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5-Meo-Mipt & Foxy Methoxy (MOXY)

We are offering 5-Meo-Mipt & Foxy Methoxy (MOXY)
Avail from us 5- Meo- Mipt is a potent psychedelic drug, which can be bought in this web- Source for wholesale distribution, delivery services are also available. The drug is sometimes referred to as entheogen and belongs to the class of tryptamines. The average oral dose is 3-6 mg. In commercial distribution can be met under the nickname of “moxy”. The effects usually include strong and long state of euphoria and increased heart rate. 5- Meo- Mipt is the hallucinogenic drug.


Etizolam also known as 7-(2-chlorophenyl)- 4-ethyl- 13-methyl- 3-thia- 1, 8, 11, 12- tetraazatricyclo [8. 3. 0. 02, 6}] trideca- 2(6), 4, 7, 10, 12- pentaene a chemical of the thienodiazepine class that is very new to the RC market.
The structure of Etizolam is closely related to benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax aka alprazolam, only the phenyl ring of the molecule is replaced with a thiophene ring. This means that Etizolam can be purchased and sold without home office license in the UK for lab testing and scientific research purposes only.
Etizolam is sold in per-measured 1mg pellets and is sold for lab research only. Not for human consumption or any person's under the age of 18!

Neorecormon [Erythropoietin]

Erythropoietin, or EPO, is a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production. It is a cytokine for erythrocyte (red blood cell) precursors in the bone marrow.
Also called hematopoietin or hemopoietin, it is produced by the peritubular capillary endothelial cells in the kidney, and is the hormone that regulates red blood cell production. It also has other known biological functions. For example, erythropoietin plays an important role in the brain's response to neuronal injury. EPO is also involved in the wound healing process.
When exogenous EPO is used as a performance-enhancing drug, it is classified as an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA). Exogenous EPO can often be detected in blood, due to slight difference from the endogenous protein, for example in features of posttranslational modification.

Pethidine Injections

Pethidine (INN) or meperidine hydrochloride (USAN) (commonly referred to as Demerol in the US but also referred to as: isonipecaine; lidol; pethanol; piridosal; Algil; Alodan; Centralgin; Dispadol; Dolantin; Mialgin (in Indonesia); Petidin Dolargan (in Poland);Dolestine; Dolosal; Dolsin; Mefedina) is a fast-acting opioid analgesic drug.
Pethidine is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe pain, and is delivered as a hydrochloride salt in tablets, as a syrup, or byintramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous injection. For much of the 21st century, pethidine has been the opioid of choice for many physicians; Doctors prescribe it for acute pain and 22% for chronic severe pain.
Use for Pregnancy delivery.

Mephedrone Hydrochloride & Crystals

High pharmaceutical grade(99.8) mephedrone for sale we sell high laboratory grade (99.8%) mephedrone (2- methylamino-1- one) also knows as 4- Methylmethcathinone (4- Mmc). We are one of the greatest suppliers of mephedrone and we supply in large quantities and in very good prices too. Below is our price list. 50 grams 300$ 100 grams 700$ 200 grams 1200$ 400 grams 2000$ 500 grams 2400$ 1kg ( 1, 000 grams ) 4000$ delivery will be in 2 days after payment confirmation. Packaging would be in a seal vacuum foil bag. Delivery method: TNT, DHL, fedex, ems.

Cannabis Seeds

There are many different types of cannabis seeds. They differ in physical appearance, size, shape, color, THC levels, and many more. They eventually grow to become plants that are also different from each other. Some have bigger leaves, some have thicker branches and stalks, some have greener leaves, some are taller, etc.

Epofit (Erythropoietin Injection)

We are offering our clients with epofit (4000 iu), having a active component as recombinant human erythropoietin (rhu epo), which is used clinically for treatment of anemia of chronic renal failure patients, anemia in zidovudine- Treated hivi nfected patients, anemia in cancer patients on chemotherapy and reduction of allogeneic blood transfusion in surgery patients. Moreover, these drugs are available at very cheap rates in market.

Triprolidine Hydrochloride

First generation histamine H1 antagonist used in allergic rhinitis; asthma; and urticaria. It is a component of cough and cold medicines. It may cause drowsiness.
For the symptomatic relief of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis or nonallergic rhinitis; allergic conjunctivitis; and mild, uncomplicated allergic skin manifestations of urticaria and angioedema. Also used in combination with other agents for the symptomatic relief of symptoms associated with the common cold.

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