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Deodorants (AMPM)


AMPM Deodorants is an elite mix of refreshing and energizing fragrances which keeps you fresh round the clock. Its unique composition which gives reliable 24hr prevention from body odor and keeps you fresh from AM to PM.

Available in two fresh notes:

AMPM INDULGE- Fragrance which is masculine but yet has layers of fresh playful notes.

AMPM SPLASH- Its a cool splash of aqua fragrance that helps revitalize your senses.

Mouthwash (AMPM)


Mouthwash plays a vital role to eliminate the germs that are hidden in hard to reach places. AMPM Mouthwash helps you keep your mouth clean & fresh all day. Having fresh breath not only makes one feel better and more confident, but also makes one much more pleasant person to be around.

AMPM Mouthwash developed by our R&D and is a highly value added product in oral hygiene segment in terms of its efficacy. It is one of its kinds of product to offer anti plaque and anti cavity properties along with 400% bacteria & germ kill promise. The dental rinse has a key ingredient triclosan available in only a few oral care products. Triclosan has been shown to be effective in reducing and controlling bacterial contamination and germ fighting capabilities.

AMPM mouthwash comes with a unique self dispensing cap to give you the right dosage for daily use. It has varied usage and was launched in the year 2002.

Available in 120 / 250 ml skus.

AMPM Mouthwash is available in two flavours:

  • AMPM special created especially for smokers and tobacco chewers with fresh mint flavor is an appropriate solution to get rid of tooth staining and bad breath. It contains Eucalyptus oil, which combats the bad breath caused by all these external factors.
  • AMPM plus is the solution for complete oral care, It helps:

Tooth Brush (AMPM)


AMPM Tooth Brush launched in 2009 is a new age toothbrush which makes your brushing more comfortable, morning and evening, from AM to PM. Available in four colors and in medium size AMPM tooth brush has triple functional benefits.

  • Its small & compact design helps reach and clean every tooth without hurting the gums.

  • Its long handle is equipped with an ergonomically designed thumb grip which lets you brush comfortably.

  • Equipped with a tongue cleaner to gently remove germ deposits and gives you a fresher breath.

  • Elder Gulabjal


    Elders Gulabjal is for SKINCARE that gives GLOWING COMPLEXION. Elders Gulabjal is a quality rose water from the house of ELDER which helps making your skin making it more beautiful and glowing. It has varied benefits:-

  • It’s an ideal mix with your face pack

  • Regular use helps you to effectively tone your skin

  • It is an excellent cooling and refreshing agent

  • It helps remove dirt from your skin.

  • Elders Essence Room Freshener


    Elders Essence Air Fresheners, with its natural fragrance neutralizes bad odour and makes the surrounding enchantingly fresh and fragrant. Besides keeping the environment fresh and fragrant, Elders Essence special formulation protects you from chemical & biological odour. And this unique formulation leaves no stain on furniture, curtains, upholstery & fabrics.

    It is available in two fragrances in 300 ml pack:


  • Elder’s Essence Lavender fragrance, with its valuable elements, has significant aromatic benefits, which are best suited to control anxiety.

  • AQUA

  • An ocean of freshness to stimulate your senses with the Aqua fragrance.

    Fair One Cream


    Fairone is a natural fairness cream developed by the world renowned beauty expert Ms. Shahnaz Husain. Fairone was launched in the year 2004 and promises fairness in 15 days. The key ingredient in Fairone is Bearberry. Available in 50 / 25 / 7.5 gms.

    Fair One Man (Cream)


    Fairone Man is the first fairness cream for men developed with complete natural ingredients by Shahnaz Husain. It was launched in late 2007 and has received overwhelming response in the market. Available in 50 / 25 / 7.5 gms.

    Fair One Plus Five (Cream)


    Fairone Plus Five gives fairness with five benefits with Skin Toning and Tightening being its core benefit as it contains Chinai Ghas which gives life and nourishment to the skin. The other four benefits are UV Protection, Soothing & Cooling, Youth & Glow and Skin Nourishing. It was launched in early 2008. Available in 50 gms.

    Fair One Soap


    Fairone Soap is a skin lightening and exfoliating bar developed by the world renowned beauty expert Ms. Shahnaz Husain. It was launched in the year 2007 and promises fairness and exfoliation. The key ingredient is Walnut Scrub which moisturizes the skin, cleanses it and clears the dead cells through exfoliation. Available in 75 gms

    Fairone Face Wash Scrub


    Fairone face wash scrub is a unique 2 in 1 face wash formulated by the world renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Husain. It has Apricot scrub particles, which helps exfoliating and cleanse skin by removing dead skin cells and blackheads. It is a unique energizing and revitalizing deep pore skin cleanser containing natural moisturizers and skin lighteners like Aloe Vera, Rose, Cucumber and Apricot. It leaves the skin fresh, radiant and youthful!!

    Neemtone Soap


    Neemtone soap was launched in the year 2008 and since then Neemtone soap has received an overwhelming response from the market for its quality and result. Neemtone soap is made from the oil of the Neem tree. Neem has been a part of the Indian tradition for ages, as a natural anti-bacterial agent, useful in curing and preventing several ailments. One of the widely acknowledged benefits of Neem is its utility as a skin care agent. Neemtone taps that very same natural benefit through pure Neem oil.

    Neemtone Soap helps preventing Acne, Pimple and other skin problems.

    So if you want to do your skin some good, try Neemtone soap!

    Available in 75gm pack
    USP: For clear skin

    Rhyme Soap


    Rhyme soap is the first economy soap from the House of Elder which gives complete value for money. It was launched in early 2008 and is available in 2 variants (Rose & Almond) in a 40 gms SKU.

    Fuel Mystery


    Fuel – Mystery

    An exploration of the freshest and purest water. A contemporary aromatic aquatic signature. Dedicated to men seeking a unique, crisp and vibrant freshness. It will surely have all those mysterious girls giving in. How you want to enjoy is totally your call. Spray it on.

    Fuel – Passion

    Arouse Passion is a lush, fruity and powdery scent which is also long lasting. At first, the fragrance smells tropically fruity and then it warms to a more full bodied fragrance. Use it to attract the opposite sex, any time of the day.

    Fuel – Flame

    Ignite Flame has a refreshing, oriental and woody fragrance. This masculine ambery scent possesses the ability to create fire among all the girls around you. Once you put it on, “how to deal with ‘them all’ is totally your responsibility.

    Solo Cough Syrup


    Solo: The soothing herbal remedy for bad coughs and sore throats.

    Solo Cough Syrup provides effective relief from cough, without side-effects.

    Solo Cough Syrup is a Tulsi- Ginger based herbal syrup that is fortified with Elaichi, Pudina. This herbal syrup attacks cough at its roots, and provides fast relief.

    Solo Vaporub


    Solo Vaporub provides safe and effective relief from the symptoms of cold, namely blocked nose, cough. The medicinal properties of Solo VapoRubs natural ingredients - Nilgiri (Eucalyptus Oil), Pudina (Menthol) and Kapoor (Camphor) provides faster, longer-lasting relief from symptoms of cold

    Just For Men (Hair Colour)


    Just for Men is the World leader in Mens hair colour with breakthrough technology .The Hair and Moustache beard and Sideburns colour range is being exclusively imported, marketed and distributed in India by Elder Health care Ltd. The Range is currently available in Black, Dark Brown and Medium Brown colours.

    BeYu (Lipsticks)


    Elder Health Care, introduced a range of premium German colour cosmetic brand called ‘BeYu’ in India. Imported and marketed by Elder Health Care Ltd., the colour cosmetic range comprises of mineral make up, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners and nail enamels.

    Be Yu” is an extremely popular brand in Germany and Europe. “Be Yu” is available in more than 35 countries worldwide. The state-of-the -art brand is part of the ARTDECO cosmetic group, Germany.

    Be Yu offers innovative products in fresh & current colors. Colors represent feelings and emotions. Self-realization, revealing oneself as one is, and giving expression to one’s feeling – that’s the current trend. Inspired by the latest trends of the international fashion scene, BeYu stands for trendy make-up with incomparable top modern color variety.

    Be Yu products are characterized by an elegant and extravagant style.

    Addressing almost all the fashion needs of today’s cosmopolitan woman, the range is targeted at an audience between 25-40 years of age, SEC A1, users of ‘premium’ colour cosmetics who are extremely fashion conscious and in sync with the latest international beauty trends. The positioning statement -Be Yourself – BeYu offers the brand proposition of an independent, broad minded and experimentative person who is confident with a mind of her own.

    To,Elder Health Care Limited

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