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Temperature Controller Calibration

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The effective Temperature Controller Calibration service offered by us is highly acclaimed by the clients. These assist in testing the temperature controller on parameters of accuracy and performance. Clients can avail this service as and when required by them.

Thermometer Calibration

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Brought forth by us is a supreme Thermometer Calibration service that highly satisfies the clients. The service includes placing of thermometer under a stable environment, comparison between the actual temperature and that indicated in the thermometer. Based on the difference, adjustments can be made either to the thermometer itself or its reading, using transmitters and other readout devices.

Temperature Recorder Calibration

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We offer an excellent Temperature Recorder Calibration that helps in testing and verifying the temperature recorder. Our service proves to be highly effective in yielding accurate results, and hence, highly preferred by the clients. The various tests and verification carried out on the equipment is as listed below:


  • Response time
  • Impact from the environment
  • Sensitivity of the equipment under test

PID Controller Calibration

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The exclusive PID Controller Calibration service offered by us proves ideal for applications that are in close proximity with the freezing point of water. These act as opposed to the simple calibration that is done using ice water mixture. Besides, if its sensor is set at high temperature, it can be calibrated with a NIST traceable sensor, which brings it down to the normal temperature of the application.

Thermocouple Calibration

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Our excellent servicing of Thermocouple Calibration offered to the clients proves to be of high use to them, hence, highly appreciated. Using this technique, the calibration of the furnace is carried out according to its standard value constants and in compliance with the international quality norms.

Sensor Calibration

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We offer a remarkable Sensor Calibration servicing for the vast collection of temperature sensors. It is executed by our smart professionals in a systematic manner so as to provide the sensors, a high level of accuracy. As a result, it is effective in delivering the premium quality equipment based on modern technology.

Scanner Calibration

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The remarkable service of Scanner Calibration provided by us proves highly effective in calibrating different kinds of scanners. Once done with the calibration, the resultant products are strictly checked on the parameters of color and texture. As a result, these satisfy the clients to a huge extent.

Data Logger Calibration

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We offer an excellent Data Logger Calibration service, which is widely appreciated by the clients. For the data logger to turn out effective, the input information provided must be highly reliable. Further, the recordings needs to be utterly precise and an accurate information needs to be produced. As a result, this calibration assures the efficiency of equipment and precise reading of product.

Ammeter Calibration

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Our excellent Ammeter Calibration service proves to be highly effective and hence, highly preferred by our huge client base. This helps in standardizing the instrument as well as assists in rectifying the possible errors in the instrument. Clients can avail this service at affordable price.

Voltmeter Calibration

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The effective Voltmeter Calibration service is provided to the clients as per their specific demands. These prove highly effective on the voltmeters that are inspected on varied parameters. As a result, the resultant voltmeters prove to yield precise readings with remarkable accuracy.

Pressure Gauges Calibration

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We are engaged in providing superior Calibration service on the Pressure Gauges offered by us. The servicing is done using the dead weight pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge calibrator. Both these equipment help in rectifying the possible errors in the gauges. As a result, clients highly appreciate the service.

Thermostat Calibration

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Our excellent Calibration servicing offered on the Thermostats proves to be highly effective and hence, widely preferred by the clients. Further, it is an important process as it enables the thermostat to have hassle free operation and exhibit optimum performance. After being calibrated, these thermostat effectively respond to temperature, controller as well as heater.

MultiMeter Calibration

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The remarkable Multimeter Calibration offered by us proves to be in absolute compliance with the international quality norms. Our service is based on the specific demands and requirements of the clients. Further, our reasonable prices and flexible service ensures optimum satisfaction of the clients.

Timer Calibration

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Our exclusive Timer Calibration serves the clients as per their required specifications. These help in rectifying issues in the timer if any. As a result, the rectified timers continue to be used for measuring the time intervals between two events. Clients are highly satisfied with our servicing and find no further faults in their timer.

AC / DC MultiMeter Calibration

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The comprehensive array of Multimeter brought forth by us is basically an electronic measuring device that combines the different measurement functions in a single unit. These possess the ability of measuring current, resistance as well as voltage.

Clamp Meter Calibration

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We provide an excellent Clamp Meter Calibration service to the clients at sensible prices. Clamp meter are electrical devices that comprise two jaws used for clamping to the electrical conductor. These operate on a range of 1000 amp AC/DC. The servicing of these clamp meters helps resolve all kinds of functioning problems if any, and makes it functional as before.

Pressure Sensor Calibration

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The excellent Pressure Sensor Calibration offered by us proves highly effective in various pressure gauges. Further, we also offer calibration on the sensors on low pressure ranging from 1 pascal to 200 mm of WC. This servicing is done with an appropriate resolution of 0.01 mm WC / 0.1 pa.

Furnace Calibration

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Our exclusive Calibration servicing offered on the Furnaces has gained huge appreciation from the clients. We are engaged in calibrating different types of small and large furnaces. The calibration enables these furnace to operate as effectively as before.

Welding Rod Oven Calibration

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We offer excellent Calibration over the Welding Rod Oven and the welding equipment with excellent efficiency. This calibration is offered with as well as without the temperature controls as preferred by the clients. As a result, we are able to immensely satisfy the clients.

Muffle Furnace Calibration

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The remarkable Muffle Furnace Calibration offered by us proves to ensure the utmost satisfaction of the clients. These are carried out solely based on the configurations specified by the clients. Besides, these are pre formed prior to the tests so as to ensure the correct alignment of the optical system.

Vernier Calipers Calibration

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Our effective Calibration service provided on the Vernier Caliper proves to be highly useful for the users. The superior grade array of Vernier Caliper requires regular calibration so as to yield accurate results every time. Further, the calibration helps these to sustain their precise dimensions.

Mechanical Instruments

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We are actively engaged in offering quality services on the Mechanical Instruments. Making optimum utilization of our well organized labs, our experts are able to effectively serve the varied calibration requirement of the customers. As a result, we are successful in ensuringInstrument optimum satisfaction of the clients.

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