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Gandmool Dosh Remedies By Astrology

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This simply means that this defect is not found effective in 3 out of the four cases where it is predicted to be there according to the general definition. And that further implies that this defect is not found in every 4th or 5th horoscope as indicated by the general definition and is only found in about 1 out of 18-20 cases. So be careful with the pada of the Nakshatra when detecting this defect and don’t bother much if the Moon is placed in some other pada of the above mentioned 6 Nakshatras apart from the padas mentioned above.

               And now let’s see, what can this defect name GandMool Dosh do if it is really formed in a horoscope? In my opinion, this defect poses different kind of problems for different individuals and to detect the areas of problems, we need to check many things like, in which Nakshatra is the Moon Placed? In which sign and in which house is the Moon Placed and what is the Moon signifying in that particular horoscope? What are the other positive or negative planets which are affecting or being affected by the Moon? And then there are a few more things. So don’t jump to any general conclusions even if this defect is formed and consult a professional Astrologer to know what troubles can this defect bring to you if it is formed in your horoscope and then what would be the quantum and timing of those troubles.

              Coming to the last part, let’s now discuss the remedies for rectifying this defect. Well, the best remedy in my opinion is to get a pooja performed to rectify this defect. And the pooja performed in this case is a technical one and not very simple one. This pooja can only be completed on a specific day every month on an average. The pooja is usually started about 7 to 10 days prior to the day of completion and a certain count of a specific Mantra which is different for different people depending upon their horoscope, is chanted everyday during these 7 to 10 days by 5 to 7 Pandits. There are many other formalities considered to be done on the completion day of this pooja which your local Pandits are usually aware of and so I’m not mentioning them here.

            So now you know what exactly is GandMool Dosh and how can it be detected in a horoscope. So next time some Astrologer tells you that you have a GandMool Dosh in your horoscope, check out this article again and see whether you have it or not.

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Kaal Sarp Dosh Remedies

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The remedies for this among astrologers  today, range from wearing gemstones of all planets, to making a pilgrimage to the Shree Durga jyotish kendra Jaipur, India. Effects of different types of Kaal Sarp Yog makes life miserable, full of struggle and causes setbacks every where. Person suffering from Kaal Sarp dosh faces obstacles in each step when he or she attempts to accomplish something. There are several remedies like performing a pooja or vidhi on a day suitable for Sarp Dosha Pooja, keeping an energized Kaal Sarp Yantra in the house. Kaal Sarp Shanti Pooja is performed at places like Trimbaeshwar Temple, Nasik in Maharashtra, Maha Kaaleshwar Ujjain, Lodheshwar, Uttar Pradesh,  Shree Kala Hasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. by expert Pandits (Brahmins). However, special Pooja at Durga jyotish kendra is more popular than other places in India and performed in a systematic manner. It takes about 6 hours for completion of the full procedure.
If you are having Kaal Sarp yog (Dosh) in Your Kundali, Dont be affred, From your age of  Entering in "GRIHASTHSRAM" Live with Nature, According with Nature, Love your family, Love your surrounding, Live with Mankind. Do Always only Good things.  Definitely  The God  will Love you with his Blessings. 

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Kuja Dosha Or Mangalik Dosh Nivaran

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Whenever Mars is situated in 1,4,7,8,12 th house of a lunar chart it is called as "Manglik dosha,Kuja Dosha,Bhom Dosha or Angaraka Dosha, Manglik Dosh".

So if you were born on a Tuesday do not worry for you are not a manglik (Mars dominated native) as said by some Astrologers. Mars in any other fiery sign, Also if in addition to Mars there are planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu in the above mentioned houses then also mangalik Dosha is rendered ineffective.

So remember there is no such term as Double Manglik. It is a term coined by charlatans for their own benefit. Mars in own house or in exaltation will considerably reduce the ill effects of the Manglic Dosha.

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Nav Garah Shanti Pooja- Yagh Havan

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Indian Yogi Paramahamsa Yogananda said: "This man was born in it, then the stars of fate mathematical perfect harmony” progress. How planet nascent star a certain time, he does good work. Planets sign any position and badly. And so, all aspects of life from time to time vary fortune, adversity, joy and sadness. Some planet fires provoked a strong negative effect is known as "doshas." Classical Vedic astrology under various Pooja to ward off ill effects of planets and finished to provide a beneficial effect.

We offer the following Vedic Pooja nine planets.
Chandrama shani pooja
Ravi shanti Pooja
Bhom(mangal) dosh Nivaran Pooja
Budh grah Dosh nivaran Pooja
Guru grah Pooja
Shukra grah Shanti Pooja
Shani Sadhe Satti & dheiya shanti pooja
Rahu grah Pooja
Ketu grah Pooja
Nav garh Shanti Pooja path
Home Peace yagh, Havan, pooja Path...etc


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Pitra Dosh Solution By Astrology

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Before moving ahead with Pitra dosh nivaran puja, let’s first understand that Pitra dosh in most of the cases is not the curse of Ancestors and in reality it is formed in a horoscope due to bad karmas done by the ancestors of the native and the native has to pay for these bad karmas. Hence the ancestors of the native are not cursing him but they are themselves cursed and therefore Pitra dosh nivaran pooja should not be aimed pacifying the ancestors but it should be aimed at relieving the ancestors from the karmic debt of one or more than one planets which are making Pitra dosh in the horoscope of the native and which are direct indicators of the kind of karmic debt which has been formed on the family line of the native. It should be noted here that out of all kinds of Pitra doshas which can be formed in a horoscope and which have been discussed in details through various articles available in this section of the website, only the Pitra dosh formed by a malefic Sun placed in ninth house of a horoscope is the one which can sometimes but not always be formed due to the curse of the ancestors of the native which means that the native in his previous life or native’s ancestors did not performed the after death rituals of their fathers and forefathers due to which such ancestors had to suffer from various problems and accordingly such ancestors cursed the native and his family line. All other kinds of Pitra doshas formed by different planets among navagraha other than Sun are formed due to bad karmas done by the ancestors of the native and their formation has nothing to do with the curse of native’s ancestors.

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Shani Sadhe Sati And Dhaiya Nivaran

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These are a couple of the most feared concepts in Indian astrology and they belong to Saturn. They are Sade Sati and Dhaiya of Saturn. Let's first start with Sade Sati.  

This is one of the most dreaded and feared beliefs in Indian astrology. It is believed that when Saturn visits the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from the house where Moon is placed in the horoscope of a person, the Sade Sati of Saturn is in effect. To simplify the concept if Moon is in Leo sign in a horoscope, when Saturn transits through Cancer, Leo and Virgo, the person is Said to be under the effect of Sade Sati of Saturn and all kinds of tragic evenets may happen to him according to some propagated beliefs. And if Saturn is placed in Cancer, Leo or Virgo in someone's natal chart or birth chart when Moon is placed in Leo, the person is said to be born under the effect of  Sade Sati.

However it is importants to note that not everybody Suffers from the bad effects of such transit of Saturn. Some people on the contrary may get Very good result and prosper during the Sade Sati while others may experience Big difficulties during Sade Sati. Therefore it is important to note that Sade Sati is not Always bad for everyone and it may on the contrary bless some people with very good Things. So it is again a matter of great importance whether Sade Sati is Bad or Good In your case. Do not be afraid and have the opinion of an expert astrologer who can properly analyze your Horoscope and tell you if it is actually bad or good in your Horoscope. And even if you are actually suffering from the bad effects of Sade Sati of Saturn, the bad effects of Sade Sati can be reduced by special Astrological Remedies which include the application of Pooja, Yantras, Mantras, Gemstones and Charitie.

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Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja

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Nadi dosh is the most feared dosh which can form during the process of gun Milan which is done for the purpose of kundali matching to check the compatibility of a boy and girl for marriage. The presence of Nadi dosh during Kundali matching is considered very bad and this defect is associated with very bad results like divorce, difficulty in producing children or having no children at all or death of one or both husband and wife if a marriage is conducted despite the formation of Nadi dosh during Kudnali matching. Some astrologers believe that going to Durga temple of Lord Shiva in Jaipur and performing a short pooja there can rectify this dosh which offers only a little help in most of such cases as many times, poojas performed at Jaipur are not proper poojas. The malefic effects of Nadi dosh present during Kundali matching can however be reduced to great extents with the help of astrological remedies which may include the application of puja, mantras, yantras, gemstones and some other astrological remedies and among all these remediesnivaran puja carries a great significance and importance. Many of my clients and readers have repeatedly requested me to write an article about Nadi dosh nivaran pooja and hence we will discuss the various, Nadi dosh aspects of Nadi dosh nivaran puja through today’s article.

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