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Plot Vastu


Selection Of Site / Plot

While our clients are constructing a building, a number of things are required to be taken into cautious consideration. The most significant of all these is choosing the appropriate plot or site. The area and its surroundings convey peace, calmness and harmony or pains and sorrows in life. Thus, it is always recommend seeking advice from a specialist on Vastu Shastra before owning a plot or purchasing a flat. Instead of calling experts in at a later stage to design the building, do supervision and other work, it is better to consult an expert beforehand.

Residence Vastu



In residences, Vastu is the most important thing. Our customers need to understand that which room should be constructed in which particular direction. If this is not measured at the time of planning and executing a house, the entire building may go contradictory to the ideology of Vastu Shastra and it may invite a lot of troubles, causing serious harm and loss to the owner / inmates.

Office Vastu


How to improve your fortune by proper layout of your office

First of all, our customers need to find an appropriate site, which is free from all kind of vastu defects. After choosing the site, in designing a lay-out for industry and offering for utilities, particular attention should be paid to the following aspects:

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