversion of the Palm Tree and its part into multi utility products and involve in continuous research in Palm Tree and Palm Dish Products.”

Deepam Triple Advantage Project

We have received the following three Awards:

  • Gunamenma Award,
  • Best entrepreneur Award
  • Innovation awards for palm leaf from Kerala Government.
  We have put in many years of research to develop a unique scheme called “Deepam Triple Advantage Project”, which aims at generating 3 lakh fresh employment opportunities to unemployed rural women and youth throughout India. This can be achieved by encouraging the set up of arecanut leaf plate making units where arecanut is grown.   The basis for this project lies in the knowledge that arecanut grows in 4.85 lakh hectares of land. The total number of standing areca nut trees in India is estimated at 660 million which shed 5320 million leaves every year. Of these, 4250 million leaves are available as raw material for plate making units. One plate making unit requires 70,000 leaves per year. Thus, it can be deduced that the annually available leaves are sufficient for at least 60,000 plate making units. Our research tells us that each plate manufacturing unit generates 5 fresh employment opportunities for 300 days in a year with each person earning Rs. 120-150 per day. Therefore, 60,000 set up units can generate 3 lakh fresh employment opportunities in India, thus creating an “Employment revolution”. Therefore, areca leaves which are presently treated as only agro waste by farmers in India will be able to generate additional income and fresh employment opportunities for rural people.   Looking to ensure smooth, glitch free and profitable running of units established established with Deepam technology, we undertake the responsibility of buying back and marketing the plates produced at these units. This relieves the rural folk of the responsibility of marketing or networking, which they have no prior experience of.

Product Portfolio

We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality Plates, Trays and Greeting Cards. Our entire range of products includes Oval type Plates, Oval Plates, Hexagon Plates, Square Plates, Ice cup , Glass plates,Round Plates,Tray and Greeting Cards. Our new product “Areca Disposable Palm Dish” cannot be replaced by any other as it has a number of unique qualities.

It is made of Areca Palm leaves whose various name are given below:

  • Botanical Name - Areca CDatechu Linn.
  • Family Name - Palmae (Arecaceae)
  • Common Name - Arecanut Palm, Betelnut Palm, Areca Palm, Pinang Palm.
Available in various shapes and sizes, these products are ideal for fast food services, buffet lunches, and catering services for restaurants and hotels.

Our products are highly appreciated by foreign clients around the globe for the following qualities:
  • Hygiene, as they have been manufactured from fresh Areca Palm leaves
  • Strength
  • Leak proof
  • Light weight
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable
  • Beautiful looks
  • Ability to retain warmth and aroma of food

Our Team

Our products are manufactured using eco friendly techniques by a team of highly dedicated and hard working professionals. We have rendered a great service to the nation by providing 1 lakh employment opportunities to rural women and youths throughout a large rural area. To add to this, we have also provided an additional income to areca nut farmers who can now utilize the areca nuts as well as leaves for their livelihood. Further, each plate manufacturing unit provides 5 fresh employment opportunities to individuals for 300 days in a year with earnings of Rs. 200-250 per day. With our initiative, we can create an employment revolution in rural India.

Environmental Concern

Harmful plastic and aluminum plates are now used for serving food items in catering across hotels, restaurants and railways. However, these are toxic and harmful to man and his environment. Areca nut palm leaf plates can serve as a major instrument for reducing pollution caused by these toxic agents. Palm leaf plates are biodegradable and the cut pieces of palm leaves generated during the manufacturing process can be used by rural folk as a substitute for fire wood. Moreover, it can also be used to produce vermese compost. Therefore, arecanut products will serve the nation by their eco friendly utility.

Why Us?

Our organization has received many awards for its innovative and ethical business practices and garnered a world wide reputation for manufacturing eco friendly Plates, Treys and Greeting Cards. Our products have been certified by the Central Food technological Institute at Mysore which is a Government of India body. The products that we offer are of superior quality, and known for their fiber strength and light weight. Moreover, our products are hygienic and eco friendly. Unlike aluminum and plastic plates, our items are non toxic and extremely safe for use. These serve as great instruments for reducing pollution as the waste produced during the manufacturing process. It is also used as fire wood by the rural folk and and for producing vermese compost.

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