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We are leading Manufacturer & Exporter for the Products which also includes Nippon Type Metal Decorating Press & Coating & Varnishing Machine since 2009

Nippon Type Metal Decorating Press

Nippon Type Metal Decorating Press

Model: AR (36" x 36") 91.5 x 91.5 cms BR (36" x 30") 91.5 x 76.2 cms

Coating & Varnishing Machine

Coating & Varnishing Machine

A. Main Circulation Pump independent drive for filling the top tank. (By customer requirement only)

B. Centralized Lubrication System.

C. Table drive belt system (for continuous feeding)

D. Side registration bars.

E. Cleaning Knife provided with 4 Sided edge.

F. Backless Coating

G. Automatic Sheet Counting device. (Optional)

H. Independent load table with detachment. (Optional)

I. Taper nose sheet controller (specially for Alu. Bend sheet) [Optional]

J. Roller Att. is provided at the front of feeder for Synchronizing of Coating with Printing.

K. Fine Pitch Studs are fitted in Roller Brasses for Maintaining Film Weight in Microns.

Redraw Press

Redraw Press

The Machine is specially designed for High Speed Production of Deep Draw Caps with the following


Cap feeder device

Reverse Redraw

Twin Cavity die set

Carbide tool

In - build pneumatic die cushion

Wad Assembling Machine-18 Spindels

Wad Assembling Machine-18 Spindels


Web assembling

For diameters from 22 mm to 38 mm

360 caps per minute
installed power

1. 5 H. P.
gross weight

700 kg (approx. )
floor area

2400 mm (l) x 600 mm (w) x 1200 mm (h)

Spot/Projection Welding Machine

Spot/Projection Welding Machine



Air operated stationary press type sport/projection welders with pneumatic cylinder mounted directly on the upper arm.

Welding Transformer
Welding current adjustable from 50 to 100 % by means of a tap switch.

Cooling System
Transformer, Electrode holders, welding electrodes and thyristors are water cooled.

Electrodes/Dies Toolings
Machine can be provided with custom-designed spot welding Electrode/projection welding dies to suit the individual application, and suitable jigs and fixtures for holding, guiding and indexing of the work-piece as required at extra cost.

Electrodes Control System
The upper electrode actuated by heavy duty 2-way cushioned pneumatic cylinders controlled be an electrically operated 4-way solenoid valve. Compressed air at 1.5 kg/cm2 -5.6 kg./cm (20 to 80 psl) acting on the pneumatic cylinder provides electrode force. Machine provided with air filter, air lubricator, air pressure regulating valve, air pressure gauge.

Hand Fee Metal Decorating Press

Hand Fee Metal Decorating Press

Max. Sheet Size

686 x 915 mm

(27" x 36")

Min. Sheet Size

458 x 559 mm

(18" x 22")

Plate Size

838 x 953 mm

(33" x 37" 1/2")

Running Speed

1800 P/Hr.

Power Required

5 H.P

Side Embossing Machine

Side Embossing Machine

DRMT offers Side Embossing Machine suitable for 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 29 mm x 44 mm, 29 mm x 55 mm, 31 mm x 44 mm, 31 mm x 55 mm P.P. Caps.

Side Chamffering Machine

Side Chamffering Machine

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