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Wire EDM Job Holding & Clamping Devices

Three steps to success 

The route to rational production in wire EDM machines can be summarized in three steps – 

  • Mounting  
  • Reference system
  • Automation.

Step 1


First of all, the workpiece needs to be positioned and secured in the working area of the machine, preferably on the zero line, and with the risk of collision with the machine’s wire guides reduced to a minimum. And so firmly that it can handle the high flushing pressures of modern machines.

Step 2

Reference System 

Once the problem of effective mounting of the workpiece in the machine has been solved, the next step is to minimize downtimes when retooling the machine. 

Technical developments of the machines in recent years have resulted in significantly higher material removal rates. But you won’t benefit from this potential if the machine is idle for lengthy, troublesome retooling. So the aim must be to minimize retooling times with the machine idle. 

With a reference system you can prepare and preset the workpiece away from the machine, then lift it in and secure it in the machine – quickly and precisely – with minimized downtime and consequent better utilization of machine capacity.

Step 3


With a reference system and a pneumatic chuck on the machine table, you have laid a firm foundation for the crucial step towards maximized machine utilization – automation. 

Add a pallet changer to your machine and you have created an automated production cell. A cell that can generate revenue 24 hours a day, weekdays and weekends, all year round.

Laser Welding

Laser welding is a very precise repair welding technique. Precision Laser build-up machines and jobwork servicrs  are available with us at a very competitive price.

This is proven for variety of metals and metal alloys.

Ideal fo dies and mould repairs for all possible materials like STAVAX, NIMAX, RAMAX, H13, P20, NAK80, D2, BERILLIUM COPPER, ALUMINIUM etc.

Laser Welding

Laser build-up welding with wire:


When you are looking for a fast, easy and exact repair welding process. The right solution for you is laser welding with wire. Laser welding with wire is a very precise repair welding technique. The manual systems allow extensive flexibility with regard to the welding tasks. Comprehensive CAD data is not required, in contrast to robot-supported laser welding.


This makes fast, precise welding possible. The filler material to be used is selected based on the repair task and the requirements for the coating. A wide range of filler materials are available to you.


Areas of Application:

  • Model alteration and modification instead of manufacturing a new part

  • Repair of manufacturing flaws

  • Injection molding tools

  • Shaping tools

  • Motor construction

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Forging tools

  • Die casting tools

  • Repair and processing of parts that cannot be repaired with typical techniques

  • Creation of 3D contours

  • Repair of polished surfaces

  • Restoration of worn parts

EDM Brass Wires for Wire EDM machines
EDM brass wire is most important part in CNC Wirecut EDM consumables.

The fusion furnace is installed and used to melt copper and zinc which are the major materials for EDM brass wire.

φ8. 0mm wire material is drawn to the required final sizes of 0. 07, 0. 10, 0. 15, 0. 20, 0. 25, 0. 30mm dia.

The variation control is within plus-minus 1 micron. thanks to the extremely smooth surface quality with an excellent straightness and results in a reliable high quality machining.

The products are shipped to customers after a rigid product inspection.

our manufacturing method includes a combination of materials, analysis, adjustment, and management as well as the evaluation of the finished wire by actual test-cuts.

Ultrasonic Polishing & EDM Texturing

ENVOY Ultrasonic Grinding Machines have the function of power automation compensation, the frequency automation tracking lock, and it can use the various tip implements at more than 30,000 times per second. Maximal amplitude is 50 um, high speed. Brute force and stable grinding work piece surface can ensure that the implement is in the best syntony state at any time, and ensure stable power size on certain job requests. Deploying varieties tip implement head can complete rapidly different hardness materials of complicate cavity such as plastic injection mould, casting mould, forged mould.

Elctricity circuit adopts electrical souce design with up-to-date green energy-saving switch.It has many specialties as follows:small volumellight weight energy-saving and environment-protectinghigh source power transfer efficiencyeletricity web applies AC220V(180V-240V).switch is very convenient and extension is very wide.

2) Ultrasonic circuit control adopts mirco-computer single chip control technology design.Its lock efficiency cincture is wider and more precise.And for work pieces with different shape,it has a fine adaptability to make sure that it works on the best working frequency range and biggest ultrasonic amplitude,especially fibre stone and so on material-consuming fitting ,whose grinding effect is best.

3) The panel operating part uses high-qulity PVC panelintelligent adjustment full light tough electronic switch and has characteristies of dust proofwater proofcomfortable handle and good-lookingsimple operationdifficult to aging and difficult to damage.

4) The control panel adopts two-number display,separately show regulating power and output power;When opening the machine,it has the displaying function of work time accumulative total,the most accumulative total shows 99 months,which makes enterprise follow and manage usersusing condition very efficienly.

5) The spark circuit adopts presently international most advanced digit spark corrosion circuit, changes from three levels to four levels,which more adapts to coarsenessly machine original coarseness surface after machining presently market popular machine-machining equipment(such as electrical impulseline cuttingmilling machineand lathe) It has characteristies of wide rangehigh precisionquicjly cutting big peeling-off electrical corrosion.It also machines complex cavity which is not machined by handcraft,such as deep channelnarrow grooveblind holecircle slot and acute angle.When the machine polishs with ultrasonic it can finish whole polishing andand grinding process from coarsenessly polishing,extractly polishing to mirror surface for original surface roughness Ra>50um.

Application scope:metal workpiecegrinding and polishing,such as the note modethe die-casting modethe pressing modethe forging modehardwear product.

Ultrasonic Polishing Machine & Accessories
Why you should work with PiggySonic.

All tasks in the polishing area are currently under even increasing time pressure. At the same time, the demands on surface quality are constantly increasing.

What can you do in this situation?

Work harder? Work even faster? Curse the client?
Or use modern tools with state-of-the-art technology.

You have decided on PiggySonic. This is an intelligent drive system with 3 essential functions:

1. Ultrasound

2. Work with a filing machine
    (or micromotors with carbon brushes)

3. Work with extremely efficient, brushless micromotors

Welcome to Envoy Technosys Pvt. Ltd.

We represent System 3R: Sweden in India for their complete product range including micro precision holding devices for CNC machines and other higher end machine. We also offer complete automation for multi machine-multi operations supported by robots and works manager software to have unmanned 24hrs X 365 days production with practically close to zero down time of job management.

We represent Or-Laser: Germany for their complete product range including micro laser welding and marking machines etc. At our technical center at Noida, world class micro precision welding and marking technology from Or-Laser Germany is demonstrated. We also support our customers with job work facility for commercial application support from our Noida center.

We represent LKM: China, who are world leaders in the field of mold bases and standard dies & mold parts. LKM products have Quality-par excellence and faster deliveries for any size of mold.

We represent World leaders in the field of Machine tools and related Accessories & Consumables. Our product range includes EDM Wire, EDM Filters, Power feed contacts, Deionized Resin, Wire guides, Ultrasonic polishing, texturing, welding & cleaning equipments etc. Our EDM brass wire electrode is used for higher end CNC Wire EDM. The "Total Manufacturing Process" of our high-accuracy EDM brass wire is a development of high-quality and top end procsses. Our range of wires are compatible with all the Top end manufacturers of Wire-EDM. Many years of unrivalled experience in manufacturing and R&D has enabled our products as a first choice for high quality applications.




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