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Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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The Company is engaged in INVENTION, INNOVATION, and RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT of different technologies and means of conservation of Energy.

The Company has recently launched an innovative technology which helps to keep the lead acid batteries free from sulfation and hence extends its life up to its natural death. These also help us a lot to reduce toxic recycling and disposals of used batteries and keep our environment clean.

The lead acid batteries are widely used over the world and are a proven mean of storage of electricity since decades. We all understand that these batteries are of immense importance and are backbone of our infrastructure. These batteries have a limitation of its life and can last for three years at the best. It is the fact that we hardly can use the half life of a battery as of its natural death.

The batteries store the electric energy by converting it to chemical energy. When this cycle is reversed we get back the electric energy for our use. The main cause of the short life is Sulfation. Over the period, due to the Chemical activities within the battery it produces sulfur ions which stuck over the electrodes and gradually transforms in to crystals. These crystals prevent the exposure of electrodes to the electrolyte and weaken the strength of the battery day by day. Say after 3 years it completely suffer the battery to its death.

As a result of our continuous efforts and in-depth study of the process, we could find out the reasons of sulfation within the battery and have conceptualized this Innovative product named PowerPlus. We have employed Pulse Technology to prevent the occurrences of sulfation and extend the life of the battery almost up to double. PowerPlus is also applicable for the batteries which are already in use however; it can extend their life for a year or so and largely depends on the present strength of the battery.

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