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Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical Safety Audit For Hospitals

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This is a sector where care is the most essential part of the service delivery. Care is a human attribute which could be trained, but what about the safety that affects care? This question is the tipping point behind choosing a hospital now days.


Recent unfortunate incidents in some of the hospitals where life has been lost due to poor maintenance of electrical equipments, make it a necessity for hospitals to get an Enesa Electrical Audit.  Having the Enesa logo support your hospital brand name could make your customers take that valuable decision to opt for your hospital. After all Enesa is for safety for all. Enesa Electrical Safety Audit services can help hospitals to:


  • Safeguard against the risk of fire due to electrical short-circuits
  • Prevent the loss of lives due to malfunctioning of electrical circuits, especially in the case of ICU and for other critical care equipments
  • Prevent damage to expensive medical equipments and machines like scanners
  • Safeguard the interests and limit liabilities for senior management and directors of the hospital (In a recent case, directors of a prominent hospital was arrested for loss of lives in a fire)
  • Enesa certified installations could help to prove that the hospital had taken preventative action before the fire happened
  • Maintain reputation of the hospital and have peace in patient and employees minds

Electrical Safety Audit For Hotels

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India has witnessed tremendous growth in tourism in recent times. The inflow of a large number of tourists from across the globe has lead to a boom in the hospitality sector. While most tourists come to India to have an ‘Incredible India’ experience, they still are conspicuous about the potential safety issues in hotels. The brand of the hotel could be the most preferred by a tourist, when it is certified by a global company such as Ascertiva. Enesa could increase the brand equity of your hotel.


Enesa Electrical Safety Audit services can help hotels to:


  • Safeguard risk of fire in hotels due to electrical short circuits
  • Prevent damage to expensive electronic equipments like LCD TV’s
  • Safeguard their reputation for safety and limit liabilities for senior management and directors of the hotel
  • Maintain reputation of the hotel and have peace in guest’s minds
  • Attract travelers from around the world to your hotel, through association with a global company like Ascertiva, and by highlighting that the safety features of your hotel with Enesa certification

Electrical Safety Audit For Shopping Malls

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The rise of per capital income and the changing buying patterns of consumers have given rise to the opportunity to build more shopping malls. In the years to come this sector is going to see massive growth and development.

In the future, a consumer choosing a shopping mall will be dependent on many factors including how safe it is. To improve the perceptual value of the brand of your shopping mall, you need to take some practical steps to reduce electrical hazards and protect the safety of tourist and shoppers supporting your business growth.
Enesa could help you enhance electrical safety of a shopping mall by conducting a 360 degree electrical audit, thus reducing the risk of electrical safety and bringing assurance to your consumers. This in turn could also improve the footfall of shoppers in the mall.

Electrical Safety Audit For Banks And Office Buildings

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In the midst of a booming Indian economy, where India is recognized for its skilled manpower, your company’s true assets are the employees, and other stakeholders.

It’s a strategic issue to make your employees believe in you and that you really care for them. Can you leave them to a work place, which is not certified to be electrical hazard free.

Enesa can carry out an in-depth analysis of the electrical installations in your office to check for any inconsistencies that will help reduce the risk of mishap or electrical failure.

Having your business audited by Enesa will increase the credibility of your company’s brand as the most preferable company to work for. Enesa services can help offices to:

  • Safeguard against the risk of fire due to electrical short-circuits
  • Prevent damage to expensive electronic equipments like laptops and servers
  • Ensure business continuity especially for data centers, call centers and IT companies
  • Safeguard interest and limit liabilities for senior management and directors of the company
  • Maintain the reputation of the company and give peace of mind to both employers and employees

Electrical Safety Audit

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Enesa offers independent assessment services to organizations of all in India, from Fortune 500 clients to small businesses. Enesa provides a wide range of assessment services across multiple sectors, including:


  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Oil and
  • Green Energy

A partnership with Enesa will not only benefit you in eliminating electrical hazards from your organization, but also give you access to the wider services, products and expertise of Ascertiva Group.

We offer electrical safety audits as well as energy audits as part of our services.

Power Quality Audits

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Today’s economy is driven by power resource. Hence reducing utility bills & polluted power is become highly important. We offer most reliable Power Quality Audits.

Occupational Health Safety Audits

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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Auditing is a term used to describe a wide range of assessments that can be undertaken for a variety of different purposes.

Fire Safety Audits Any Building

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We offer most reliable Fire Safety Audits services to buildings at most economical prices. All our professionals carry out these services after collecting all the technical as well as commercial details of the client's site.

Thermography Services

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With wide expertise and dexterity we fruitfully offer reliable Thermography Services that are in high demand in the market. Further, these services are rendered in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the clients and offered at most competitive prices.

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