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Hemon Ayurvedic Capsules

Hemon Ayurvedic Capsules
Approx. Rs 90 / 30 capsules

(Blood Is The Precious Gem Of Body)

Hemon is a natural haemostatic working effectively in all the types of anemia whereby increasing the Iron and Hemoglobin level in the body.

Composition :- Each hard gelatin capsule contains :

  • Punarnava: 175 mg
  • Trifla Churna: 125 mg
  • Pippalimool: 50 mg
  • Suvarna Makshik Bhasma: 50 mg
  • Loh Bhasma: 50 mg
  • Mandur Bhasma: 50 mg 



Medical Description :-

Suvarn Makshik Bhasma :

  • It's Rasayan. Vrushya, used in eye diseases, Vomiting, Throat diseases and specially in Anemia.
Loh Bhasma :
  • It improves the iron and hemoglobin in iron eficiency anemia. Hence it is very essential in profuse blood loss and in pregnant ladies too.

Mandur Bhasma :

  • It works in the same way as loh bhasma hence it is useful in iron deficiency anemia.

Punarnava :

  • Punarnava is a best diuretics and shothgna too hence it is used to decrease the edema during pregnancy and removes the toxin from urine and blood.
  • It allows the blood to circualte fluently in the body without any obstruction.

Trifla :

  • It is one of the best  in Ayurveda. Harde, Baheda and Amla all these three help blood circulation by avoiding constipation and keeps the bowel free of gases etc.

Pippalimool :

  •  Active in creating proper enzyme and digest food well.

    Indications :-

    • Anemia especially in iron deficiency
    • In Low Hemoglobin
    • Lactating Mothers
    • In Prolonged illness
    • In Pregnancy
    • Deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin C
    • Anemia children

    Dosages :-

    • Two capsules thrice a day with milk.

    Packing :-

    • 30, 60 & 500 Capsule


    Daboskin Ayurvedic Capsules

    Daboskin Ayurvedic Capsules
    Approx. Rs 115 / 30 capsules
      (Skin Is The Protector Of Our Body)

    All the ingredients of Daboskin capsule work mainly on rakta & pitta. i.e. on blood & bile. It helps the blood to circulate in the body without any acidic reactions. It also controls urea & normalize the body pigmentation.

    Composition :-

    Each hard gelatin capsule contains :

    • Gandhak Rasayan: 100 mg.
    • Khadir Ext.: 100 mg.
    • Mahamanjisthadi Ext.: 100 mg.
    • Bakuchi: 75 mg.
    • Chopchini: 50 mg.
    • Praval Bhasma: 50 mg.
    • Laghu Sutsekhar Ras: 25 mg.

    Medical Description :-

    • Gandhak Rasayan : It has the properties of penetrating deep in the tissues and spread in all the tissues very quickly.
    • Khadir Ext. : It is blood purifier and hence helps in curing skin diseases.
    • Chopchini : It reduces the urea in the blood level thereby controls itching, twisting pain and burning sensation in skin and body.
    • Mahamanjisthadi Ext. : It is the best blood purifier.
    • Bakuchi : It helps in blood purifications and reduces leucodermal patches from the skin. It is one of the best products for dermatic diseases.
    • Praval Bhasma : It is rich in calcium thereby avoids blood clotting and thickening of the blood in the vessels & makes blood circulation easier. It induces appetite and improve calcium melabolism.
    • Laghu Sutsekhar Ras : It is helps in Anti Allergic and Antacid.

    Indications :-

    • Dermatitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Leprosy
    • Dry and Wet Eczema
    • Bacterial and Fungal Infection
    • Elopocease
    • Scabies
    • Ringworm

    Dosages :-

    2 Capsules thrice a day.

    Packing :-

    30, 60 & 500 Capsules

    Dabolex Ayurveda Tablets

    Dabolex Ayurveda Tablets
    Approx. Rs 60 / 30 tablets

    Dabolex is an excellant laxative and works wonderfully in severe constipation. It can be vastly used in chronic constipation, piles, fissures etc.

    Composition :-

    Each uncoated tablet contains :

    • Himaj Churna: 200 mg.
    • Nasottar Churna: 100 mg.
    • Sonamukhi Churna: 60 mg.
    • Shuddha Jaypalbij: 40 mg.
    • Excipients q.s.

    Medical Description :-

    • Himaj Churna & Shuddha Jaypalbij : 
    • These two herbal medicines helps to have clear flushing of the bowel thus avoid constipation.
    • Nasottar Churna & Sonamukhi Churna :  Being laxative help to have smooth passage of stool. it is safe and nontoxic.

    Indications :-

    • Chronic constipation
    • Piles
    • Fistula
    • Fissures

    Dosages :-

    • 1 to 2 tablets once in the night with Luke warm water

    Packing :-

    • 30, 60 & 500 Tab

    Colonil Ayurvedic Tablets

    Colonil Ayurvedic Tablets
    Approx. Rs 130 / 50 tablets


    This herbal medicine helps in serum cholesterol and helps to avoid congestive cardiac failure. Due to is good composition it does not allow any type of Ischemia that is necrosis.

    Composition :Each uncoated tablet contains :

    • Amruta Ext. 100 mg.
    • Agnimanth Ext. 50 mg.
    • Shuddha Shilajit 50 mg.
    • Shuddha Guggulu 50 mg.
    • Katuki Churna 50 mg.
    • Vavding Churna 50 mg.
    • Trikatu Churna 50 mg.
    • Excipients q.s.



    Medical description :

    • Amruta Ext. : Amruta is really nectar as it  dissolves the dashes and makes the body free from fats
    • Agnimanth Ext. : It is useful in dissolving fats and does not allow further deposit of fats in arteries and even in adipose tissues too. Thereby avoids blockage of fats into coronary arteries of the heart
    • Shuddha Shilajit : Shilajit works tremendously well on vital body organs like kidney & heart as well. It is used as a general tinoc. It is also diuretic & helps in dissolving body fats
    • Shuddha Guggulu : It is one of the vatnashak medicine which also helps to dissolve excessive fats and also avoids its deposition in the body
    • Katuki & Vavding : Both of them help in removing worms from the body. These two herbs reduce body fats & makes easy circulation of the blood to the heart easier
    • Trikatu : It's brain tonic and digestive too

    Indications :

    • Hypertension
    • Hypertensive Heart
    • Arrhythmia
    • Obesity
    • Coronary Heart Block
    • Diabetes

    Dosages :

    • Two tablets thrice a day

    Packing :

    • 50 & 500 Tablets


    Coldab Ayurvedic Tablets

    Coldab Ayurvedic Tablets
    Approx. Rs 85 / 30 tablets
     (It Is Disgusting When You Have A Running Nose)

    This herbal medicine works best in upper throat infection and also in allergic condition. By working as an antibiotic it also protects lungs and bronchi from viral infection.

    Composition :-

    Each uncoated tablet contains :-

    • Sudarshan Churna Ext. 200 mg.
    • Godanti Bhasma 70 mg.
    • Tribhuvankirti Ras 50 mg.
    • Sitopaladi Churna 40 mg.
    • Laxmivilas Ras (Naradiya) 20 mg.

    Medical Description :-

    • Laxmivilas Ras : This herbal medicine helps in liquefying the cough and in exudation.
    • Sudarshan Churna Ext. : This helps in controlling cough, cold and fever. It makes expectoration easy.
    • Godanti Bhasma : This helps in calcium products liquefy the cough and avoid congestion in chest. it remove blockage as well.
    • Tribhuvankirti Ras : It is one of the best classical medicine for cough. It is decongestant and helps to remove nasal blockage.
    • Sitopaladi Churna : It is a good expectorant and works well in infection.

    Indications :-

    • Common cough & cold
    • Influenza
    • Headache
    • Bronchitis
    • Rhinitis
    • Allergic Rhinitis

    Dosages :-

    1 to 2 tablets thrice a day with lukewarm water.

    Packing :-

    30 Tab, 60 Tab, 500 Tab

    Carsocare Ayurvedic Capsules

    Carsocare Ayurvedic Capsules
    Approx. Rs 495 / 30 capsules
    (Fighting Cancer Is Our Goal, We Can Do It"s In Our Soul)

    Carsocare improves mental & physically health & promotes sense of well-being and enthusiasm in problems of cancer. Carsocare is useful in promotion of powder (healing) due to its bacterial & antiseptic properties in various wounds.

    Composition - Each hard gelatin capsule contains :

    • Punarnava Ext. 30 mg.
    • Sahanjana Ext. 30 mg.
    • Varuna Ext. 60 mg.
    • Mulethi Ext. 30 mg.
    • Giloy Ext. 30 mg.
    • Vasa Ext. 20 mg.  
    • Tamra Bhasma 30 mg.
    • Shuddha Bhallatak 30 mg.
    • Ras Sindoor 30 mg.
    • Abhrak Bhasma 0.20 mg.
    • Suvarna Bhasma 0.20 mg.
    • Panna Bhasma 0.20 mg.
    • Hirak Bhasma 0.20 mg.


    • In Tumors
    • Various types of malignancy
    • Chronic non-healing wounds
    • In Ulcers

                1 capsule twice a day with water.

                 30 Capsules.

    Gynarim Tablets

    Gynarim Tablets
    Approx. Rs 360 / 90 tablets

    Product description:
    Clean body bring good health:

    It has a stimulating effect on the ovaries and endometrial. It checks functional uterine bleeding. It helps to avoid various types of urinary tract infection as well as vaginal infection.


    Each sugar coated tablet contains : 
      • Swet Chandan 20 mg 
      • Shalmali 10 mg 
      • Lavang 10 mg 
      • Kankol 10 mg 
      • Swet Jirak 10 mg 
      • Nagkesar 20 mg 
      • Jatamansi 10 mg 
      • Sunthi 10 mg 
      • Bang Bhasma 05 mg 
      • Kasis Bhasma 05 mg 
      • Mandur Bhasma 05 mg 
      • Mukta Bhasma 01 mg 
      • Shuddha Gairik 05 mg 
      • Abharak Bhasma 02 mg 
      • Ashok 150 mg 
      • Lodhra 50 mg 
      • Harde 20 mg 
      • Ardusi 10 mg 
      • Satavari 10 mg 
      • Devdar 10 mg 
      • Amala 10 mg 
      • Nyagrodha (Vat) 10 mg 
      • Jasvand 10 mg 
      • Tamalkhana 10 mg 
      • Colour q.s. 
      • Excipients q.s. 

      Medical Description:

      • Swet Chandan :-

      This herb is shitvirya aushadhi that is cold in nature and help to have a normal menstrual
      blood flow and eradicate the extra heat of body.

      • Swet Jirak :-

      This herbal medicine useful in pachan and digestion.

      • Ashok :-

      This is herbal medicines make blood pure and avoid painful and irregular menstrual discharge.

      • Lodhra & Nagkesar :-

      These two have astringent quality and hence controls excessive menstrual flow and avoids leucorrhoea outflow & foul discharge too.

      • Shatavari :-
      This supplies energy to the uterus and enables it to withstand normal delivery and type of abnormal bleeding.

      • Bang Bhasma:-

      They increase vitality, Vigour and improve desire also. They also work very well on urinary tract infection.

      • Abhrak Bhasma :-

      This is health promoter as well as work very well in reproductive system. They increase quality and quality of semen by enriching it with all the eight good qualities of semen told in granthas.

      • Mukta Bhasma :-

      This calcium products are most useful in hyperacidity and subduing pitta, dyspepsia, heart burn acidity etc.

      • Kasis Bhasma : -

      Kasis is one of best useful medicine in blood purifier from your body.

      • Mandur Bhasma:-

      This is one of the best liver medicines as it increases hemoglobin and avoids jaundice by controlling the breakdown of the red blood cells. Shuddha Gairika & Jatamansi:-These calcium products are most useful in hyperacidity and subduing pitta, irritating the mucosa.

      • Harde & Sunthi :-

      These herbal medicines are digestive, appetizer and increases energy.

      • Devdar :-

      This is herb play good role in simple as well as in infectious type of diarrhea.

      • Amala :-

      It is rich in vitamin C enriches the muscle and tissues with good immunity.

      • Ardusi :-

      This dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It is widely used in productive cough as well as in chest congestion also.


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