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Himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya Green Tea

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Himalaya Green Tea
Tackle that fatigued feeling with a soothing cup of Himalaya Green Tea. Allow its antioxidant and immuno-modulating properties to strengthen your body's immunity and delay the natural ageing process in a refreshing all-natural way.

  • A potent anti-oxidant
  • Builds body's immunity and possesses anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Promotes gastric secretion and aids digestion
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Facilitates weight reduction
  • Fights physical and mental fatigue.

As an antioxidant and as an adjuvant in cardiac ailments.

Direction For Use
A cup of GreenTea twice daily. Dip the tea bag in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes. Add honey/sugar, if desired.

Pack Size
GreenTea comes in a packing of 20 tea bags in each pack.

GreenTea is an herbal formulation comprising Camellia sinensis. It is rich in polyphenols that possess excellent free radical scavenging properties, and thus exhibit an antioxidant action.
It has substantial anti-atherogenic properties. Tea polyphenols inhibit absorption of dietary cholesterol, reduce serum lipids and, with successive administration, cause degradation of triglycerides in the adipose tissue. It inhibits platelet aggregation and in addition has anti-inflammatory actions. These beneficial properties help prevent atherosclerosis and facilitate weight reduction. It also lowers blood pressure and strengthens the walls of the blood vessel.
GreenTea enhances the body's immunity and has anti-carcinogenic effects.
It promotes gastric secretion and aids digestion. Its significant anti-bacterial and antiviral properties provide protection and restores fluid balance in gastrointestinal infections. It exerts a diuretic effect on the kidneys, which is beneficial in cardiac and renal problems. It also has a hepatoprotective activity.
GreenTea relieves physical and mental fatigue. By promoting the accumulation of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), it also provides antioxidant protection to the body and is helpful in the treatment of the common cold. Its mucolytic and smooth muscle relaxing actions facilitates the removal of phlegm and relieves broncho-constriction.

To,Dhanalakshmi & Co.(Ayurvedic World)

Rs 199Bag(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 199 per Bag(s)
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Rs 330Unit(s)
Approximate Price - Rs 330 per Unit(s)
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Rs 200Kilogram
Approximate Price - Rs 200 per Kilogram
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