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Code Signing

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Code signing uses digital signatures to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of codes and executable shared over the internet. Any discrepancy occurring in the code after it has been signed breaks the digital signature and alerts the customer that the code is no longer trustworthy. e-Mudhra Code Signing Certificates are strongly recommended for any publisher who plans to distribute code or content over the Internet/corporate extra nets and needs to assure customers of the veracity and authorship of the code.

Digital Certificate - Class One Silver

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Increasingly, the internet is being used as the preferred channel for communication, which means that sensitive personal information is being exchanged every time you send or receive an email. An easy way to mitigate this vulnerability is to digitally sign and encrypt all your personal emails.

With e-Mudhra’s Class 1 Silver Certificates, you can secure all communication related to non-commercial transactions where proof of identity is not mandatory. Digitally signed and encrypted information is confidential and accessible only to authorized people. All you need to have is a valid personal e-mail address.

The Class 1 Silver certificates enable you to:

  • Digitally sign your e-mail, in which you assure your recipient that the mail has come from you.
  • Encrypt your e-mail, where you block unauthorized people from receiving or reading your e-mails.
  • Electronically authenticate your identity to web servers, where you establish a communication link with the web server to secure your confidential information such as credit card details, password details, etc.

    Class 1 Silver Individual certificates are legally valid as per the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000. However, since they do not provide strong authentication of user identity, they are not applicable for commercial use.

Digital Certificate - Class Two Gold

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Class 2 certificates authenticate your identity; provide content/software integrity and assured encryption standards to maximize security. These certificates are applicable to personal and commercial use in environments requiring obligatory identity proof. This class of certificates involves either a Registration Authority (RA) or a Sub-CA organization. These are neutral third-party validation authorities designated by e-Mudhra that verify the information submitted by the applicant with respect to identity and authenticity and, contingent to all requirements being met, issue certificates.

Individual: Class 2 Gold Individual Certificates enable you to digitally sign your e-mail for unequivocal identification, encrypt your mail to block unauthorized access, and electronically authenticate your identity to web servers, e-commerce sites and other transactional portals where proof of identity is mandatory. The extent of identification provided by this class of certificates is limited to the information available on the validating server.

Organization: With e-Mudhra Class 2 Gold Organization, your can designate specific employees, associates or customers to guarantee the accuracy of the information submitted by various entities related to your organization such as employees, associates and customers. Since these certificates are linked to specific entities, any change such as resignation of the employee or alteration in associate / customer relationships will nullify the validity of the certificate. In such a situation, you need to revoke this certificate and apply for a new one by providing the modified details.

Digital Certificates

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates are a standard method for organizations to ensure e-commerce transaction security for their customers through a process of digital authentication of server identity. The key driver of SSL technology is encryption to prevent theft of data for malicious intent. It is embedded in most browsers and is an automatic security handshake whenever a user connects to a secure server. This handshake ensures that any information sent through this connection is encrypted.

E-Mudhra uses dual key data encryption – a public domain key that encrypts data sent to the secure server and a private or secret key that decrypts data received by the secure server.

e-Mudhra Certificates offers you:

  • Industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology based certificates
  • Categorical confirmation of server identity, high grade security, and integrity and confidentiality of data being exchanged
  • Class 3 certificates that ensure a safe, secure, cost-effective and authenticated customer experience

Digital Certificate - Class Three Platinum

Class 3 Certificates are issued to individuals, organizations and devices and are applicable for personal and commercial use. They represent the highest degree of digital security available to individuals, devices, servers and organizations. Typically, they are used for Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), internet banking/broking, e-tendering and other web-based transactions where confidentiality and authenticity are critical. You are required to by physically present during authentication and confirmation of applicant identity by the RA or Sub-CA, who issues the certificate provided you meet all requirements.

Individual: Class 3 Platinum Individual Certificates issued to individuals or devices and encompass primarily high end security-sensitive online activities.

Organization: These are digital certificates that are appropriate for digital signatures, encryption, electronic access control, e-commerce and online financial transactions that require a strong assertion of the customer's identity. The validation procedures for Class 3 Platinum Organization certificates includes confirmation that the subscriber organization does in fact exist, authorization from the organization for the certificate application and authorization for the person submitting the certificate application.

Digital Certificates Manage Certificate Revoke

Certificate revocation is done when the information in the certificate undergoes change due to reasons such as compromise of certificate private key, change of personal data or relationship with the organization.

Withdraw or cancel your certification through the ‘Revoke Authentication’ option. Remember that you can revoke a certificate only if you have downloaded it previously.

Managed Pki

Business organizations across the world have recognized the critical need for watertight security measures to administer the rapidly increasing volumes of business conducted over the internet. Public Key Information (PKI)-based technologies are gaining prominence as a foolproof strategy for providing organizations the necessary mechanisms to secure web-based communication.

Managed PKI solutions from e-Mudhra empower your organization with a high degree of protection that is cost-effective, legally binding and simple to use. You can easily handle issue of digital certificates to various entities interacting with the business organization for securing access to mail servers, web servers, VPN, intra/extranets, e-commerce portals and other applications.

The Public Key Infrastructure offered by e-Mudhra leverages state-of-the-art technology to ensure 24/7 support for management, monitoring and disaster recovery.

e-Mudhra gives you:

  • A cost-effective PKI system that obviates the need for a Certification Authority set-up, thereby allowing you to issue additional certificates without going through a validation process every time
  • The facility to outsource various tasks such as
    • Issue of Digital Certificates to employees/partners/affiliates/customers and other designated Registration Authorities (RA)
    • Administrative activities such as digital certificate generation, validation, renewal and revocation to authorized individuals or organizations Please get in touch with us for more information on Managed PKI services best suited to your requirements.

Validation Services

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is a protocol that enables users to verify the validity status of digital certificates in real time online. This validation is especially critical for online services related to e-commerce, banking and the stock market.

Customers need to be informed regarding the legitimacy of a Digital Certificate held by a business organization involved in e-commerce because:

  • Digital Certificates have a pre-defined finite validity period
  • Digital Certificates can be suspended or revoked under certain circumstances
  • The origin of some Digital Certificates may be unknown

e-Mudhra offers a real-time, flexible and scalable OCSP service that enables instantaneous confirmation of the validity and authenticity of the Digital Certificate.

An OCSP client sends a status request to the OCSP server, which in turn returns the status of the certificate in question. OCSP provides a simple mechanism for checking certificate validity that operates in real time and is an efficient alternative to the checking method involving the use of Certificate Revocation List (CRL). This is particularly important for transactions that require absolute confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. The OCSP protocol has been specified and standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2560.

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