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Digital Watt Meters


Digital watt meters.

Portable Watt Meter


Wattmeter are meant for measuring effective power and are designed for single phase as well as three phase balanced and unbalanced load.
principal : iron free electrodynamometer movement.
size : available in 96mm square, 144mm square & portable type industrial grade models.

Digital Power Factor Meters


Digital power factor meters.

Power Factor Meters


Power factor of a circuit is the ratio between the effective power & the apparent power & is measured with the help of a power factor meter.
principal : iron free electrodynamometer coil movement.
size : available in 96mm square, 144mm square and portable type laboratory grade models.
scale : expanded near unity P. F. I. E between o. 9 to 1 to 0. 9 compressed in the other portion of the scale incase of 0. 5 lag-unity 0. 5 lead range.

Portable Voltmeters


portable M. I. /M. C. Typea & V meter.
accuracy : class (1/1. 5) for portable sub-standard & precision instrument
class (1. 0 & 1. 5) for portable instruments.
scale length 175mm.
instruments, damping : fluid.
size and wt. : 225x195x115. Wt. Approx. 2. 0kg.

Voltmeters And Amp Meters


Portable M. I. /M. C. Typea & v meter.
accuracy : class (1/1. 5) for portable sub-standard & precision instrument, class (1. 0 & 1. 5) for portable instruments.
scale length 175mm.
instruments, damping : fluid.
size and wt. : 225x195x115. Wt. Approx. 2. 0kg.



Excellent combination of capability, speed and analysis. With 40-100m bandwidth, 250m s/s real-time sampling rate for each channel, dual channel storage facility, our oscilloscopes are the ideal instruments for design, maintenance and testing.

Digital Earth Resistance Tester


The instrument is specially designed for making straight forward and approximate soil investigation of the kind needed in agricultural, geological research and in planning of large civil engineering project such as tunnels.
dams, drainage, sewerage schemes, tube-railways etc. the tester measures directly the resistance of the earth and also measure the ground resistivity.

Digital Frequency Meters


Digital frequency meters.

High Voltage Breakdown Testers


High voltage breakdown testers.

Tong Tester


Tong tester.



Digital insulation tester
applications : insulation resistance measurement of electrical equipment (transformers, motors, machines, etc. ) electrical cables for distribution networks house hold appliances (mixer grinder, washing machines, toaster, etc.
industrial, commercial & residential installation.

Digital Volt Meters


Digital volt meters.

Frequency Meters


These are manufactured in reed & analog type
size : in reed type these are available in 72mm, 96mm, 144mm, square.
rated voltage : 230 and 440 v.

Denko Digital Multimeters


High accuracy
large rotational folded lcd display
button release lock
digital multimeter height : 25 mm
single 32 position rotary switch for function & range
selection allows fast & convinient operation
curvilinear indication jack with full protection test leads
lower coverage power off
data hold for easy reading.

Autotransformer Or Dimmer


Autotransformer or dimmer.

Denko Digital Clamp Meters


AC current : 0. 1a to 1000a
insulation test : 100 kohms to 2000 mohms
(with option 500 insulation tester)
AC voltage : 1v to 750v
DC voltage : 1v to 1000v
resistance : 100 mohms to 20 kohms
continuity test : 50 ± 25 q with audio tone

Kwatt Meters


Kwatt meters

D C Power Supply


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