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Photo Gates


These are the intelligent photo gates ideal for air track, pendulums, and gates this microprocessor-controlled photo gate timer has upto centi second. . Features sharp LCD display and operates on 110 V AC with a cord. Includes photo gates.

Ticker Tape Timer


Our basic ticker tape timer is AC synchronous, producing dots at precise intervals every 1/60th second making precision measurements possible in all kinematics experiments. The body is finished. And requires a 6 V AC or 110 V AC source. Supplied with one roll of 13 mm x 154 mm and package of carbon disc.

Free Fall Apparatus


This Apparatus is used to measure the time of fall of a steel ball to determine the value of 'g".

Accessories :-

The Apparatus consist of :-

  • 1 Base
  • 1 Steel Rod
  • 1 Gate
  • 1 Coil
  • 1 Centi Second Timer
  • 1 Steel Ball
  • 1 Soft Cloth
  • 1 Connecting Leads
  • 1 Scale

How to use :-

  • Fix the rod on the stand.
  • Now put the mechanical gate on the rod at lower end near base.
  • And then the coil as the upper end.
  • Connect the fates and coil tothe timer on the points provided. Respective of colors with the connecting leads.
  • Switch on the supply.
  • Switch the centi second timer to magnetize and fix the steel ball on the coil.
  • Now when the ball is magnetizing switch the timer to demagnetize the ball will release and cross the gate and the timer is shown on the display.
  • Now our free fall apparatus is ready to use.

Precaustions :-

  • Connect the connecting leads to the timer tightly.
  • Carefully adjust the distance between the gate and the coil.
  • Clean the apparatus neatly after use.
  • Reset the timer every time.

Air Source / Blower


For use with Any Air Tack or Air Table

No air tack lab would be completed without this versatile and durable air source. Built in second insulation minimizes operating noise. The 2 meter long hose connects easily to any air track. Built in thermal switch prevents overheating if source becomes inadvertently blocked. optional dual-track accessory allows simultaneouse operation of 2 air tracks. Air flow output is adjustable for one or two tracks, upto maximum of 47 L/s at 15.8KPa (50 mm orifice). Opertes on 110 VAC. 1.8 m cord wraps neatly around units's leg for storage.

Pascal'S Hydraulic Press


This Pascal's Law Demonstration Hydraulic Press is a Great way to Show Pascal's Law in Opera[tion.

Student will understand mechanical advantage when they use this system of connected pistons.


Apply force to one syringe-type piston to make the liquid rise in other, recreating the concept behind such every day items as power steering, shock absorbers, and hydraulic jacks.

Newton Low


Newton low apparatus 

Water Curcuit Board Sheet Metal








Bi-Cycle Dynamo


Ticker Tape Timer


Gold Leaf Electroscope


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