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College Housekeeping Services

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We provide Housekeeping Services for colleges. Cleanliness and orderliness is a must in a place of learning. With our housekeeping services we provide a motherly care to keep the classroom, the labs, teachers rooms, canteens, students; relaxation rooms, gymnasium, the play ground and most importantly the toilette areas in spic and span condition. With our Housekeeping staff we offer support services to keep a clean and safe environment that is a prerequisite to a quality learning and teaching environment for people who spend all their productive and waking hours in the premises. Our staff are given periodic training in the latest methods and use of sophisticated cleaning gadgets.We use organic environment friendly cleaning agents.

Hospital Housekeeping Services

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Our Hospital Housekeeping Services are highly appreciated by clients. An impeccably fresh smelling and spotlessly clean health care center goes a long way in cheering up the patient, his family and the care givers. A clean hospital goes a long way in impacting the first expression and part of the battle is won if the patient feels happy about the surroundings. Working on the premises cleanliness is next to godliness, we offer our services to make hospital stay a joyful experience.


The focal point of our services is to provide and maintain a clean, sanitary, secure and emotionally pleasing ambiance. This approach permits us to to better execute our mission of total patient care. Our housekeeping services comply with international standards . Our hospital house keeping staff are well trained personnel who know their jobs well. Our services comprises, total disinfection cleaning, surgical area cleaning, patient discharge cleaning, disinfection cleaning, and regulated medical waste (rmw) disposal.

Malls Housekeeping Services

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We provide integrated Housekeeping Services for malls. Malls, in India have evolved into , not only a place for shopping but weekend family get together joints. With heavy footfalls the malls need round the clock cleaning and total upkeep for a safe and secure meeting place for the entire family. Hygienic standards and an aesthetic environment has to be of highest standards to attract a heavier footfall if it has to beat the mall next door in its appeal quotient. The food courts, the shopping areas and cinemas has to have high standard of cleanliness and convenience where the family congregates to spend few, leisurely and happy hours in the otherwise hectic pace of life.


With our competent Housekeeping services we offer practical, prompt and effective services to the heavy traffic ares. Not to come in the way of the milling crowd, we operate during the lean hours when the traffic is minimum or nil such as night time. We ensure dust and dirt free environment, sparkling floors and surfaces, odor free bacteria free toilettes and effective collection and disposal of garbage.

Office Housekeeping Services

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Our Office Housekeeping Services have garnered tremendous appreciation for our effective and prompt services.

To provide a clean, safe and work conducive environment for healthy work place, is our objective. With our value added services we have emerged as a leading service providers. We offer highly effective housekeeping services to offices. We work with the perfect combination of 3 Ms—which stand for Man Machine and Materials. We constantly upgrade our services to keep up with scientific development that is taking place in this domain. We leverage on latest technology and machinery to stay ahead of the pack.

We have a very methodical and scientific approach to our work. Before embarking upon a project we

collect clients housekeeping requirements data and working on that premise we proceed to offer best solutions. Reconnoitering the premises, frequency of cleaning, best hour of operation , constant training and monitoring our housekeeping staff are some of our agenda.We ensure total, safety , security and honesty in all our area of operations.

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