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Turning 40 can be quite a stressful experience for all of us. An inevitable part of the mid life crisis is the onset of Presbyopia- a natural condition that affects the eye due to which we have difficulty reading fine print, or seeing close up objects clearly.

The traditional answer to this problem is to use a pair of reading glasses or bifocals . Reading glasses are inconvenient if you need another pair of spectacles for seeing distances. Bifocals are known to cause "vision jumps" , apart from looking unattractive.

Fortunately today, we have the Progressive Lens- one that allows you to see all distances clearly with a single pair. What's more, there is no age-defining line in the middle, you look nicer and feel younger.

Espace is the latest addition to the family of Essilor Progressive Lenses in India. "Espace" , meaning "room" or "wider area" in French provides comfortable wider viewing areas, whether you are looking far or near. The lens is especially well suited to someone who reads a lot.

Without the unflattering line in the middle, and clear uninterrupted vision at all distances, this is just the right lens for someone struggling with their bifocals.

Made of lightweight plastic and suitable for all types of frames.

So, do away with your old fashioned bifocals and take the forties head on!


Precision and Elegance
Premium quality Nikon Aspheric Lenses are the most sophisticated Single Vision lenses available. The Superior Aspheric design combines aesthetics with superior optical qualities.

Thinner and Flatter Construction
Thanks to its superior aspheric design, Nikon 1.67 is upto 40% thinner than standard plastic lenses. With this improved design, Nikon Lite offers better comfort and improved performance.

Sharper and Clearer Vision
Nikon's full aperture aspherical design provides a sharp field of vision with less astigmatism and distortion. This means that the wearer will enjoy natural vision regardless of their prescription.

Trio Lences

World's most sought after affordable anti-reflective lens

» Trio, a clearer, safer and more affordable multi-coat option from Essilor, France.
» No anti-reflective coating
» Trio anti-reflective coating

What are the advantages of Essilor Trio?

  • Superior scratch resistance and a good multi-coat ensures that your vision is perfectly clear.
  • An affordable hard multi-coated lens which ensures that you get the maximum benefits from your lenses. These lenses are virtually invisible, improving the way people see you and communicate with you.
  • Good anti reflective performance, with a transmission efficiency of 97%, so your lenses remain clear and have no reflections on the surface.
  • The smooth top coat makes these lenses easier to clean than standard lenses.
  • Perfect for fashionable frames. These lenses are ideal for fitting in semi rimless and rimless frames, thus enabling you to wear the latest in fashionable eye wear.
  • So don’t compromise on your vision. Just switch to Essilor Trio and you’ll see that there is a lot more in life to look forward to.


* A Rs.14,000 crore French company
* A global network of 185 laboratories and 18 production plants.


Freedom Beyond 40
Around the time we turn 40, we all begin to have trouble reading the phone book, viewing a car's dashboard or working on a computer. This is a natural phenomenon called presbyopia. It happens to all of us, and progresses as we get older.

Fortunately, your Eye Care Professional can now correct this condition and help you to regain natural vision. Consider how much you demand of your eyes in a single day and how much you depend on them. Your eyes are worth the investment in the latest technology. Your eyes are worth Varilux.

Varilux lenses are available in a wide range of designs, coatings and materials. They will suit any type of frame, including small ones. Why wear Varilux instead of Reading Glasses or Bifocals?

Reading Glasses
Must be removed in order to see at mid-distance and beyond. You will need a second pair of spectacles if you are short or long sighted.

You need one pair of lenses only but you have an obvious line in the middle.

Varilux - The Best Solution
Clear lenses with no line in the middle to reveal your age.

Adaptar Lenses

Presenting Adaptar Progressive Spectacle Lenses from Essilor France, the world leader in corrective eye care.

Adaptar is an 'All-in-One' lens that gives you clear vision at all distances. Without mid-vision blur. Or unattractive lines that reveal your age. So you will see and look better. What's more, you need to use only one pair of spectacles for all vision needs. So switch to Adaptar®. And feel Younger. Advantages of Adaptar®

Clear vision at all distances.
Provides extra large near vision field.
Facilitates a natural posture, thereby ensuring physical comfort
Quick and easy adaptation

Crizal Lenses

Sharper Vision: Crizel Lenses eliminate reflections and reduce the fatigue and stress you may experience driving at night or working in front of a computer... you will enjoy accurate, comfortable vision at all times.

Perfect Appearance:crizel lenses are virtually invisible, improving the way people see you and communicate with you.

Long Lasting Scratch Resistance
The exceptional scratch resistance of (with an in built Titus Coating) lenses will protect them from daily wear and tear. With this coating on both sides of your lenses, they will last the life of your prescription.

Kromos Lense

World's most admired Tintable lenses, that suit all budgets.

Fashion finally gets affordable. Presenting Essilor Kromos. Scratch resistant, tintable plastic lenses that provide great clarity of vision.

Superior Technology

The coating is done on both sides of Kromos lenses to improve its quality. So, these hard coated lenses ensure you get clear, scratch free vision. You can take the advantage of good quality lenses at an affordable price.

Eyewear that’s fashion wear

Firstly, Kromos lenses are lighter than conventional glass lenses. This, makes it very comfortable and doesn’t leave those ugly marks on your nose bridge. Next, these lenses are a perfect fit for fashionable frames. Thus, enabling you to wear the latest in eyewear. It’s time you shifted to Kromos from Essilor. Not because they enhance your vision. Also because, they increase your style quotient.

Titus Lense

What are the advantages of Essilor Titus ?

  • Superior scratch-resistance. The lens has the world's best scratch-resistance ensuring that your vision is perfectly clear.
  • Light as a feather. Very comfortable. No unsightly marks on your nose-bridge like those made by other ordinary heavy lenses.
  • Added safety. These lenses do not break or scratch easily and are thus perfect for people with active life-styles. And are best suited for children as well.
  • Perfect for fashionable frames. These lenses are ideal for fitting in semi-rimless and rimless frames, thus enabling you to wear the latest in fashionable eyewear.
  • Versatile. Available with anti-reflection coating and photo-chromic options. So you need just one lens for all occasions

Airwear Lenses

ULTRA LIGHT : Get Comfortable

Airwear lenses are remarkably light, so the lenses rest easily on your face. Wearing Airwear is almost like wearing no lenses at all - you will forget that you are wearing them.

ULTRA FLAT : Look more natural
Airwear the special type of Aspherical lenses will reduce eye magnification or reduction and offer a perfect visual quality. You will enjoy a great look and a wider field of vision.

ULTRA SAFE : Shield your eyes
Airwear lenses are made from the same material used for space helmets and aircraft windshields. They offer the highest impact resistance of any lens material and are virtually unbreakable.

All Airwear lenses are offered with the Titus™ scratch resistant coating which will protect your lenses from daily wear and tear.

CRYSTAL CLEAR : Discover Excellence
Crizal® superior multi-coating technology is available on Airwear®. By combining this technology with Airwear®, your visual acuity, comfort and look are enhanced.

Transitions Lenses

People prefer Transitions Lenses
In fact, Transitions lenses work so well, a recent clinical study showed 4 out of 5 clear lens wearers preferred them to their regular lenses. Clinical research conducted by New York University, May 2001 Recent advances in Transitions technology mean Transitions Lenses are the clearest, darkest, fastest and smartest range of lenses ever.

Transitions Lenses are clear indoors. They achieve even greater indoor clarity when combined with crizal antireflective coating.
Transitions are comparable to sunglasses in bright sunlight at 23C and tint mildly in indirect sunlight. In high temperatures, they offer the darkest outdoor performance of all variable tint lenses.
When the light changes, they are the fastest adjusting lenses so you always see
clearly and comfortably.
- Transitions are scratch resistant and block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and
UVB rays.
- Transitions Lenses are up to 50% lighter in weight than glass.
- Transition plastic lenses are more impact resistant than glass.

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