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PCOD & Hyperglycemia

Setebid Tablets

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Setebid Tablets are an anti-hyperglycemic agent with powerful anti-oxidant action and multiple benefits.

Each tablet is made from concentrated extract of

  • Curcuma longa : Haridra (Turmeric)
  • Emblica officinalis : Amla
  • Eugenia jumbolana : Jambu
  • Commiphora mukul : Guggulu
  • Strychnos potatorum : Kataka
  • Acacia catechu : Khadira
  • Berberis aristata : Yashti
  • Humbolotia vahliana : Attuvanchi
  • Mangifera indica : Chuta
  • Terminalia chebula : Abhaya
  • Cyperus rotundus : Musta

Mode Of Action
  • Controls hyperglycemia by enhancing cellular glucose uptake
  • Reduces the need for  OHA/Insulin by augmenting the action of available insulin.
  • Provides powerful anti-oxidants to neutralize free-radicals.
  • Offers protection against end-organ complications by retarding micro/macro-vascular damage.

  • Blister of 10 Tablets each & 1000 tablets in plastic jar.

Condition As Dose Benefits
IGT Stand-Alone 2 T.I.D. Prevents Diabetes
Obese Diabetes Millitus Type II Stand-Alone 2 T.I.D. Controls blood glucose, Helps avoid OHAs
Non-Obese Diabetes Millitus Type II Adjuvant to OHAs 2 B.I.D. Reduction in dose of OHA, Prevention of end organ complications
Diabetes Millitus Type I Adjuvant to Insulin 2 B.I.D. Reduction in dose of insulin, Prevention of complications
PCOD Adjuvant 2 T.I.D. Corrects PCOD, Helps induce ovulation

To,Dhanalakshmi & Co.(Ayurvedic World)

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