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Rubberised Coir Mattresses



The construction of this mattresses incorporate two layers, of rubberised coir and PUF. The rubberised coir provides firmness while the PUF layer adds cushioning and comfort.

Dreamon Rubberised Coir


A two-layered mattress, this has rubberised coir and PUF. A combination of the right densities provides optimum comfort at a great cost.

Premium Special Rubberised Coir


This mattress has two layers. rubberised coir topped by a layer of polyurethane foam. The PUF layer provides the cushioning while the rubberised coir provides the firmness.

Kwilt Special Rubberised Coir


This mattress has a layer of flexi - PUF quilting and a layer of rubberised coir. This quilted mattress is a favorite for both comfort and durability.

Bliss Rubberised Coir


This mattress has a layer of flexi - PUF quilting, a layer of bonded foam and one of rubberised coir. This is a supportive mattress, with extra firmness and a fancy quilted cover.

Crown - Regular Rubberised Coir


The construction of this mattress incorporates flexi - PUF quilting, bonded foam, rubberised coir and flexi-PUF. This mattress is often called the 2-in-1 mattress as it provides extra support from the bonded foam with a designed quilt cover on one side and smooth cover on the other.

Crown Ortho Rubberised Coir


This construction has of thick layer of bonded foam and rubberised coir, with layers of flexi - PUF quilting both on the top and bottom of the mattress. This is a total support mattress, reinforced and firm, with designed quilting on both sides.

Golden Plus Rubberised Coir


The mattress has a bonded foam core with layers of rubberised coir on the top and bottom of the mattress. It also has a layer of flexi - PUF quilting both on top and below. This is the double-sided mattress with extra back support and a quilted cover on both sides.

Bodyline Rubberised Coir


This mattress is topped using a layer of natural pincore latex foam and layer of rubberized coir furnished with 100% natural viscous cloth . This is the green mattress that uses completely natural products, eco-friendly and comfortable.

Seasons Rubberised Coir


This mattress has a layer of flexi - PUF quilting, a layer of rubberised coir and a layer of latex foam. This is an all-seasons mattress with quilting to keep you warm in winter and natural latex to keep you cool in summer.

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