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Development Board

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P89V51RD2 microcontroller
On board 8-LED, LCD & Keypad
On board reset & interrupt switch
CD containing software & demo programs
No separate programmer required
Can be directly programmed through PC.

Product Code: 8051

Programmer Board

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p89v51rd2 microcontroller
on board 8-led & interface for obstacle sensors
usb powered
cd containing software & demo programs
no separate programmer required
can be directly programmed through pc.

Avr Atmega8 Robotics Board

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AVR – ATMega8 microcontroller
On board
Motor driver circuit &
DC-motor speed control circuitOn board interfaces for obstacle & line follower sensor
USB powered
CD containing software & demo programs
Can be directly programmed through PC, using a AVR programmer.

Avr Atmega Programmer

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Serial port programmer
Programmer for ATMega-8 microcontrollers
No additional power supply required
Programming cable included with this programmer.

Rf Receiver And Transmitter Board

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Transmit/receive data via RF frequency
9V/12V power supply required
Inbuilt voltage regulator
Can be interfaced directly to the microcontroller or any other circuit
CD containing datasheets & user-manual.

Line Follower Sensor

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array of ir based sensor
can be interfaced directly to the microcontroller
logic output 1/0
application – white/black line follower robot
9v/12v power supply required
inbuilt voltage regulator.

Wireless Communication Module

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Two PC can communicate wirelessly
Range : up-to 7meters
USB powered
PC interface: RS232 (serial port)
Any serial communication software can be used.

Stepper Motor Driver Board

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Application: 1 stepper motor can be driven.
High starting torque.
Positional accuracy.
More torque in less speed.
Open loop control.

Gsm Modem

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Led Board

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Angle Sensor

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Rf Transmitter Board

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Zig-Bee Module

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Workshop Kit

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Obstacle Sensor

  • R based obstacle detector.
  • Can be interfaced directly to the microcontroller.
  • Adjustable range with POT.
  • Sensitivity up-to 9cm.
  • Application – obstacle avoider robot.

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