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Manufacturer & Exporter of Agricultural Biotechnology Products & Bas - Eco (Bio - Insecticide). Our product range also comprises of Chemical Powder, Bentonite Powder and Barytes Powder.

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (Phosco)

We are counted amongst the most reliable providers of Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria (Phosco) that is a natural soil micro-organism. Phosphorus holds vital importance for plants and is found in soil in inorganic compounds such as calcium, iron, aluminium and in organic forms like phospholipids and nucleic acids. On being applied to the soil phosphorous gets transforms into fixed / stable phosphorus or insoluble forms of phosphates that can only be utilized by plants to 20-30 %.


The fixation process of phosphorus is done through a chemical reaction that involves:


  • Adsorption of phosphate by insoluble forms of iron, aluminium and silicate minerals
  • Precipitation of phosphate by soluble forms of iron, aluminium and calcium


Some of the key details of our product are enumerated below:




It is formulated in a sterile environment and propagated onto a rich, organic base, which is of free flowing, light and moisture retaining nature. The micro-organism holds viability for a period of one-year giving a plate count of 109, i.e.; each gram will have millions of multipliable organisms.


Mode of action:


In order to solubilise insoluble / fixed form of phosphate, the help of microbes is a must. During their life cycles, various microorganisms, especially fungi and bacteria secrete diverse organic substances that are capable of solubilising insoluble phosphates. These substances possess the ability of lowering the ph of insoluble phosphates and thereby facilitate in converting them into soluble form. The diverse compounds/organic acids produced by these micro organisms include Fumaric, Tartaric and Maelic from chelates with calcium, aluminium and iron that result in the optimum solubilisation and utilisation of applied phosphates. Our Bio-fertilising product contains large number of microbes that hasten the solubilisation of bound phosphate/phosphorus in an effective manner.


Usage recommendations:


It can ideally be used on all types of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, spices and plantation crops, especially those crops grown in ow phosphorus soils.


Seed treatment:


1 kg of Phosco is to be mixed with 500 ml water and this mixture has to be stirred well with a rod. Seeds that are to be sown in 1.0 acre of land are to be added to the above mixture and are thoroughly mixed. The inoculated seeds are to be air-dried by storing in a cool place and then sown immediately thereafter.


Transplants/Nurseries/Plotted plants:


The roots of crops like tomato, paddy, cabbage, vegetables and others are to be dipped in slurry of 1 kg Phosco mixed with 5 litre of water for a period of 5-10 minutes before transplanting.




  • Phosco is living bacteria and any application of chemical fungicide before and after its use in the plant area is to be avoided
  • In order to prevent it from drying, Phosco should be stored in a cool, dry & shaded place away from direct sunlight


Advantages of Phosco:


  • Boosts the available phosphorous and thereby, increases the yield by 10% to 15%
  • Cheaper than chemical fertilisers
  • No toxic/ poisonous residues in food or soil
  • Phosco facilitates optimum development of root system and accelerated plant growth

Bas - Eco (Bio - Insecticide)

The qualitative range of Bas - Eco (Bio - Insecticide) offered by us has earned huge acclamations for controlling insects. This Entomopathogenic fungus relies upon Beauveria broningiarti for attacking insects, controlling bollworms in cotton, whiteflies in tomato, brinjal & cotton, root grubs in sugarcane and berry borer in coffee. As compared to other bacterial and viral pathogens, our range offers better control / infection over larval and pupal stages of insect pests.

Why Bas-Eco?

The range of Bas-Eco encompasses an environmental friendly bio agent that finds worldwide applications for controlling hard to kill insects. It features a unique mode of action that assures the killing of the even escaped and tolerant insects that is not possible with the application of insecticides.

How it acts?

When our product comes in contact with insects, it results in the germination and penetration of spores through the cuticle and ultimately the multiplication in the haemocoel. The product produces toxic metabolite called 'Beauvericin' that inhibits the metabolic enzymes, which paralyzes the insects and kills them thereafter. After the death, it gets transformed into mummy (hard and solid structure) due to saprophytic development and emission of large quantities of toxins by Bas-Eco funguses that secure the mummified insect from decaying. Within a period of 5-7 days the insect gets completely covered with white mycelium of Bas-Eco fungus. A highly humid environment enables the achievement of good efficacy in insects by Bas-Eco.

How much should be applied?


  • Foliar spray: When used along with conventional insecticides / Symtetic Pyrethroids, Bas-Eco should be applied @ 750 gm per acre. Otherwise, 1000 gm of Bas –Eco along with 20 gm of Jiggery in 200 litres of water is to be applied over an acre of land preferably during morning or evening hours
  • Soil drenching: For having effective control over root grubs 1800 Gm of Bas-Eco is to be dissolved in 400 litres of water and drenched in the soil thoroughly






Dose per Acre

Cotton, pulses, oilseeds & vegetables

Heliothis armigera Whitefly & Spodoptera

Bas-Eco @ 1000 gm


Berry borer

Bas-Eco @ 1000 gm

Cardamom & sugarcane

Root grubs

Bas-Eco @ 1800 gm


  • Packing available: 500 gm
  • Shelf life: One year from the date of manufacturing
  • Storage conditions: To be kept in a cool place, which is devoid of direct sunlight




  • Not to be mixed with chemical fungicides
  • Safety gloves are to be used while handling the product to avoid direct contact with skin
  • To be kept out of the reach of the children

Trichoderma Viride

Being the renowned names in the industry, we offer wide range of Trichoderma viride (Bio-Pesticide for Agriculture) that are chemically stable and are formulated using latest techniques and advanced methods. Our entire product range is formulated using quality assured chemicals and latest techniques. They are environment friendly in nature.




  • No side-effects
  • Accurate composition
  • Hygienically packed