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  • About EnSci Global

    Customer Care

    • EnSci provides the reliability to its customers by effective collaboration of knowledge, innovation & agility
    • EnSci has maintained an OTD of more than 99.5% across various projects and various industries.

    Research & Development

    Research & Development

    EnSci as an organization promotes the culture of learning by providing opportunities to people to reinvent themselves across various functional areas of work, resulting in highly motivated & vibrant work force. Talent acquisition and continuous development of our infrastructure have been our key concentration areas. Employee friendly policies, participative work culture and innovation approach have helped us in building our existing world class engineering facility.EnSci is a young and dynamic organisation, the days never lack excitement and employees are constantly on their toes! EnSci’s young brigade, most of who are below the age of 30, continuously seeks challenge to employ cutting-edge innovation. EnSci scaled new engineering heights due to their enthusiastic participation in some interesting in-house voluntary projects. These projects throw light on unique engineering insights and the experience gained significantly adds value to real-world projects. While we continue to reinforce our three-pillars of organisational focus through values of ‘Execute, Enable, Enhance’.The EnSci’s logo gives the feel of vibrance, energy, enthusiasm & innovation in the young organisation. Colours blue, violet, turquoise, orange & grey giving the excellent collaboration of communication, innovation at depth, affordability & maturity in practices.

    Why Us?

    • Engineering expertise and competence to address requirements through the product life cycle (concept to retirement)
    • Experience of having developed multiple products for various OEMs across manufacturing industries 
    • A well defined and proven product development process
    • Strict adherence to IP and data security policies

    Manufacturing Unit

    High performing companies in the industrial products industry understand that success, particularly in tough market conditions, necessitates adherence to key areas. These vital areas include innovative products and services that effectively meet customer needs, operational excellence that includes a collaborative mindset, an agile value chain to quickly tap opportunities worldwide, and a talented workforce that is committed to continuous learning. These factors become all the more important in an environment where customers are increasingly demanding customized products and services that require industrial products manufacturers to adopt best practices to deliver quality products and services.This is even more pertinent in the automotive sector where technology and customer requirements change at a rapid pace. Manufacturers in this sector are always on the lookout for solutions that improve productivity and efficiently manage the manufacturing complexities of the products. In addition, intense competition for market share also adds stress on the supply chain, thereby adding to the pressure on operational and financial operations. Evaluation of production footprint, joint sourcing strategies, and processes that quickly respond to supply chain disruptions are the other challenges that face this industry.We, at EnSci, are well equipped to collaborate with our clients to achieve high performance growth. Backed by a strong engineering legacy, in-depth expertise, and comprehensive experience across industries, we work with large system integrators to provide services for the industrial products and automotive industry across the globe. Our solutions are in the areas of:

    Our Products

    Our predictive engineering processes and methodologies help develop new products for market requirements, as well as value engineer existing products. We are also sought for capabilities to secure CE marking certifications (link to product engineering services page).

    Our Culture

    We take great pride in nurturing a culture that is enthused by youthful dynamism and guided by leaders who have been at the forefront of growth of engineering services in India. The visionary leadership recognizes the value of staying at the helm of cutting-edge technologies and trends. An important facet of Ensci’s spirit lies in promoting an environment of personal growth through learning and opportunities that help explore hidden strengths across various functions. We believe this is the reason for our success in having a highly motivated and vibrant workforce. At EnSci, we constantly enrich ourselves through talent acquisition and regular technology enhancements. Further, our employee-friendly policies, participative work culture, and innovation approach help us strengthen our existing world-class engineering facility.

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