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Stainless Steel Cleaning Chemicals

We are manufacturing chemical for  pickling & passivation product for stainless steel and low alloy steel. We take an opportunity to introduce our product for surface treatment of stainless steel.


DWC – 03 (Dip)

DWC-03 (Dip) is in the form of a water thin liquid. It is used for immersion application for non-reachable areas & small components. Cleaning can be done by dipping the article into chemical. For pipeline cleaning, this chemical can be pumped and circulated inside the pipelines for descaling. This form of DWC-03 (Dip) covers 30-40 sqft with 1 ltr. of chemical.


(1)Removal of oil SI-56 (Soak cleaner, powder 50 gm/lit.)

(2)Just immerse the articles in the dip tank

(3)Leave it for 45-60 minutes

(4)Remove and wash the articles with water thoroughly

(5)Dip the articles again in the DWC-03 passivating solution for 20-30 minutes

(6) Finally wash the articles with water thoroughly.

4) DWC – 03 (Passivation)

DWC-03 (Passivation) has to be used after the application of Pasts, Spray or Dip form as it is a must to passivate the articles after pickling. Passivation helps in the formation of a thin passive film on the surface which will protect it from further corrosion and contamination. 1 ltr. of DWC-03 Passivation covers 30-40 sqft area.

5) SSDG – 101

It is a degreasing compound for removal of oil, grease & mild rust scales.

Application In Following Industries :

Ø Pharmaceutical Industries

Ø Chemical Industries

Ø Dairy Industries

Ø Food & Beverage Industries

Equipments :

· Heat Exchanger

· Stainless Steel Vessel

· Pipe & Tubes

· SS Vessels.

Item Code: DWC

DWC-03 is a pickling & passivation product for stainless steel and low alloy steel. We take an opportunity to introduce our product for surface treatment of stainless steel.



Following are the features of DWC-03


Ø     Removes built in corrosion


Ø     Removes scales, discolourations, ferritic, contaminations and burns sports.


Ø     Removes metallic contaminants, oxide scales, rust sports and annealing colours,


Ø     Gives a flawless, uniform, smooth & contamination free, sterile, particle free passive surface.


“DWC-03” is available in following forms having a common functioning of pickling and a common form of passivation.


1)               DWC – 03 (Gel)

2)               DWC – 03 (Semi Liquid)

3)               DWC – 03 (Dip)

4)               DWC – 03 (Passivation)

5)               SSDG – 101


1)     DWC – 03 (Gel)

This is a Gel type chemical applied with a brush to descale the heavy weld scales. It removes discolourations, heat marks, annealing colours, rust particles in and around the welding area caused due to heat evolution during welding. DWC – 03 (Gel) cleans 90-100 metres of weld seams in 1 Kg. of chemical.


        HOW TO APPLY DWC – 03 (Gel)

(1)            Removal of oil SSDG 101 (Soak cleaner, powder 50 gm/lit.)

(2)            DWC – 03 (Gel) is to be applied on the weld seam & surrounding area with a brush.

(3)            Leave the DWC – 03 (Gel) on the weld seam for 30 – 45 minutes depending on the thickness of the oxide scale.

(4)            Brush the surface with a plastic bristled brush and then wash surface thoroughly with water.



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