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From time immemorial our ancestors were familiar with the use of several essential oils that gave euphoric pleasure when applied to the skin of the penis. When these are blended with aromatic massage oils led to heightened erotic gratification for both partners. Our ancient ayurvedic scriptures are full of such examples. Today, lovers across the world use various aphrodisiacal oils to experience passionate, raunchy, wild intimate love. Contemporary women often are not just willing but equally demanding partners in the sexual act. They are no longer just passive submissive participants. They want more excitement, more energy, more vitality, more sustainability and more encounters which men often fail to provide.* Women want stronger, harder, longer and deeper pleasures during sexual encounters. They secretly associate pleasure with the size of the penis. Size matters. And, the longer the better! Men too like to boast about the size of their manhood and definitely yearn for a harder, longer, stronger and powerful penis to explore deeper for pleasures of multiple orgasms. That precisely is what Stay-On Oil of Power is known to deliver to all men… stronger, harder, longer, powerful macho penis, and the delightful gift to their women. How to use Stay-On Oil of Power: It is easy to use. Wash your penis with lukewarm water to feel clean, fresh and in mood. Squeeze 4-5 drops on your penis and massage it gently (avoiding the sensitive tip). Feel the strength grow gradually and experience the towering pride in your manhood (and an admiringly naughty gaze of your woman). For better results apply it daily 15 -20 minutes before sex. Adventurous men could make it part of their foreplay by involving their partner in getting it massaged for heightened pleasures. Try it! Stay-On Oil of Power will give you rewarding, outstanding and exceptionally fulfilling satisfaction hitherto unknown to you. Isn’t that what matters in close encounters for lasting relationships? Stay-On Oil of Power is herbal in nature, positively effective and 100% safe. * To overcome failure and for better performance results take Stay-On Power Capsules Stay-On Oil of Power Guarantees •More than satisfactory erection •Heightened pleasures during every sexual encounter •Extra tightening of Pubo Coccygeal (PC) muscle gives stronger and powerful erection •Rubbing with Stay-On oil makes penis healthier •Healthier penis increases duration of sexual encounters •Helps maintain erection and controls pre-mature ejaculation •Helps increase size and length •Extra sensation arouses your partner faster and earlier.

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